Sound off: Should birth control be offered on campus?



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Ben Cochran

With this rampant cough going around, I found myself excruciatingly conscientious of the breaths I inhaled as I sat in the lobby of the Student Health Center. Petrified of my pending diagnosis, I contemplated the assured aggravation of my condition from all the sneezes, coughs and airborne pathogens that are overtly fornicating in the overwhelmingly packed waiting room.

The simple fact of the matter is that people go to the doctor when they’re sick. However, if you’re a girl, sometimes you go to the doctor to get Pabst beer, or a pap smear, or something like that. What I find to be horrendously incongruous, however, is the fact that, all other health concerns aside, you shifty females would brave this contagious gauntlet for a meager prescription’s worth of birth control.

What girl have you ever heard of that goes to a doc-in-the-box or walk-in clinic for birth control? None of them. They go to their “gyno.” It’s a matter of efficiency, as well as personal safety. If you have a lung problem, you see a pulmonologist. If you have a heart problem, you see a cardiologist. If you have a lady problem, you see pest control or a gynecologist. Women, or rather all students, should seek help from specified professionals.

Many women still feel stigmatized by getting birth control. They feel that people judge them and automatically think they are having copious amounts of sex. Rather than run the gauntlet of premature assumptions at Student Health, many women prefer the safe confines of an OB-GYN.

As a male, I have never really been aware of this predicament until recently. As soon as I became aware of this problem, I couldn’t empathize at all because I had already made the connection to how I am inconvenienced by it.

Case in point: I’m sitting in the Student Health Center the other day, sneezing my eyes out and coughing up green oysters, wondering what in the name of great Zeus’s beard is taking so long. I’m just trying to get seen and have this mucus-extricated from my hacking body.

Half an hour later, I finally see some movement stirring from across the waiting room. A nurse exits with about half a dozen girls. In their hands, they carried what seemed like a solid 36-month’s worth of birth control.

First of all, not even porn stars need that much birth control. Second of all, do you mean to seriously tell me that I’ve been sitting here in misery for the last half an hour just so this gaggle of girls can get a regulated period and avoid babies?

Go read your Redbook in the lobby of a specialist as you wait to get your lady-bits inspected. Leave Student Health for those of us that are in actual need of medical attention.

Greenville has plenty of places to fill prescriptions. Hell, there’s a Rite Aid on every corner of this town. The entire west side of Greenville is filled with specialized doctor’s offices. No need to clog up the Student Health Center just for birth control.


Abby Brockmeyer

In college, there are many phrases a girl just does not want to hear. The “we should just be friends” phrase will hit you hard, along with the ever painful “the final will be cumulative.” But absolutely nothing scares a girl quite like the gut-punching line of “you’re pregnant.”

To keep that line from ever being uttered from a doctor’s mouth, the smart young ladies in college choose to be on a very handy prescription medication called “birth control.” Birth control is something that girls not only can get on to free themselves of the fearful “baby” word, but also for a variety of other reasons like regulating their menstrual cycle and toning down those pesky cramps when it’s that time of the month.

Due to the high demand, you would not only expect birth control on campus, but you would expect to find it in mass quantities. However, this is not the case. As of recently, Student Health was sold out of a popular brand, causing people to have to pay $50 for a single month’s supply.

With more than 28,000 students enrolled on campus and about 60 percent of them women, you would think this would be a very big concern for student health, a place where thousands of young women go to receive their birth control, to be properly stocked at all times.

Regardless of how one feels about the use or non-use of birth control, one thing is for certain ­— protection is important to us. With 34 percent of today’s young women becoming pregnant at least once before they reach the age of 20, which results in around 820,000 pregnancies a year, I would say that birth control is needed and should be easy for us to get when needed.

Maybe it is time for Student Health to step up their game and start actually understanding the student body’s needs and wants. We want to protect ourselves in college, and we would like to do it as cheaply and easily as possible. Not being stocked with the type of birth control that a women needs is completely irresponsible as a health center and they should be held accountable for not adequately providing for their students. That is, after all, why they are here.


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612 Comments for “Sound off: Should birth control be offered on campus?”

  1. S. Denise


    What you are failing to understand is that women need birth control for a variety of reasons. I use it because I will be hospitalized without it. My body produces more hormones than it needs, which is neither here nor there. Other reasons also include acne, cramps, bloating, fatigue, etc.

    An Ob/Gyn is a specialist, and therefore more expensive than a Family Practice Physician or Nurse Practitioner. With the sky-rocketing costs of health care in our society, many young women cannot afford to see a specialist, and therefore have to settle for someone in the field of General medicine.

    In regards to where prescriptions can be filled, not everyone has a reliable mode of transportation other than the ECU transit system, so their options are limited in regards to travel. Getting prescriptions filled on campus is the cheaper, more convenient alternative. Also, in case you did not know, ECU has contracts with certain drug companies so that students can get discounts that they would not be able to receive in a private pharmacy, or a national conglomerate, such as Wal-Mart or CVS pharmacy.

    The Student Health Center is short on staff and in the process of hiring new practitioners to help fill voids where necessary. By the way the Student Health Center is concerned with most aspects of student health. This is a convenience for everyone who needs to be treated. Just out of curiosity, did you actually see these women with a 36-month supply of birth control? I ask because no licensed Pharmacist would dispense more than a three month supply at a time, possibly 6 months if you are traveling out of the country for an extended period of time, unless there is a legitimate reason. Also, most insurance companies will only approve a female to receive a three month supply at one time, with the possibility of 10 or so refills.

    I’m sure that you, like most people in this country, would much rather a woman take birth control than for more of our tax dollars to be spend on WIC and welfare for those who abuse the system. There is already an abundance of children on this planet, and right now, women are making the smart choice by either waiting to have children or not have them at all. Children are a blessing from God, I firmly do believe this. However, we all have to realize that they are a big responsibility that some men and women are not mature enough to handle right now. I was overseas this summer and witnessed a situation where a woman already had four children and wanted to be put on birth control, but the doctor let her religious beliefs intervene, and the patient was not served. This concerned me because the woman lived in a rural area of a poor country and could not afford to feed herself, her husband, and her children, let alone more children.

    I usually don’t comment on these articles, but as a future Ob/Gyn, I had to interject. I don’t think you are wrong for your qualms with the way that care is triaged in the Student Health Center, I’m just asking you to consider my thoughts on the subject.

    I welcome your feedback.

    • KRW

      @Denise: If you are being charged specialist prices for a visit with an OB/GYN, then you need a new healthcare provider. Only fertility specialists can be considered “specialty” doctors. OB/GYNs are essential basic providers for women. It is considered discrimination to charge a woman more for a routine medical visit.

      • Kronk

        I wish that was true, but unfortunately OB/GYNs are specialists. The OB in OB/GYN stands for Obstetrics which is about fertility. Wikipedia or other sources will tell you as much. It is not discriminatory to charge more for these specialist doctors. That is why they are are specialist, hence the name OB/GYN.

        Additionally, in some states the law has created gag orders so that people who practice fertility or other women’s health issues are not legally allowed to also do primary care. Washington State is one of those states – Planned Parenthood for instance is not legally allowed to also do primary care.

        Sorry to burst your bubble, but it you’re talking out your ass.

        • S. Denise

          @Kronk, Thanks! I know what the heck I’m talking about!

          • Bob

            I’m with Kronk on this one. Obs/Gyne are undoubtedly specialists. If they were generalists, they would be looking after everything, including coughs, colds, colon cancers, warts, headaches, etc. But they don’t. Because they are specialists.

      • Carson

        OB/Gyns are specialists as defined by the AMA and CMS. No one else’s definitions matter.

  2. S. Denise


    I agree with you and appreciate your views. In regards to SHS running out of a particular brand, it is hard to predict how many women will visit in a given month, and even harder to estimate how many will get prescriptions filled. For women who are interested, I believe that the Health Department may give out free birth control, but just the standard generic pills.

    Something else to consider is that prescriptions have a specific shelf life. The Student Health Center has to protect themselves by ordering a specific quantity. They’d lose money if they bought an abundance of a certain prescription and no one came to purchase it, then money was wasted. Although this is highly unlikely in the case of birth control, there is the possibility that this practice is implemented by the Student Health Center to be as conservative as possible.

    The only “issue” that I have with your article is that some women may be offended that you wrote “To keep that line from ever being uttered from a doctor’s mouth, the smart young ladies in college choose to be on a very handy prescription medication called “birth control.”” They may feel that you are stating that a women is only intelligent if she protects herself in this way. Me personally, I know you probably didn’t mean it that way, but sometimes, people take offense to things, and thoughts are often misinterpreted.

  3. Ashley

    Your poorly worded argument reeks of ignorance and white cisgender male privilege. You make many negligent assumptions and your argument–that it’s inconvenient to you, in some way–is laughable at best.
    Your “cute joke” about women getting a silly “Pabst beer or a pap smear, or something like that,” indicates your ignorance on the exam. I’ll give you a hint, it’s not just a check point that women have to go through to get on the anti-baby medicine. It’s a medical exam that is an integral part of women’s health care used to detect abnormalities, early signs of cancer, etc. Trivializing such an important aspect of women’s health is really a reflection of the society in which we live–a society that does not value the importance of women’s health. Furthermore, your separation between pap smears/birth control and your own health concerns (in this case, a cold) shows me that you value women’s health as being lower than your own. That somehow, it’s more important that you aren’t kept waiting at Student Health while you suffer through the sniffles than women having access to pelvic exams and birth control.
    And let me just take the time here to tell you that there is no way that you were kept waiting because of a “gaggle of girls” as you so eloquently put it. In fact, you said yourself why you were kept waiting. The waiting room was full of sneezing, coughing, pathogen-y people. Everyone has a cold right now, thus the doctors able to treat those people were busy. The fact that you felt inconvenienced by these women which were in no way connected to your own wait is puzzling to me. Your leaps over logic are astounding to me.
    Moving on, your argument reeks of privilege. You blindly assume that everyone has the privilege of a working vehicle that they can use to drive out to these (vastly more expensive) OBGYN clincs. That they have independent health care (the ECU health care is much cheaper AT the Student Health Center and the cost goes up dramatically when you visit an outside hospital or specialist) that can absorb the extra cost. You also assume that we have the time to spare between class and work to go (sometimes across town) to these outside facilities. As students, it can be much more convenient to go to the Student Health Center and it’s something that we can more easily fit into our schedule.
    Basically, we are entitled to the same health services as the other students on campus. There is absolutely no cause to alienate people (not people who use birth control fit into a gender binary, by the way) who need to use birth control. You think that women’s (cis and trans*) health is some how not important enough to be included? Well the last time I checked, we don’t need anymore opinions from the cisgender male perspectives on our health care.
    Lastly, it says in the paper that you’re a nursing major. If that is indeed true and you plan on being a nurse, I fear for any of your patients that are not cisgender. Educate yourself, check your privilege, and kindly shut the fuck up.

    • Daniel

      @Ashley where the hell do you even get “white privilege” out of that??? Granted, his “article” was stupid, but why are you even bringing race into this when there is nothing about race in his article? That’s just fucking stupid.

      • Ashley

        To be honest, I don’t remember why that made it in. In my edited version that I submitted for my letter to the editor, I took it out, because I realized it was more or less irrelevant.
        Also, you should probably chill out on your question mark usage. Just saying.

      • Cat

        Where did she say “white priviege”? I don’t see it in her post.

        • Ashley

          The actual quote is “white cisgender male privilege.” I was more or less just listing all of the privileges that applied that jumped into my head. I left out able-bodied though. Oops.

  4. Jim

    Ben, you are an idiot

  5. Jim

    Oh and I like the unedited version better!

  6. Lauren

    im not sure what disgusts me more- the unedited version of this article that the IDIOT EDITOR of the east carolinian considered publishing or the fact that you are a nursing major.

    absolutely astounding.

  7. Kathryn

    My health and sexual freedom are a thousand times more important than your cold. It’s none of your business where or how I choose to take care of myself. Your dick does not give you any special claim to the more affordable health care offered on campus.

    It is unbelievably clear that you have always had the privilege of having or not having sex without fear of pregnancy. Therefore, you are in no position to determine the importance of birth control in society.

    This should not even be an issue. I can’t believe how far the women’s movement has left to go. It is disgusting that the East Carolinian has allowed this kind of slut-shaming to fall under their heading as an actual intelligent opinion.

  8. Bridget

    When Ben date rapes one of these girls, he’ll be stoked she’s on the pill. amiright, bro?

    • Liz

      “When Ben date rapes one of these girls, he’ll be stoked she’s on the pill. amiright, bro?”

      ten points. and yes.

    • Jane Smith

      Perfect! Exactly what I was thinking.

    • Leigh

      HAHAHA! Hell yes! I’m assuming he’s never had a pregnancy scare with a girl before. Justtt waitttt amigo… Hell, by then he’d prolly be willing to go Buy and Pick it up FOR HER… but then again he sounds like the type of douche that would just DRop the girl and move on to the next.. Ben – You’re an ASS!

      • A.

        Well he is obviously a virgin! My boyfriend gladly goes and gets my BC! What an ass…Ben, if you that bad off you should have gone to the ER!

  9. Carolina Fonseca

    Ben Cochran obviously knows very little about the female reproductive system as well as the general knowledge about birth control. This is quite devastating in any young adult’s case that is in a university setting and especially for Ben because he is a nurse major. Sadly to say the comments and remarks that were made on his part were at the least insulting and portrayed him as a sexist human being. I understand that in America we have freedom of the press however, we, (as students of ECU) are supposed to be preparing ourselves to be fully emerged into the working world and are supposed to be on the track to becoming responsible and productive adults. This column shows that Ben lacks maturity and most importantly does not respect his fellow female classmates.
    As we discussed this column in my class, both the female and male students found this column very offensive and we agree that this type of expression towards females is not acceptable and we do not want our university to be known for such comments. We all hope that this column was mistakenly put on the newspaper and hope that this university does not hold the same ideas and beliefs as Ben does. If there is a problem you want addressed at the university or anywhere else it is important to face it as an adult and work together to fix the problem. The health services provide female students with the option to be seen, evaluated, and given birth control. As this is an option the university offers we as young adult women have the full right to take advantage of this great opportunity and protect ourselves. With this said, I suggest you educate yourself before you speak negatively about a particular group of people. Ben, think about what you wrote and do the right thing.

  10. I suppose that in a society with a free press, one has to expect to encounter drivel such as this from time to time. Though, readers of any publication should hope that it’s editor would act a bit more punctiliously when deciding whether such pieces are fit for publication. I understand that the East Carolinian doesn’t exactly have any semblance of a reputation for journalistic excellence at stake, so perhaps one could argue that the risk they took in printing this article was… minimal.

    That said, one must wonder what the author himself hoped to achieve here. The worst offenses contained in the final draft were mere Unfunny quips, tinged with misogynistic undertones. However, reading the unedited, original version exposes us to a writer who, in addition to having a cursory understanding of healthcare, admits of a distressingly bigoted worldview with respect to women. It would be inappropriate for me to directly quote the original version here, as some of the verbiage employed therein is — if I may try my hand at understatement — quite arguably the most disgraceful and crass I have ever read.

    I would find it hard to believe that Mr. Cochran was under the impression that in writing this piece, he was reaching out to a like-minded audience of his fellow students who, like him, make gross generalizations about why women seek birth control and what they use it for, and how we ought to appropriately address it’s distribution. Rather, I find it much more likely that our boorish author, having been asked to write an opinion piece on a topic he knew little about aside from his rather unfortunate worldview, decided to try his hand at being a contrarian. A rather bold move for someone of his diminutive intellectual stature, but one must pause and admire the intrepid effort.

    Unfortunately, it appears that whether he fancies it or not, his attempts at witty, antithetical prose have failed miserably. Instead it seems he has managed to paint a target on himself, centered more or less about his genitalia, at which the stinging outrage of his fellow students will be enthusiastically lodged. It is with the utmost concern that I hope Mr. Cochran has a haughty apetite for masochism, and has absolutely no aspirations for a future career in professional journalism.


    • Avery Pickard

      I think you hit the nail on the head here. Other than an adorable exercise in Thesaurus Fun, the best we can get from the piece is that Cochran isn’t totally sure (in Life), but he wants to be in the game.

      He’d be a great candidate for The Onion, save his inability to be in on his own joke. This kid’s going straight to the top!

    • Kate Larkin

      As a supporter of the first amendment, I do not object to the East Carolinian publishing Ben Cochran’s ill-considered “views” about women. But, Benny boy, karma is a bitch.I hope Ben Cochran has no aspirations to ever date, or apply for a job, or apply for an apartment, or anything that could lead to being Googled. Ben, you may not know this, but a lot of women have vaginas. And they are not going to want to hire you, date you, help you or know you.

      • Mollie

        I am hoping and praying that this article has indeed rendered Mr. Cochran UNBANGABLE for all time.

        • alexis

          I am quite sure he was “unbangable” before this which sparked his intense anger, ignorance & even hatred towards women & their needs.

    • alexis

      Amazing !
      You articulated everything I wanted to say but could not.

  11. CC

    So… spending thirty minutes in a waiting room with a wittle coughy-cough is worse than becoming pregnant against your will (or getting cysts in your ovaries, which is the reason that the majority of my friends who are on the pill take it)? That sounds logical.

    Oh wait. No, it doesn’t.

  12. Katie

    Hey Ben,

    I pay to attend ECU, so I deserve the same rights to service at Student Health as you do!


  13. Jen


    First let me say that you are an absolute and total sexist idiot and that ECU’s Nursing program should be extremely embarrassed that one of their students, a senior no less, is spewing such ignorance.

    I’m sure that if your testicles were swollen or growing cysts you’d hope that SHS would see you. Honestly, for the sake of the future of humanity, I hope that you are sterile. At the very least, I would hope that you NEVER find employment in the medical profession.

  14. Andrea

    I’m not even sure how to respond to the kind of selfish stupidity that is going on here. My health concerns are just as legitimate as yours–and let’s remember, you have the option of procuring health services from private doctors as well, if you are so bothered by having to sit in a waiting room. I for one am fine with waiting a bit for more affordable options. I’m sick with the campus bug too; it’s not that bad. Grow up.

  15. Marty

    You’re moaning because you were “inconvenienced” for only having to wait 30 minutes at a doctor’s office? Oaffish woman hating aside, you’re either a complete idiot with no concept of time or you’ve never been a doctor’s office before.

    When it comes down to it, wow, Ben, you’re a little whiney entitled bitch. Maybe you need to go on birth control to sort YOUR raging hormonal emotions out.

    • Hero-René Laurent

      I <3 marty's comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!He does need to go on birth control!! I read this on They posted the orginal unedited form Im not even going into a medical career pathway I'm going into is Fashion and Design. That being said I'm pretty much medically illiterate and even I know that birth control is used for many things other than what he listed. The reasons im on birth control are not for that reason. I'm on birth control because i wasn't having a period because my prolactin leves where 200 times higher than what they where suppose to be and acne caused by the crazy high prolactin levels. Nice to no most of you americans don't approve such crazyness :) ^_^

  16. Mary

    Ahahaha, this is hilarious. I hope whatever you’re sick with turns out to be syphilis. Enjoy college, douche.

  17. Amy

    Ben, you’re a disgusting excuse for a human being, and you give men a bad name. I hope you know that this has completely shot your chances for any self-respecting girl to ever have sex with you.

  18. Claire

    It’s a weak argument to say that women should only see a specialized doctor for their reproductive health. By that logic, shouldn’t you have visited an infectious disease specialist for your cough, rather than Student Health Services? If a service is offered at Student Health Service, why would you begrudge someone else the privilege to use it? Your health is no more important than anyone else’s.

    • Alexa

      My thoughts exactly.

      The last time I went to my PCP, in addition to a physical, I got a TDAP booster, had a lump on my back checked out, got my cholesterol tested, and had my IUD removed and got a scrip for the Pill, which all took about a half hour. Should I have made 5 separate appointments with 5 separate doctors? No, because that would have wasted their time as much as mine.

      I sure as hell hope that once this nursing major starts looking for residencies, his prospective employers find this ugly rant of his.

  19. Donna

    I take birth control to stop complicated ovarian cysts and to slow the spread of endometreosis. As long as the process continues to go smoothly, there’s no need to seek an elaborate check-up or specialist to receive a refill on a prescription.

    P.S. Musinex. I think you can ride Blue to any department store for this product. No need to clog up Student Health with your “medical concern.”

    • Vivian

      Hey Donna,

      You don’t need to justify your reasons for this slut-shaming idiot. It shouldn’t matter what anybody’s reasons for taking birth control are. A woman’s health/choices are private and nobody else’s business, just the way nobody gives a shit about Ben’s cold.

      However, I know that a lot of people are just listing other health issues that birth control takes care of for women to educate Ben, the nursing student. He already seems completely ignorant of what birth control’s MAIN function is, like… controlling birth. He might as well condone the distribution of condoms on campus, and the whorish men who should be embarrassed to get these contraceptives.

      Good luck getting laid, Ben.

    • Vivian

      Hey Donna,

      You don’t need to justify your reasons for this slut-shaming idiot. It shouldn’t matter what anybody’s reasons for taking birth control are. A woman’s health/choices are private and nobody else’s business, just the way nobody gives a s–t about Ben’s cold.

      However, I know that a lot of people are just listing other health issues that birth control takes care of for women to educate Ben, the nursing student. He already seems completely ignorant of what birth control’s MAIN function is, like… controlling birth. He might as well condone the distribution of condoms on campus, and the whorish men who should be embarrassed to get these contraceptives.

      Good luck getting recreational sex, Ben.

  20. Jeramee Kerl

    Hey Ben,

    Don’t you think you should be seeing a pediatrician because your over

    exaggeration of your little cold is sadly similar to that of a child :)

  21. Ana


    I take birth control not only for security and comfort in my sexual habits, but without it i loose about a cup (8 oz) of blood a day for 9 days, cramps that make me throw up, and anemia that makes me look like a ghost, not to mention a serious iron deficiency. Try dealing with that every month.

    I think that is a bit more serious than the sniffles once in a while.

    Grow up, because until you respect and understand the physical workings of a woman, none of them are going to want to spend any time with you.

  22. Rachel

    Hey Ben,

    If you have a misogyny problem, you see a therapist.

    Just FYI.

  23. Heather

    The East Carolina Creed

    In the pursuit of educational excellence, responsible stewardship, and intellectual freedom, the community of scholars at East Carolina University is committed to learning at the highest level. Founded in the tradition of service and leadership, members of our academic society exemplify high standards of professional and personal conduct at all times.

    As an East Carolinian,

    I will carry out personal and academic integrity.

    I will respect and appreciate the diversity of our people, ideas, and opinions.

    I will be thoughtful and responsible in my words and actions.

    I will engage in purposeful citizenship by serving as a positive role model.

    Adherence to these moral principles is the obligation of every East Carolinian on- and off-campus. In doing so, our individual freedom to learn and a pledge to serve will be preserved.

    THAT is the ECU Creed for all students. Think there are some violations goin’ on Ben? You were neither respectful nor thoughtful in your article. You are COMPLETELY responsible for your actions/words(check your facebook sir) and so is your editor. I hope that you and your FEMALE editor endure every repercussion possible. Both of you have personally slapped womens rights in the face today; it is disgusting–you both are disgusting. On a final note, I wonder how the Chancellor feels about this little stunt? Good luck with that one.

  24. Lenna

    Since almost every previous comment has expressed what I think as well, I will only add that the ECU School of Nursing should be appalled and humiliated beyond words if THIS is the caliber of one of their students. I hope Ben’s professors read this garbage and retroactively flunk him in every class he’s ever taken. Unbelievable that a so-called senior of our celebrated nursing program is this ignorant to one of the most fundamental aspects of women’s health.

  25. Allison

    Everyone who goes to the ECU student health office has an equal chance of being seen, no matter what they need. Sounds like the ladies you saw made their appointment before you. We are all terribly sorry you had to sit in the student health building and “cough” for probably 20 minutes. Don’t start typing an article acting like you are upset with the time you had to wait in student health, when it’s really about your lack of respect for women. Be a man, get over yourself, lose the double standards, and try actually getting laid.

  26. Jim

    Hey Ben, can I have your mothers mailing address? I think she might like to read this and the original version.

  27. Liz

    When I have a cold I invest in DayQuil or Nyquil so I do not have to congest campus health services so they can tell me what I already know.

    The dramatics over your cold and you trivializing women there for a much more legitimate reason make your article comedic gold to read. Thanks for the chuckles. Hope you feel better, and don’t forget the chicken soup Mommy left in the fridge for you.

  28. Jen

    Who exactly funds this paper?

  29. Roger J.

    Ladies, this is not how all men feel. I’m so sorry you had to read this. You deserve equal rights. You do not deserve to go to a public, safe health area and feel ashamed for anything. As if they did not have enough to worry about before this guy sneered at them. You sir, are shameful.

    • Amanda

      Thanks for this comment, Roger.

      It’s nice to know there are men out there who understand that female reproductive health is an important personal issue and who don’t make offensive assumptions about women who do use birth control.

  30. Libby S.


    I’m sorry about your severe case of the sniffles. How selfish of those awful girls to make you wait half an hour to get your sniffles looked at! And just so they could get some silly little pill! What is it with these entitled women?


    P.S., a whole half an hour?!

  31. megan

    Ben is an ignorant piece of sh*t who obviously knows nothing of how birth control works. Porn stars use birth control the exact same way that any “normal” woman would, dipsh*t.

    Oh, by the way, if your poor wittle cough is so terrible, go see a doctor elsewhere and let the women on campus not have to deal with your misogynistic ass.

  32. Emily

    This is disgusting.

  33. stacey

    Ben… are you serious?

    Do you know how hard it is to make an appointment with a gyno?

    I don’t know a single one of my friends who gets her BC pills from there, and in school they most of us got them exclusively at school. Many females, especially of student age, can’t a) afford to get pills elsewhere (higher admin costs) and b) can’t physically get there…. your suggestion of getting them elsewhere means many girls couldn’t get them at all…..

    Yet again, young women being blamed….

    A tad on the ignorant side I should say!

    • Dana

      There is usually a 3+ month wait for an OB/GYN, unless you get lucky. My general practitioner does the yearly pap as part of my yearly check-up. It has been ages since you HAD to go to a GYN for “feminine” healthcare.

  34. DM

    You know birth control is taken for other reasons right? Not just so the girl doesn’t get pregnant. Some girls have such bad periods it damages their fallopian tubes so bad that they wouldn’t be able to get pregnant. Seriously do some more research next time.

  35. Abbs


    Wow. You’re a NURSING MAJOR?

    I’m sure your lack of empathy, paltry wit and pea-sized brain will serve you well in your career.

  36. John "Blu" Johnson


    I’m sorry you were under the weather, and I hope you make a quick recovery. But during your recovery, you should seek to better educate yourself. Your sexist arguments were poorly framed by your dependence on flare over substance, and even if listed alone they lack a leg to stand upon.

    A better use of your time would have been to researched the issues you wrote about. Perhaps if you had done so, and then decided to argue the issue of who should be seen first at the health center, then maybe your rant could have done more than just announce your small mindedness.

    Also, if it is true that you are a nursing student, then I highly recommend picking a new major, or a new nursing program so you do not embarrass East Carolina’s program further.

  37. Lauren

    I echo the majority of respondents in my sentiments that it astounds me that you have the audacity to write such a sexist, ill-informed, ill-guided, piece of trash. I am also horrified at the editors of this paper for letting such garbage go to press. I seriously hope that with enough voiced grievances from people, you will lose your job on the paper and not be allowed to spread your “opinion” on this campus anymore.
    PS Maybe you should go off campus to seek medical attention when you are sick if you can’t handle seeing the “porn star” amounts of birth control that leave the SHS. Grow up and act like a college educated student!

  38. Kara

    Ben (and the numbskull editor),
    It must be nice not to worry about the troubles every girl has to worry about (getting pregnant, a monthly visitor, hormones, cramps, whatnot), but those of us who DO have to concern ourselves with all of that- and more- should not be crucified for wanting to regulate our lives a little with the help of birth control at a student-friendly price.
    Several points I would like to make in rebuttal to your article about the triages you had during your “wittle pwoblem” of a cold:

    I pay tuition too! You have no idea how expensive it is to see a specialist every month, every three months, or even once a year!! As a birth control user, I am so thankful that ECU offers such a convenient service. In fact, without ECU’s service (that offers birth control), I would not be able to afford going to ANY doctor, let alone a specialist.

    All sexually active and/or irregularly menstruating women SHOULD BE ENCOURAGED to take birth control. We ladies can’t very well make men understand the sometimes hellish experience of a simple monthly period, but please give us enough props to allow our own health service to provide us with medication that can calm this natural process and prevent our female students from walking around campus with baby bumps.

    We wait in the waiting room for our appointments just as long as you do. We wait in queues for prescriptions MORE than you do. That’s how important this pill is to us.

    In some way, we’re doing this for YOU, Ben! We do it for insensible guys like you who don’t bother to think about the difficulties of being a woman. You no longer have to worry about getting your girlfriend pregnant and paying child support while in college! She’s doing 99% of the protection against pregnancy herself!

    Realize that you’re coming from the grass on the greener side; have some respect for all the things women have to go through every month so that the world can go ’round. Walk a mile in our heels next time you decide to express yourself through the East Carolinian. Hopefully your next article won’t be so sexist.

  39. A. Schutt

    Hmmm. Maybe this guy should complain about people in the emergency room for paper cuts, those who pee on toilet seats, the person texting that didn’t notice the light was green so you are late, or even the people who dont get flu shots and then hog the student health waiting room for lack of prevention… not those who are properly taking care of themselves in the most convenient method offered to them… and – Most importantly – only complaining to himself as the expression of his opinion so far has been a complete flop. Best part that he is a nursing major. Hopefully you have not started and will either start thinking like a health care professional or simply fail. Sounds like you would be better off in an office somewhere – definitely not writing and hopefully not ever required to interact with people.

  40. Jordan


    I applaud you for writing what I feel sure is a satirical piece designed to underscore the fact that there is really no good argument against offering birth control at student health.

    Your work simultaneously undermines the traditional arguments against progressive measures in women’s health services by deftly illustrating their absurdity and incites women to be more proactive when it comes to issues regarding their health. Job well done.

  41. Ashley


    Just so you know, the Dean of the School of Nursing has been notified. I hope you are reprimanded and subsequently fired from TEC.

    • Elizabeth

      Thanks Ashley, I’m glad someone has taken the time to make sure this idiotic fool is appropriately punished for his obvious treason to the medical field.

  42. Rebekah Todd

    Ben is a jerk. Whatever.

    I am humiliated by The East Carolinian. I think this was a horrible choice made by the EDITOR and think she should be fired. I also think she should stop trying to push her bad choices onto everyone else by pretending that this uproar was anyones fault but her own.

    • Jim

      I agree completely, this editor has no place in journalism. I think a petition may be in order for this too!

      • Jill

        Why is Ben still writing for The East Carolinian. His misguided articles offenive comments continue to published. You would think after TEC has to appoligize once for his posts that they would pull him from future “errors.” Freedom of speech is understandable. Allow him to enter his thoughts in to the rants…maybe they’ll get published…maybe they wont.

    • Leah

      I agree completely. As a former and current ECU student I am completely embarrassed by this. The only way I would consider this debacle as being dealt with in a professional way and with the offending parties being held accountable, both Ben and the irresponsible editor should be fired .

      • tiel

        I don’t agree. Sometimes the role of good journalism is to lift up rocks and see what crawls into the light.

        This has drawn international attention to a local paper (I’m posting from Australia), so from a journalism point of view, I think you can call it a success.

        However, if she genuinely didn’t expect a firestorm and thought this was just a humorous piece, then I agree the role of editor is not appropriate.

  43. Steve Z

    Holy crap. This is perhaps the greatest successful troll is successful I have ever seen.

    • Kat

      If this is a troll, I don’t think it is a very good one. It lacks the nuance and depth of a truly spectacular troll. Cochran’s effort come across as ham-handed and overly contrived. I’ve seen more coherent writing on a fundamentalist Christian internet forum than Cochran managed to display.

    • anon

      doesn’t seem like a troll, seems like an overprivileged whiney white kid.

  44. Kelsey

    Ben, did you do any research before writing this article? I hope the above responses are enough alone to show you how unprofessional and ignorant you are. Just like most of the women above, I do not take BC so that I can sleep around with whomever I please. If that were the case, I would not spend the $25/month for it. I take it because it for medical reasons, reasons somewhat similar to why you were at the doctor for your “sniffles”. If you have had a girlfriend, you may understand the situation better. Since it seems that is not the case, you should probably use some other resources besides wikipedia &

  45. Sarah

    I am extremely disappointed in the behavior of the author of this article. For many of the same reasons others have voiced their opinions. However, my disappointment falls much more heavily on the editor who approved this article to be published. I have a feeling the high response you are receiving from this is not worth the negative impact the student body (and alumni like myself) now place upon TEC.

    I spent a portion of my day commenting on an unprofessional article published by the Daily Tarheel and I am sad to say that I am more embarrassed reading this article than an article bashing the entire student body of ECU.

    If these are the topics you feel should be brought to the student body, I would suggest stepping down and allowing someone with more integrity and experience take the Editor position. You have a very special privilege; you control a huge portion of the news that the student body receives and you find this to be worthy of their time? I highly recommend reconsidering future articles you publish.

  46. Lisa

    TEC editors,
    There’s satire and then there’s plain old, rotten-to-the-core ignorance and stupidity. Where is your editorial integrity? Where is your sense of journalistic standards and ethics? Where is your editor, period? Where is your respect and consideration for 60% of your readership? This is copywriting and editing 101, folks.

    This isn’t Jersey Shore. This isn’t cute, funny, or ironic. And this damn sure isn’t a contribution to any kind of intelligent exchange of ideas on a very important issue. This is provocative purely for the sake of being provocative. This is misogyny, vitriol, and just plain meanness (badly) pretending to be witty argument.

    Take responsibility. Don’t hide behind the first amendment (which doesn’t apply in this case anyway). Apologize for this terrible lapse in judgment and commit to never publish such incendiary trash again. Make a sincere effort to win a modicum of the credibility you’ve lost as a result of this misguided stunt. It’s simply the right thing to do.

    A concerned Pirate,

  47. Tydos

    You made your university look bad, good job.

    • Registered Nurse

      This article has gone national. I doubt many (if any) will want to hire this student post-graduation. Wonder what his parents think of it all.

  48. Emily

    “What I find to be horrendously incongruous, however, is the fact that, all other health concerns aside, you shifty females would brave this contagious gauntlet for a meager prescription’s worth of birth control.”

    Yes, Ben, I would brave the SHC any day to avoid the risk of an unwanted pregnancy, which could possibly ruin my future career plans. Furthermore, how is obtaining birth control through the SHC any riskier than through any other doctor’s office?

    The SHC is a more convenient and cost effective method for most women on campus. I would think that any intelligent man could appreciate a young woman’s need to protect herself via birth control and the expectation to have this protection provided by the institution where she’s obtaining an education.

    Thanks for your concern, Ben, that the SHC might be too risky of a place to obtain birth control, but I think I’ll take my chances.

  49. Jennifer

    Who is the Abby whose unfortunate name is also attached to this atrocious piece of “writing”? My dog could have shat out a more worthwhile opinion piece and she is dead. So my zombie dog’s poop is better than this misogynist crap.

    I hope you never, ever have sex with a woman, ever, ever again. Presuming you have had sex before. I mean, considering your total lack of knowledge of hormonal birth control, I would be concerned that someone so ignorant and sexist was out there sleeping with unsuspecting women!

  50. Anonymous

    We are damned if we do, damned if we don’t. If I get pregnant in college, I’m irresponsible. If I try not to get pregnant in college, I’m a slut.

    The only thing I wish for Ben Cochran is daughters.

    Daughters who go to college with young men like him (by the way, nice way to think of your fellow schoolmates), who judge girl who are responsible enough to not want to get pregnant in college by DOUCHEBAGS like him.

  51. Jenna

    Wait, wait, wait…. THAT GUY’S A NURSING MAJOR?! No way you’ll make it in the real world, dude. I think it’s a given you need to work on your bedside manner, emphasis on the SIDE, since I doubt any ECU ladies will be letting you IN it. Douche.

  52. CG

    I’m utterly astounded by the fact that the East Carolinian published this. I know it’s an opinion article but really? Come on Pirates, I know that we are a higher caliber than what Ben Cochran has managed to put out here. And to the editorial staff, while opinion articles are great there is also the need for guidance. I’m not sure that Ben had any on this one.

    Ben – While these young women may be inconveniencing you and your “illness” I’m extremely proud of them for taking a step to take care of their bodies.

  53. Haley

    I don’t even go to your school, I live on the other state, but good job making yourself look like a fool.
    The nursing program should be ashamed of you for saying this. As a woman who takes birth control, I see my normal doctor because I had a bad experiance from the gyno. I know other girls at my school who have insurance through our university, and having that insurance means THEY CAN GO TO THE DR FOR WHATEVER THEY WANT. Women have the right to get this medicine to keep from hearing the words ” you are pregnant” uttered from a doctors mouth.
    I hope someone at your school talks to you and informs you of stuff because clearly you weren’t smart enough to do research..
    and I can’t even believe the paper published this. I would have brought it to someone’s attention before this article was even picked to publish.
    Hire more female writers or hire females to read your stuff before publishing

  54. Hestika

    Seriously, the more I read Ben’s thingy up there, the more I am convinced it’s a prank. I mean, come on.

    • V

      Doing a quick Google search of this man (some of the articles may have to be read through cache as they’re no longer on the TEC site) will show you that this is always how he writes. I recommend the one in which he waxes philosophic on the dumb sluts who work at the local apartment complexes and qualify as nothing more than “knob-jockeys”.

  55. Diane

    I hope the ECU nursing program reconsiders granting Ben a degree. With his clear hatred of women he’s not qualified to be a nurse. I can’t imagine he would be in any way empathetic or considerate of his female patients. This man is clearly not capable of being a good nurse.

  56. Chessa

    I think it was extremely irresponsible to publish this article in a University newspaper. Mr. Cochran’s article is extraordinarily misogynistic, in addition to blatantly ignorant. Although the article was significantly edited for publication and is an opinion piece, this does not excuse the fact that such an offensive article was published in a University newspaper. While Mr. Cochran clearly needs classes on bedside manner, insurance co-pays, contraception, and the Hippocratic oath prior to beginning his career in nursing, the responsibility of a publication’s image lies with it’s editor who could have prevented this fiasco and chastised Cochran for his insensitivity. Instead we have another example of how ignorance is popularized instead of berated.

  57. StephenJ

    This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever read. You should be fired.

  58. Jennifer P


    I would start thinking of a good excuse now, because if your state nurses licensing board gets wind of this I can gaurantee you will never ever practice there as a nurse.

  59. Kendall

    Not only is this article completely unacceptable, but how EMBARRASSING. I just finished reading an article in The Daily Tar Heel completely bashing ECU and our entire student body and saw that in the comments someone provided a link to The East Carolinian. What a good impression we’ve made for ourselves this week! As embarrassing as that article was for UNC, this article is far more embarrassing.

  60. Esmee

    You may think this is very funny but guess what? Your future employers may have access to a little thing called Google.

    Today, if you type in Ben Cochran, ECU — guess what’s the fourth entry? I think a nasty attitude like yours is enough to sway anyone against hiring you.

    What poor judgment the paper showed in running your diatribe as well.

    • Deborah

      To Esmee:

      On the contrary I think the paper showed excellent judgment in publishing Ben’s article, especially since this individual is a Nursing major. When a person harbors such hate-filled attitudes it is in the society’s best interest to have them exposed, so that as individuals and as a collective we may take precautions against harm. This incident has now become viral (I am writing from Connecticut) and, in addition to placing a strong caveat against any future hiring of the author in a healthcare position, the article has brought to sharp focus the level of misogyny felt by some in our society. For those of us who do not hate women it is hard to imagine the mind of one who does, or even to imagine that such hatred exists. When hatred is hidden it can do the most harm. When it is exposed, at the very least one may be forewarned, at the best one can address and reconcile it.

      To Ben:

      I will entertain the possibility that you wrote the article as a tongue in cheek caricature of misogyny. If that is the case, you have made a grievous error in judgement, as evidenced by the fact that nearly all respondents here believe you intended your statements to be taken literally. Hopefully, painful as it may be, this has been a learning experience.

      On the other hand, if your remarks were indeed intended literally, I would ask you to consider all of the excellent points made by your schoolmates regarding the absolute legitimacy of female students’ need for proper care of their reproductive health, as well as the same convenient affordable access to that health care that you yourself consider a necessity for your own well-being. Critical thinking is essential to citizenship, and hopefully the well-reasoned discourse of your peers will help you to improve this faculty by studying and emulating their example.

      I would also ask you to consider what is it about female sexuality that is so threatening to you? As a Registered Nurse, I can assure you that this fear and abhorrence for the feminine that you have expressed in your article is not a healthy frame of mind. For your own happiness and well-being, I urge you to examine the causes for your hatred, and heal them. You need not be alone in this task, as I am sure your school’s Student Health Center and Campus ministries offer a range of counseling and referral services from which you can choose an option that would best meet your needs.

    • Danielle

      As a matter of fact, I just posted a link to this on FB as a public link. As a senior nursing student and a woman, this is absolutely appalling.

  61. A

    Why did the newspaper even put the availability of birth control up as a subject of debate? Nothing good or useful could have come of it.

    • JR

      The same reason any “news” organization trumps up controversy — to up circulation/viewership and keep people reading/watching.

  62. Eric

    This article just shows off this writers ignorance. My real question is if he is so concerned about people going to see “real” doctors or specialists…Why was he at the Student Health center? Oh yeah, just like those other students he probably couldn’t afford to go see one of those specialists.

    I’m all for free speech, but this article shows a lack of respect and intelligence that you should find in responsible reporting.

  63. Abi


    Unless you were waiting in line to see and OB/GYN, these girls were not holding you up. You had a cold, not an ovarian cyst, cramps, cervical cancer, pregnancy or any other OB/GYN related issue, so really your entire argument is pointless and comes across as a childish and rather uneducated rant. Please do the medical community a favor and drop out of the nursing program.

  64. Carly

    Ben, you are not ever going to get a date. Not only are you an ignorant, immature, insensitive, self-centered C- writer who writes like a 10th grader trying to score high on the horribly standardized NC writing test (that I think they finally did away with) you also have some sort of gross snotty illness that demands the complete attention of the student health staff. No one wants to cuddle with that. Gross me out.

  65. Lane

    Oh man, I hope that there’s a good archive for this stuff, because when your future employers (you know, for the whole nursing career you’re looking into) google you and find this article?


    Yeah, those will be good times for all involved.

  66. Caitlin

    Dear Editor of this Paper (not Ben, ’cause obviously boy is mentally impaired and any logical response to him will fall upon deaf ears, surely)!

    I don’t go to your school; I’m in the publishing industry in NYC. I saw the original piece Ben turned in. I get why you published this piece–I think?–but I feel it imperative to know why the hell you spent so much time editing the original POS rant this dude turned in. It’s completely psychotic. Would you tune up, add to, and publish any insane opinion piece a student throws your way? Please reconsider evaluating your ethics as an editor. I know this is harsh, but this D-Lord is now basking in the limelight you provided him. It’s really just sickening. Good luck to you.

    • Stacy

      I have to agree. The original piece is truly frightening. This is a guy who sounds like he’ll end up shooting up a room full of women and girls somewhere after leaving a 30-page online rant about bitches who won’t date him. “Hatchet wounds” alone made me scared. If a psychopath sent my newspaper a letter, I would notify the police to generate a report so there’s a trail of this guy’s behavior — not go to great effort trying to make it sound sane.

  67. Aila


    Were you dropped on your head as a child? I’m genuinely curious.

  68. Kat

    Hahaha. Enjoy the rest of your celibate college career, you misogynist douchebag. Also, please do all of us ladies and our “gaping holes” a favor and get a new major. I’d refuse to see any healthcare provider (or anyone else, really) if I knew they wrote ignorant, hateful garbage like this.

  69. Bill

    The typical Jezabee lunitic is a fat, sex starved wilderbeast. Since she’s fugly, she goes to go to the bar and hope some guy is drunk enough to hook up with me. If he doesn’t call her back after a one night stand, she pretend retroactively regrets consenting and claims she was raped.

    Don’t worry, you can safely ignore the rage of Jezabelins. Last year, they targeted a Johns Hopkins student for calling fat girls fat. He’s now working for an investment bank that couldn’t care less.

    • Lindsay

      Maybe. But your friend works in investment banking, which tends to be dominated by men that generally don’t care about rampant sexism. Ben’s hot steamy oral diarrhea is not likely to translate well into the healthcare profession, where empathy is a more valued trait.


    • Chloe

      It makes sense that an investment bank wouldn’t really care about an inflammatory article. It’s the fact that he does not know some pretty basic medical information and obviously knows little about the way the medical system works (not many women go to the gyno for birth control, for starters) that is disturbing…because he’s in nursing.

      Banking + disparaging ‘fat girls’ = not a deal breaker, nursing + disparaging half of your potential patients and admitting you know little about the way their reproductive system works = a deal breaker.

      Congrats on being 1 of the 2 commentators who did not think that this article was the biggest piece of shit they had read in a while. I hope that you are just being a troll to get a reaction because if not, you are dumb. Birth control is a misnomer, buddy. Read a book once in a while.

    • Anonymous

      You are completely disgusting.

    • anon

      Bill, you’re an ignoramus. False accusation of rape is very low (and guess what – false accusation rates for other crimes are the same across the board). Calling fat girls fat, while perhaps rude, is not remotely the same as this. Thank you, though, for defending a slut-shaming, self-centered, over privileged douche bag!

    • Trisha

      Ben? Ben, is that you?

  70. Kate

    Could I please have some input from other nursing students and/or teachers:

    Is this guy simply a slack student in addition to being a misogynist, or is the nursing program at ECU so woefully inadequate that a student might not understand something as simple as how oral contraceptives work? “Not even porn stars need that much birth control?” Really?
    I don’t expect an RN to have the same level of drug knowledge as a pharmacist, but I’m shocked that *anyone* studying *anything* in the field of medicine would say something that shockingly inaccurate about a drug as common as birth control!

    • Artist

      He started the program in June 2010. His Facebook says he was considering dropping out of the program in November 2010. He should have quit while he was ahead.

  71. Michelle

    Ben -

    If this is supposed to be a joke, it fell flat and died painful death. If it reflects your true feelings on the subject, I suggest that you reevaluate your life and the choices that you make.

    Wait, that would imply that you have some self-awareness – which it’s clear you don’t possess. Get over yourself and grow up.

  72. Lily

    I can’t even get angry, because I know that this will show up every time a potential employer (or date!) googles the author’s name. Good job, genius.

  73. Tapati

    I’m rather horrified by the thought of someday having a nurse take care of me who seems to despise one whole area of my body. I also wonder why all of his ire at fornication in college is directed solely at women. Presumably male students are involved in these un-Christian activities too. Or are they the victims of these hordes of Jezebels? If they need treatment for an STD should they go to a specialist as well?

    Ironically his Facebook indicates that he is interested in women. One wonders for what purpose?

    Also, as a chronically ill person I have to laugh at a mere 30 minute wait at any doctor’s office or health center. I don’t read magazines; I bring a BOOK.

    Perhaps his nursing teachers will review issues of birth control and respecting patients’ needs and privacy before he graduates.

  74. Brandon

    Dear Ben,

    After reading your article I kind of got the feeling that it might just possibly generate a lot of negative comments and feedback. That’s why I’m writing this, because I Totally Support Your Point Of View!

    As a fellow dude and chauvinist, I completely agree that anything having to do with a woman’s vagina is not a medical problem in the slightest. Ladyparts should not be spoken of or discussed on campus, and ESPECIALLY, under no circumstances, should they ever, EVER be examined by a medical professional outside the shameful hidden office of an OB-GYN. Even if a woman does make the only rational decision possible and decides to see an OB-GYN off-campus, she should be incredibly embarrassed to do so. I mean, c’mon, it’s gross!

    I think my girlfriend is on birth control, but I really have no idea. If I ever found out she was going to the Student Health Center for that I’d break up with her immediately! How dare she protect herself against becoming pregnant on campus! Besides, it’s entirely her responsibility to take that shit elsewhere anyway. If she ever got preggos, it’s HER baby and I’d have nothing to do with it. Right???

    P.S. It’s actually called a ‘pap smear’? Bro, I had no idea! I guess you thinking it was ‘Pabst beer’ is understandable, but I literally thought they were giving chicks samples of ‘P.A.P. schmear.’ You know, like a spread to put on bagels? Who knows what P.A.P. stands for.

  75. Ann

    I, too, am happy to know that this author’s name will show up in every google search with this article attached. Good job, may you get hired somewhere as a nurse. I’m sure the health industry looks for knowledgeable employees with such compassion for 50% of the population.

    • Kate

      He has compassion for most women, just not those who make immoral and dangerous decisions.

      • Anna

        Like the ones who wear blended fibre clothes, or eat shrimp, or do their homework on the Sabbath?

      • Amanda

        You mean the ones who DON’T use birth control or contraceptives? Because last time I checked, being proactive about your sexual and reproductive health was an intelligent and safe decision.

      • Rukh

        Kate, there’s nothing immoral about being on the pill. Many young women take the pill for reasons that have nothing to do with sex.

        And by whose standards do you judge these young women immoral? The bible? And yet you are speaking here, now, in the presence of men! Is your head covered? No!? And I bet you don’t even move outside the city when you are menstruating! How dare you!

    • Friend of Greg

      Last year, Jezebel attacked a guy from Johns Hopkins for calling fat girls fat. Jezebel’s hissy fit is the first search result for his name, but he still got a job as an investment banker.

      • JR

        Oh, hi Ben.

        Yeah, in investment banking, being a douchebag is practically a job requirement. In nursing, though? Yeah….good luck. You ended that career before you even started it.

  76. OK, I'll say it

    Q: Who doesn’t care about birth control? A: Someone who isn’t getting laid.

  77. michelle

    I cannot believe this got published, whether it is a joke or not. I’m not a student there, but I’m so glad I’m not after reading this. ECU should be embarrassed for having you as a student. How about this, should something happen to your penis don’t clog up the doctors office, because you could be interfering with someone needing actual medical attention.

  78. AW

    Dear Ben, I was an editor for my college paper, so I know what it’s like to write something controversial and bask in the attention when everyone gets all riled up. But seriously, this isn’t funny. You screwed up, and you come across as an immature, whiny boy who doesn’t know anything about women.

    “Go read your Redbook in the lobby of a specialist as you wait to get your lady-bits inspected. Leave Student Health for those of us that are in actual need of medical attention.”

    Wait — so you don’t consider the inspection of “lady-bits” to be a form of medical attention? And you’re a nursing student? Good luck with that.

  79. Gracie

    Here’s to hoping this kid never gets laid again. Also, your terrible wittle snifflies can be treated over-the-counter. Why don’t YOU stop wasting space in Student Health?

  80. J

    What a disgraceful example of a human being you are. Same goes for the editor who okayed this garbage to be published. I will have to hand it to you for showing the world what a misogynistic douche you are – may your future girlfriends and employers be warned and consider it a bullet dodged.

    I’m so sowwy those slutty girls made you wait a whole HALF HOUR to see the doctor for your wittle cold! Poor baby!

    Because your snots and coughs are SO MUCH MORE important than women’s sexual health.

    I sincerely hope you’re booted from the nursing program. You are not fit to be a graduate of any program that deals in the health profession with your misogynistic, slut-shaming, deeply ignorant attitude.

  81. Brad

    Abstinence is the best answer for college girls who don’t want get pregnant.

    • Sarah

      And for immature college boys who will attempt to escape child support payments.

    • Henry

      I hear that not-getting-raped is also quite effective.

      • Courtney

        Rape is so rare it doesn’t make sense for a women to protect herself by taking the pill.

        • Ashley

          I don’t know where you’re getting this information from, but rape is NOT rare. It’s extremely prevalent and we live in a society that basically condones it. I encourage you to google statistics on rape as well as the term “rape culture.”

          • Courtney

            According to the FBI, there were 84,767 forcible rapes last year. The odds of being raped are extremely low, especially if you dress modestly and don’t get drunk.

          • Ashley

            @Courtney – Are you kidding me? Forcible rape is not the only kind of rape. In fact, most rapes are perpetuated by someone who knows the victim and this type of rape is not always “forcible,” whatever that means. The whole stranger in the alley with a knife type of rape isn’t even the most common.
            And if you think that women are raped because they don’t dress modestly, then I feel sorry for you and all of your internalized misogyny, because that kind of thinking perpetuates rape culture. Women are NOT raped because of their clothing. Shame on you.

          • Courtney

            What other kinds rapes are there on college campus. College girls are mostly over 18, so there isn’t any statuary rape on campus. And if you retroactively regret consenting because you were drunk, that isn’t rape, just a reason not to drink.

          • Cipher

            Courtney, it’s absolutely sickening that you’re blaming the victims of a terrible crime by telling them they should have dressed differently. I understand, as I said below, that it’s really scary to think this can happen to you, and it’s really tempting to think that you can easily prevent it. But you’re very wrong. Women are raped in all kinds of clothing and in all kinds of situations, and what you’re saying is harmful to victims, including both those who were dressed according to your own personal standards (and therefore are being erased by your claims) and those who weren’t (whom you’re re-victimizing by blaming them for something someone else did to them, something which has absolutely no excuse). You will absolutely regret your attitude at some time in your life, and I only hope that it’s not because you become the 1 in 4. Please stop being a disgusting human being.

          • Courtney

            Its absolutely sickening that you attempt to minimize the pain of victims of forcible rape by expanding the term “rape” to include a cornucopia of other things. If a women regrets consenting the next morning, it isn’t “rape”. A women can avoid making unwise decision about consenting by not getting drunk and inviting random guys back to her apartment. I’m praying you will learn about the virtues of modesty and compassion.

          • Cipher

            Scumbag, where did I expand the definition to include a “cornucopia of other things?” I was raped by a man who came into my own private bedroom, where I was sleeping, and woke me up by raping me. Forcibly, in every sense of the word. Modesty and compassion? Where were his? Where are yours?

          • Cipher

            And by the way, even if I’d been dancing down the street drunk and naked, it still would have been forcible rape to rape me, and you’d still be a disgusting human being for trying to excuse it and blame me for it.

          • Kat

            Keep fighting the good fight, Cipher! There is always someone lurking and maybe, just maybe, one of the lurkers on here will start thinking about their attitude and why it enables and promotes rape culture.

            Thanks for the link, it is indeed very enlightening. I’ll definitely pass it on! If you’re interested, Fugitivus has an equally great post about the idea of rape “jokes” ( and Kate Harding had a great post called “Schrödinger’s Rapist” (

            And Courtney – since I’m confident you refuse to educate yourself on the subject, let me just quote what is quite possibly one of the most important ideas here:
            “It might help some survivors of these kinds of rapes to know that they were not stupid and they didn’t make a mistake; that they were in overwhelming probability targeted and harmed deliberately by someone who has planned and maybe practiced a routine of testing, intoxication and isolation. Survivors shouldn’t feel like suckers.”

          • Cipher

            I’ve read SR before – I love it. (And oh, does it EVER make the willfully ignorant put-upon manchildren with poor reading comprehension flail impotently with rage…) Thanks for linking it here, though – more people need to see it. Thanks for the Fugitivus post, too :) That was new to me, and it was brilliant. I’ll be using it in the future for sure. At one point one particular sentence made me simultaneously laugh out loud, almost throw up, and well up with tears – which is obviously a rare combination of emotional responses…

        • Kat

          Your statements are horrifying. Rape is not “rare”, rape is severely underreported. Many victims fear to be blamed for what another person did to them, to be told they should’ve dressed differently, shouldn’t have been drinking, shouldn’t have been walking the streets all by themselves. Case in point: the NYPD stopping women on the street and telling them that their clothes put them at risk. If that was the case – why do nuns become victims? Why do women wearing burqas become victims?

          “And if you retroactively regret consenting because you were drunk, that isn’t rape, just a reason not to drink.” – If you were drunk, you were legally unable to consent. That makes it rape.

          Here’s a hint: rape is always the rapist’s fault. The victim is never, NEVER to blame for the decisions and actions of the rapist.

          • Cipher

            Isn’t it disgusting, Kat, to see that even women will try to excuse and absolve rapists by telling lies about other women? I particularly love the “slut regretted it” B.S., which is actually the reason I didn’t report my own rapes. Because we were alone, and I knew for a fact that he would lie and say I had consented and just regretted it later. Or maybe I was leading him on. By lying in my bed in my pajamas in my own private freaking bedroom sleeping.

          • Kat

            Cipher, I’m very sorry about what happened to you. I hope none of Courtney’s incredible “compassion” and “understanding” nor the rest of this discussion triggered you in any way. *sending positive thoughts in your direction*

            Courtney, understand this – if you are not sober, you cannot consent to intercourse or any kind of sexual contact. Having sex with a blackout drunk person therefore is rape. (But, you will say, why didn’t she watch her drink? Indeed, why was she drinking AT ALL? Because she’s human, likes to have a good time, AND YET HAS THE RIGHT TO REMAIN UNHARMED!)

            Also understand this: clothing, drinking and any other reasons rapists come up with to excuse their actions are meaningless. The decision to rape someone cannot be influenced by the victim; it is made solely by the rapist. It is not okay to remove even the tiniest percentage of the 100% of blame and give it to the victim. It belongs completely with the rapist and the rapist alone.

          • Cipher

            Thanks for your support and kindness, Kat. I’ve been fighting with rape apologist liars on the internet for a while, so I’m pretty inured to idiocy by now, though it always does eventually start to grind a person down.

            I’d like to add to your great points here the fact that the worst thing about people like Courtney is that they actually give cover, encouragement, and support to rapists by means of lies and victim-blaming tactics like these.

            Predators, like the one who targeted me, know that people like Courtney are out there. They know that everyone is desperately trying to find reasons why it couldn’t happen to them or anyone they love. That’s why they do things like target intoxicated people, psychologically vulnerable people, and others who are considered by trash like Courtney to be “asking for it” – not because intoxicated people, vulnerable people, or “immodestly”-dressed people consent, but because their non-consent is ignored and erased and disbelieved. They know they can get away with it, that there are some people who are never going to be believed, and it’s all because of people like Courtney.

            I’m one of those people. Aside from the fact that I am not a virgin (horror of horrors!), I am also a person who has a hidden disability, which my rapist knew about in great detail and could manipulate to his advantage. I believe I was targeted because I was psychologically vulnerable and socially isolated. And I believe that if people like Courtney weren’t so quick to believe rapists over their victims, he wouldn’t have dared to do that to me.

          • Cipher

            Here’s a useful link that explains the behaviors of predators, and how it relies on people like Courtney to function [Trigger warning, which I apologize for not including in either of my earlier posts] :

          • JR

            Ugh. I missed this bit on my various meanders through this thread. Courtney, how in the world can you buy that “blame the victim” nonsense? Are men so weak in your worldview that they cannot exercise restraint? Is a woman’s sexuality so powerful in your mind that the mere sight of a little female flesh will drive a man beyond reason or any kind of self control?

            Get real.

            That scenario you weave involving morning after regret? It rarely if ever happens. How do I know this? Because no woman in her right mind would subject themselves to the kind of scrutiny and accusations that accompany reporting a rape in this society unless they had damned good reason to. People like you questioning them, how they dressed, did they lead the man on, have they been drinking, were they _asking_ for it….and on, and on, and on, all the way through arraignment and trial and appeal. It’s disgusting. What’s more disgusting is when women like you are somehow convinced to become a part of the problem, with your condescension and staunch belief that rape doesn’t happen to “good” girls; it’s like watching a mouse try to convince his friends that the cat really has their better interests in mind…..

    • J

      Hey Brad,

      It may come as a shock to you but the pill does more than just prevent pregnancy. For some girls it’s actually a medical necessity.

      Amazing. I know.

      So sorry I don’t think abstinence is a cure-all for women’s reproductive health.

    • Avery Pickard

      Incorrect. The answer, in fact, is education about options so that girls can choose the right pregnancy prevention tools for them. That way Teh Girlz won’t have to search and search the comments section for What Brad Would Do.

      A+ for tryin’ to help.

    • Lindsay

      And abortion is the best answer for college girls who don’t want to *be* pregnant.

    • Ashley

      Tell me you’re not serious.

    • Seriously?

      Are you Ben’s brother? Or a fragment of his own brain? I’m guessing you’ve never been laid…

    • Cyhiraeth

      Granted, abstinence is the only way to be 100% sure that a pregnancy will not occur; however, as several of the above posters mentioned, birth control pills are also used to treat disorders such as polycystic ovarian syndrome, menstruation-related anemia, or endometriosis. The common misconception about “birth control” pills is that they are precisely that, when in reality they are more akin to a form of hormone therapy that happens to have contraception as a side effect. A quick search on the Google Machine will lead you to more information about the various conditions that are treated with birth control pills.

      • Cyhiraeth

        Oh, the other common misconception to which you seem to be alluding is that women who have sex outside of marriage are somehow morally inferior to virgins, which is also untrue, seeing as how women are no longer considered property and thus deflowering out of wedlock can no longer be seen as “stealing” that which was “rightfully” another man’s.

        • Kate

          Sex outside of marriage is a sin. I’m proud that I saved myself for my husband and disgusted by girls who think its OK to sleep around before marriage.

          • Wendy

            @Kate — a sin for who, honey? Wouldn’t I have to believe in the archaic laws of some oppressive religious dogma in order to think that engaging in sex is a sin unless I have a special certificate from my government authorizing me to have sex?

          • Jezebel

            But remember kids: if you aren’t sinning, Jesus died for nothing!

          • Jill

            So Kate was your husband a virgin? If not, do you not wonder that he may have infected you with one or maybe more STD?

          • Kara

            Judge not, honey, lest ye be judged. It’s not your place to be disgusted by other people’s personal decisions. I take it that you’re a Christian. What would your Christ do? Educate women about birth control in order to keep them safe and healthy, or slut shame them? (Totally rhetorical, by the way. Just something for you to ponder.)

          • Kate

            My husband and I were both virgins until our wedding night.

            Jesus would educate women on abstinence.

          • Cipher

            Wow! Well, I’m proud that I’m not an ignorant, shaming misogynist clod, and I’m disgusted by women who go around spreading hateful nonsense and thinking they’re better than everybody else for it. To each her own, huh?

          • Angie

            My brother married a woman who had “saved herself” for marriage. The problem was she became bored and wondered what she was missing. After ten years of marriage she started an affair with a co-worker. You have a very naive world view. Sometimes “saving yourself” for marriage does not mean that you are a person with higher moral standing.

          • Natalie

            My daddy – the one who warned me away from guys like Brad and Ben – always told me that talking to people like Kate is like trying to teach a pig to sing. You waste your time, and just piss off the pig.

          • b.g.

            Kate, honey, I’m not a “girl,” I have no intention of getting married, I don’t want or like kids, and I don’t believe in your invisible sky daddy. Take your antiquated patriarchal “morality” and shove it.

    • Cipher

      As someone else pointed out, it’s hard to “abstain” from being raped. I promise, we really do try to avoid it. To the person with the forcible rape stats, please understand that it’s incredibly rare to report rapes to the police. I reported neither of mine, and both of my rapists are, as far as I know, still out in the world, living without any repercussions for the terrible harm they did to me. The real stats are scary, to say the least. Anywhere from 1 in 6 to 1 in 4 women experiences an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime. I understand that it’s scary to think that this can happen to you. I, personally, was convinced that it couldn’t happen to me, for reasons I won’t get into here. It did. Educate yourself on underreporting, okay?

      • Pteryxx

        Also, research shows about 1 in 16 college men will admit to forcing women into sex or having sex with women too drunk to fend them off, as long as the R-word isn’t used. Most of them are repeat predators who know if they drug, bully, threaten or force a woman into sex, nobody will believe her when she says she was raped. On college campuses, 1 in 5 women will be sexually assaulted while they are students, and 90% of those assaults will be by men who’ve already raped someone.

        Search for NPR and Lisak to find the research.

    • kurisute

      Or lesbianism!

  82. Sarah

    Dear Ben,

    Did you know that the privacy settings on your Facebook are a little lax? Because it took me about 2 seconds to find your profile, and read not only that you are absolutely reveling in the response that your little diatribe is generating, but also that your curent boss is “not comfortable with the type of person you are.”

    Points for all-around brilliance, little boy. I will enjoy knowing that someday you’re going to have one hell of a time finding a job in healthcare, an industry with highly stringent HR departments.

  83. Nicole

    I would really like the editor of this article as well as the East Carolinian to apologize to the student body of ECU. I am completely offended by the editor’s actions in publishing this article as well as her constant need to blame other people for what she did. Take responsibility and stop blaming someone who actually had the nerve to speak up and tell everyone how idiotic you, this article and Ben Cochran really are!

  84. Nicole

    It’s really very sad that Ben is laughing about this on his Facebook. He’s proud of what he’s done here, and he’s claiming to be tickled by the hate mail he’s receiving. It doesn’t seem like he understands what he did wrong, nor why so many people (of any gender) are angry with him. When you have a student who is that far gone, doesn’t that merit some sort of disciplinary action? Has he even apologized?

    • Leah

      Hopefully the national attention this is now getting will encourage him to reevaluate the bigoted views he holds.

    • Trisha

      It hasn’t quite hit him yet how the lasting legacy of his public display of ignorance will do him far more harm than good in the long run. He’s apparently of the mind that there’s no such thing as bad publicity. That, or he really has realized the self-sabotage he has committed, and is merely pretending to not be bothered about it in a pathetic attempt to save face.

  85. Katelyn

    Ha. College. I can’t wait for this kid to find out there are greater injustices than waiting 30 minutes to see a doctor.

  86. Laura

    Hi, Ben.

    You’re a funny chap, Ben. A funny chap, indeed. I don’t know if you’re even bothering to read comments on your article anymore, but I imagine that you’re still searching for someone, anyone, who agrees with your particular brand of humor. Well, Ben, I am not that person. But I’m funny too, Ben! I’m so funny, that I’m going to enumerate all the positively hilarious reasons why my lady part problems are clogging up college infirmaries.

    I, personally, bleed like the Red Sea is gushing forth from my uterus. Unfortunately, my lady parts don’t work quite like your favorite blow-up-doll’s, Ben, so I’ll go through this nice and slow for you. Have you heard of hormonal imbalance, Ben? Of course you have! What kind of nursing major would you be if you hadn’t? Well, Ben, these “imbalances” can cause quite a bit of distress for us ladies. Have you ever been bedridden, Ben? It’s not always that bad, but it can be. For us ladies, birth control, just one measly pill of birth control a day, keeps us healthy and happy! That means we can go to class, work, and parties without any ill effects. Do you like parties, Ben?

    Now, some women have perfectly functioning reproductive systems, bless them. What could these women ever want with birth control? Well, when a man and a woman like each other very much, he puts his penis inside of her. What would you like more, Ben, having consequence-free sex or being a young father? Think really hard, Ben. Use that scientifically-attuned brain of yours.

    Can you wrap your head around the fact that a woman might just want control over her reproductive system? Even us porn stars, Ben? Of course you do. You’re just mad that we go get birth control in Student Health facilities, where you’re stuck waiting and snotting all over the place. We make your poor little nose wait for help while us girls form gaggles and invade your safe haven.

    Oh, Ben. You know what? Sometimes the health facility is cheaper. Sometimes it’s more convenient. Sometimes, in the case of my personal college health building, the gyno and the G.P. are in the same damn building. And sometimes we’re lazy bitches who don’t want to travel to get their prescriptions.

    Guess what, asshole? Even if I’m a lazy goddamn bitch who fucks forty men on a daily basis, Benny, it’s none of your goddamn business. Your doctor offers gynecological services, and girls are going to march themselves over to that clinic even (shock!) if it inconveniences you!

  87. Jessie

    Hey Ben! Just want to let you know you have humiliated yourself and your university on an international level. Good job.

    Love from South America xxxxx

    • JR

      I just wanted to say thanks, Ben. Why? Because I live in Jersey and until very recently, we’ve had the likes of Snooki and “The Situation” casting us Jersey-ites as potentially the biggest douchebags on earth. People hear I’m from Jersey and start talking smack about how awful we all are based on the example set by these charming individuals.

      Now, though, thanks to you, I have a ready response when someone insults Jerseyans as world class assholes: “Yeah, maybe we are, but we’re nothing compared to that Cochran fellow.”

    • Anne

      he’s humiliated in switzerland as well

  88. Carly

    Actually, Brad. Birth control is the best answer for college girls who “don’t want get pregnant” [sic]. Abstinence is the best answer for college boys who don’t want to get girls pregnant.

  89. Lisa c.

    I like that Ben’s first and last name, school, and major will be forever linked to this article and the other sites and blogs it appears on. Good luck getting that nursing job after a potential employer does a quick background check on you!

  90. Caitlyn

    “Not even porn stars need that much birth control.”

    L-O-L! Great one, bra! I got it! Because porn stars are like, huge sluts, because they like, have a lot of sex, so they have to take like, 5x as many pills!! Regular sluts only need like, 2x as many! SCIENCE, AMIRITE?!

    Enjoy a lifetime of virginity! Because who needs sluts, amiritebra? *BRO FIVE, BRA*

  91. I just can’t get past the fact that he thinks porn stars need a different amount of birth control hormones than everyone else. My mind just cannot comprehend the amount of ignorance there. Of course, the amount of ignorance in the rest of the article is also fairly mind-boggling. Everyone who uses birth control is a slut? Everyone who can afford student health can also necessarily afford a specialist? People only go to the doctor when they’re sick, not for routine care? If it weren’t for Poe’s Law, I’d write this off as trolling.

  92. Elle

    Please tell me this is a bad joke, and “Ben Cochran” is not your real name.

  93. Jen

    After reading the unedited version of this “opinion piece,” I surely hope that young Ben here is a virgin, as he would become an extreme hypocrite if he wasn’t.

    I can’t even remember the last time I read something so stupid.

  94. Jim

    Um, Ben does realize that the pill works whether you have sex one time or one thousand, right? Like porn stars don’t need any more pills than the rest of the non-porn star women, so saying not even a porn star needs that much birth control is kind of totally fucking stupid.

    Also, my girlfriend always sees the nurse and doctor who are on staff specifically for women’s health, so unless you wanted to see the gynecological nurse for your cough, they weren’t holding you up.

  95. Noreen

    I’d like to know how Ben’s cough ended up being diagnosed.

    Was it deadly pneumonia? If so, based on his own logic, and as “a matter of efficiency, as well as personal safety,” he really should have seen a specialist or visited an ER.

    Was it, as we all suspect, nothing more than a common cold or flu? If so, based on his own logic, he really should “leave Student Health for those of us that are in actual need of medical attention.”

  96. anonymous

    Where to begin…

    “In their hands, they carried what seemed like a solid 36-month’s worth of birth control. First of all, not even porn stars need that much birth control.”

    I wonder if he realizes that we don’t sit down and take them all at once? Actually, applying his airtight logic, a young woman with 3-years of birth-control is less likely to clog the waiting room for more deserving (re: male) students. A period occurs, on average, every 30 days. Let’s hope our esteemed author doesn’t find himself with another cold next month….

    When I see abject ignorance like this, born in age of infinite educational resources, it makes me think that women will be relegated to second-class citizenry forever. “Lady-bits”? Truly disgusting.

    • Michael B.

      It gets worse: “Lady-bits” was the coy euphemism that the editor came up with to replace the foully misogynist term that Ben originally submitted.

  97. Julianna M.

    Dear Ben,

    If you think having a nurse at student health fix your runny nose (by the way, going to the doctor for cold symptoms is frivolous) is more important than preventing unwanted pregnancy, then I seriously question how you got into college at all. But thank you for showing us how important it is to prevent disgusting, misogynistic BABIES like yourself from coming into this world.

  98. Kikki

    “First of all, not even porn stars need that much birth control.”

    This betrays such a lack of knowledge about the basics of contraception that it undermines what little argument you have. The amount of birth control a girl uses isn’t equivalent to how much sex she has. There isn’t a “good girl” dose and a “promiscuous harlot” dose, that isn’t how it works. If there is a girl on this campus who will still speak to you at this point, I suggest you ask her to explain it to you.

    In addition, I don’t know on what grounds you’ve decided that your cold treatment is worth more than a girl’s regulated period. Some girls suffer from horribly debilitating cramps and headaches without birth control. Oh, but you have a cold. How dare the health center take care of girls and their serious medical concerns.

  99. Ben (unfortunately)

    ‘Ben Cochran has expressed his apologies as well’

    A HIGHLY sincere one, no doubt.

    From Ben’s Facebook page: ‘haha, keep the hate mail coming!’ (gist quotation…he has now had the sense to alter his profile’s privacy settings)

    Ben, if you were aiming for satire, you very much missed the mark. And having read the unedited version, I do not believe it was intended to be satirical and am disgusted at how you view 50% of the population.

  100. Claire

    This man should never be allowed to practice as a nurse. Ever. Not unless he demonstrates adequately that he has educated himself better and is committed to treating female patients with the compassion and knowledge that they deserve from a nurse, just like everyone else.

    And Brad, the whole abstinence line is bullshit. Why don’t MEN abstain from sex then, hmm? Because they’re can’t control themselves?

    If all college girls suddenly decided to abstain from sex, many of the men would just see sex as a commodity that they were being denied and rape them. And if they got pregnant, they’d either tell the women that they can’t have abortions because of religion/”father’s rights”/blah blah blah, or leave them to pay for an abortion or care for the child alone. Sorry. My body is not your toy. I am a person and I get to decide how I want to live.

  101. Pneumothorax

    Ben, If you were coughing up green phlegm, shouldn’t you have seen a Pulmonologist or Respiratory Medicine specialist instead of visiting the campus health center? You know, to get your “breath-ey bits” checked out?

    Women often see general practitioners, family medicine doctors, or advanced practice nurses/NPs for routine healthcare including pelvic exams and birth control. When a problem arises, such as an abnormal pap smear, ovarian cyst, uterine tumor, or endometriosis, a trip to a specialist is indicated. Those are “problems”, like emphysema, cardiac arrythmias, or a rectal tumor are problems that require a pulmonolgist, cardiologist, or proctologist, respectively.

    Anyways, this will look lovely when prospective employers google your name.

  102. Ky

    hahaha This will follow you forever, man. Good luck, Ben!

  103. Mel

    Ben is hoping to be a healthcare professional?!? YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME! I hope any of his future employers see this ridiculous crusade on “sluts” and reject him.

  104. Oh Ben

    With his personality and a puka shell necklace, who needs birth control?

  105. Andrea

    Wait. You are getting your panties in a twist because you waited in line behind other students desiring inexpensive, routine, non-emergent care, rather than staying in bed and sleeping (what you should have been doing in the first place)?

    And… you’re a nursing major? And a senior? Presumably in want of a job come graduation time? Oh honey…

  106. Tim Hanes

    This is the bible belt, California Jezaebel shouldn’t be imposing its ideology on a town with conservative christian values.

    • Leah

      Conservative christian values? Have you seen our divorce and teen pregnancy rate when compared to California?

    • Jillian

      How about conservative Christians not impose their ideology on people who don’t believe in that kind of thing?

    • Wendy

      1. The world Christian is supposed to be capitalized. If you don’t know that, why should I trust what you have to say about “Christian” values?

      2. Last time I checked, the Bible said “Judge not, lest ye be judged.” Christians, when practicing their religion as their prophet dictated, do not pass judgment on others.

      • Last time I checked, the bible said it was okay to take young girls for sex while committing genocide.

        If you want something to hold up as an example of morality, that book aint it.

    • Ann

      I don’t even think Jesus would fit in with your Conservative “christian” values…

    • Andrew

      Jezebel’s in New York, “Christian” should be capitalized, “Judge not lest ye be judged,” and you’re a prick.

  107. Don’t worry Ben. Jezebel freak out about Greg Sgammato’s article last year about fat girls crashing parties. He’s still got a job in investment banking after he graduated, even though Jezebel’s slander is the the first Google result for his name. I’m sure you’ll find a job in nursing.

    • This is the third time I’ve seen this exact response in this thread, you are Ben or one of his agents and I claim my five pounds.

      (Also, your point is invalid, Investment bankers are not caring for women about half the time so it doesn’t really matter how much of an ignorant and misogynistic arse they are in that regard)

  108. Carolinian

    If college girls could learn keep their legs closed, birth control wouldn’t be needed. Sorry, but you don’t have a right to hook up.

    • anon

      Are you kidding me? People absolutely have the right to hook up. And why is it that girls should learn to keep their legs closed but guys shouldn’t? Shut your sexist mouth.

    • Jillian

      If college guys could keep it in their pants, birth control wouldn’t be needed. Sorry, but you don’t have a right to hook up.

    • Wendy

      If college guys could learn to keep their penises out of vaginas, birth control wouldn’t be needed. Sorry, men, but you don’t have a right to have sex.

      Wheee!!!! It’s fun to force my morals on other people!!!

    • Cipher

      Right, true, if college-aged people didn’t have sex (or get raped), they’d have less need for birth control (…except when, you know, they need it anyway, for other health reasons) but you’re assuming your conclusion here. There’s nothing whatsoever wrong with using birth control, and I don’t see why we should restrict our lives and behaviors in order to prevent the terrible fate of, like, taking a pill every day.

    • b.g.

      Yes, I do, asshole. I have whatever goddamn right I want to do with my own body as I see fit. Obviously, however, you don’t believe that women are people entitled to this right, as I don’t see you criticizing college “boys” for not keeping their pants zipped.

  109. M. Barrett

    I think that we, as a university, should close our legs to this Ben Cochran.

  110. I’m a nursing student at East Carolina. My fiance is going to medical school and we hope to married when he graduates. Until he gets married, we don’t need sex and I don’t need the pill. I’d rather have the doctors treat sick students then give out the pill and encourage immoral premarital sex.

    • Jillian

      That’s nice. How about you not police other people’s lifestyles? That would be cool.

    • Kristen

      Missing the point: Who said those girls weren’t married? The same author of the article that was full of short-sighted sexist assumptions? I waited to have sex until I was married, got married as a sophomore in college, and filled my prescriptions for birth control.. wait for it… at the student health center just like these ladies did. Your assumptions give away your own prejudice, Sara.

      Also, again, what is it with the ECU nursing students forgetting the myriad reasons for which women take birth control? Are they this naive about heart health, too? Are they still teaching the humors of the body at ECU??? To refuse to give out any birth control would stand in a horrifying kind of defiance against both morality and ethics, and your suggestion makes me actively fear nursing grads from ECU. Way to represent, you guys!!!

    • Danielle

      I’m also a nursing student–And I did well enough in pharmacology to understand that birth control isn’t just to prevent pregnancies and “encourage immoral premarital sex”. Just what kind of a nursing program does ECU run?

      • I suspect the point here is not what sort of program they run but which parts of it Ben slept through -.o;

        That he wasn’t paying attention in class doesn’t mean the university has done anything wrong!

    • Wendy

      Good for you, Sara Wong, but I don’t really care about your sex life, and I don’t want you involved in mine in any way. That includes any decisions I would make about contraceptives.

      Just mind your own business, sweetie, and let everyone else mind theirs.

    • Andrew

      You’d rather have doctors treat a student with a cold? Do you know anything about medicine? How worthless is an ECU degree?

    • Rukh

      Sara, a cold is viral. All that can be done for a cold is to drink plenty of fluids, take a good decongestant and expectorant, take things easy, and eat nutritious (non-junk)food.

      If you contract on opportunistic bacterial infection while dealing with a cold, THEN you go to the clinic for help, because then they CAN help. Otherwise you’re wasting everybody’s time.

    • b.g.

      Mind your own fucking business about other people’s bodies. Just what the nursing profession needs, another nosy, self-righteous x-stain who thinks she gets to tell other people how to live. I almost wish you lived around here, because if you ever tried to pull your fundie shit on me, I’d report you to the state board so fast it’d make your head spin.

  111. Karl Neumeier

    I’m sorry for this guy’s parents. He’s going to be a serial killer someday. So much hate for women.

  112. Annie

    If only birth control provided protection from the emissions of dicks like Ben, and not just penises : (

  113. Elizibeth Smith

    I actually agree with Ben. I don’t think colleges should even distribute birth control since it encourages girls to have unprotected sex and get STDs. Sex is for a loving couple in marriage. If a girl gets an STD from using the pill, she’ll never be able to get married to a good husband. I’ve seen a lot of girls destroy their lives by using the pill.

    • Ashley

      Are you joking?
      You do realize that birth control is not only used to prevent pregnancy but also to regulate periods and help treat ovarian cysts right?
      Also what about men? Condoms are available but no one is questioning that. Know why? I’ll give you a hint: it’s because patriarchal society only shames women for having sex and not men.

    • Rose

      I know exactly what you mean! That’s the exact reason I’m not on the pill. It’s so hard to find good husbands these days. There’s no need to make it even harder.

      I figured college would be a great place to nab a husband, that it wouldn’t be that difficult, but all of the nice boys I meet keep asking me what I want to do with my life. I’m like, “I want to GET MARRIED! DUH!” but they always stop returning my calls. And I’m not on the pill! I can’t even imagine how much more difficult it would be if I was on the pill and it gave me creepy STDs!

      I have a cousin on the pill, and she moved to NYC, which is full of sin and impurity, and she has no babies, and has a job outside of the home, and she lives all alone with just her cat and they probably both have STDs. The pill is just horrible.

      • Lindsay

        Hahaha! You’ve GOT to be joking. You idiot holier-than-thou types are the worst.

        You went to college to get your MRS… a waste of your professors’ time since you obviously didn’t learn how to objectively think or reason in any shape or form. Stay out of higher education institutions, you don’t belong.

      • Kat

        Hahahahaha, awesome comment is awesome.

      • Michelle

        I have a fiance’ and he knows I am on birth control because he hates to see me suffer every month from endometriosis and a horrible period. It is also helping to regulate my body so that when I get off, I can give him the children that he wants.

        You don’t have a husband because no one is interested in you that way! Maybe you should keep your legs closed and they will return your calls!

    • Luchie

      Um… you can’t get an STD from taking the pill. You get those from condom-free sex. My husband and I were having sex for like, 6 years before we got married. It’s fun and as long as you are careful (i.e. use a condom and are on the pill) it’s risk-free. I think that people who are not properly educated on how to safely have sex (males and females alike) are the ones at risk of wrecking their lives. Education trumps abstinence 100% of the time.

      • Emma

        I’m pretty sure she’s trolling. Purposefully invoking stereotypes about the 50′s attitude towards women, and the ‘valley girl accent’ style is what cinched it. And the reference to the cat with STDs.

    • Jillian

      This entire comment is mind boggling. No logic has been used, no line of reasoning has been followed, I have no idea what to do with you, ma’am. If… these women are picking up birth control — pills and condoms — then they are most likely not, in fact, having unprotected sex. Which is not to say they couldn’t get an STD, but they’re not going to get it from the pill. And even if they did, do you think people with STDs never get married or something? And that’s assuming someone WANTS a “good husband,” whatever that means. I guess someone who wants to marry someone even if they have an STD is a “bad husband”?

      I’m genuinely bewildered.

    • Oh dear god

      You have fun believing that, kiddo!

    • Wendy

      What about the boys, Elizibeth Smith? You did a lot of talking about how girls need to stay pure, essentially, in order to trap themselves a “good” husband.

      So what about that “good” husband of hers? Is it okay for him to have had sex before marriage? You didn’t say anything about that, so it appears that you don’t really care what men do, as long as women adhere to a strict set of behaviors based on your comfort level with human sexuality.

    • Lindsay

      For every girl you’ve supposedly seen destroy her life by using the pill, I’m sure there are thousands more who have had their lives made more difficult by having their reproductive freedoms infringed upon, by carrying unwanted pregnancies to term, even in cases of incest or sexual assault.

      So… enjoy your 1950′s gender stereotypes of what women and men should do/be. Many women have fought long and hard so that their daughters and granddaughters could have reproductive freedoms that provide them an alternative to being a man’s possession. You have a right to your opinion, that’s not under debate. But you have no right to dictate the reproductive rights of other women.

    • Lin

      Wait wait wait. BIRTH CONTROL means that the sex HAS PROTECTION. But that was cute, what you did there, with the ridiculous play on words.

    • Angie

      Elizabeth even though you have a belief system that does not condone sex outside of marriage, I sincerely hope you do not agree with Ben. (BTW…Most people don’t hold that belief system and women don’t need someone to “protect” them from sex.) If you would read Ben’s original article or even the edited one for that reason, you would see that his opinion is not based on his “Christian” beliefs but on his utter hatred towards women. I would also like to dispel your ideas about what constitutes a goodd husband. I have a good husband. We both had sex with several other people before we met. He has never judged me for my past just as I have never judged him. He has been incredibly supportive and wonderful during the past year and a half since I have been diagnosed with a chronic illness. (I have MS and women are at a 50% greater risk of being divorced within six months of being diagnosed with cancer or MS.) He helps me take care of my Mother and is generally there wheneveer anyone in my family or his needs him. I guess my point is that you shouldn’t judge anybody’s morality by their sexuality.

    • b.g.

      Fuck you. I’m not a “girl,” I’m not looking for a HUUZZZBIINNNN, many women aren’t even heterosexual, and many of us don’t want babies.

  114. Lilly

    There is no question that Ben should be expelled. My university would’ve done it in a heartbeat. It breaks vital student codes. Yes, there is freedom of speech but this is a dangerous view for someone who is studying to enter the healthcare profession.

    If the university doesn’t, I highly question its integrity. I can’t stress that enough.

  115. I didn’t realise that birth control in tablet form worked differently in other countries, here in the UK we only have the type of pills you take once daily – porn stars and prudes alike.

    Ben, my dear sweet confused little lamb.. *pity* you really need to start studying up on programming, web services and how to hack a few databases because this will haunt you for many years – i just wonder how long it will take for you to realise just how badly you messed up here.
    ..but then you do live in a blame/ claim society – perhaps you can just sue your editor for ruining your life, lets face it – it couldn’t possibly be YOUR fault, it was that damn editor with the ‘ladybits’..

  116. Jillian

    Good luck with all the women who are sure to be banging down your door, Ben. Though if you don’t want them to have easy access to birth control, I guess y’all can just play scrabble instead. No gross ladygashes necessary! Hey, how many points for “douchebag”?

  117. Luchie

    Maybe it’s different here in Australia, I don’t know. Here, when I need my pill script renewing, I see my GP. He bulk bills (means I don’t have to pay) because thank the gods for public healthcare :). If I were to go to a specialist, I would have to pay through the nose (which I can’t afford!) and I would be wasting an appointment slot that might have been filled by someone actually in need of specialist attention. Again, maybe it is different there, but here the waiting list to see a specialist can be months long. I wouldn’t dare waste an appointment that could go to someone more deserving on “I need the pill”. Same with getting a pap smear; same with pretty much all health care issues. Hell, I don’t even go to a GP when I have a cold. I rug up, I drown myself in green tea with lemon juice and honey, I eat well, I rest up. I’m a high-school teacher so I get about 5 or 6 colds a year. I take time off work when I absolutely must – namely if I’m contagious. Otherwise, I go in to work – even if I’m losing my voice (have you ever tried teaching when you don’t have a voice? It’s a challenge). Why? Because I’m not a weak little bitch who thinks that a cough is the end of the world. I’ve worked with chest infections before, and laryngitis, and bronchitis. I laugh at your feeble little cold.

    You, sir, are a pig. You are a pig and you deserve to die alone.

  118. Bree

    I’m just utterly astounded by this guy’s ignorance. First, his ignorance shows a profound lack of understanding regarding the female mind (Did he really think an article like this would have any other response other than outrage? Did he expect women to come up to him and want to do him because of his wit? Seriously, what did he expect when he wrote this?) and an absurd lack of knowledge regarding the female body (the number of medical errors in his article have already been pointed out several times by other readers, but to reiterate, porn stars don’t need more birth control than anybody else, it’s a pap smear not a Pabst beer etc.).

    I hope everybody here also gets a chance to read the original article, before it was edited considerably.

    I too am glad that for now and ever more this guy’s name will be associated with this bigotry because it means that any competent employer will google this guy’s name before hand and decide not to hire him.

    • Natalie

      On his FB page, he says he is interested in cantaloupe. Which is great, because that is the only thing he is ever going to fuck again.

  119. Kara

    I’d like to thank the editor for publishing Ben’s article. There’s nothing like an opinion piece filled to the brink with ignorance, misogyny, and entitlement to warn the world about the author’s true colors. I wish you luck, dudebro, in your future endeavours. (‘Cause you’re gonna need it.)

  120. Jeremy


    You’re kind of a jack ass. I think your humor was unprecedented in this article and it made you come off as an uninformed, sexist. Perhaps if you want to convey a message you should try coming off less as a condescending prick and more like a writer with something to say.

    Also, take some vitamin C and suck it up. You sound like you could use some birth control to even out your hormones, too.

  121. RLY

    Well, since I won’t actually get a STD from using a pill, I’ll be able to catch myself a man, right??? People have sex without condoms whether or not they are taking a birth control pill. Some women could give a crap less about getting married. Some women don’t love men. Others would never marry someone who would toss them aside because of an STD. Sex is for consenting adults. Obviously my values will not prevent your abstinence. So don’t make your values interfere with my ability to prevent pregnancy or treat medical conditions.

  122. Rien

    People who say birth control makes girls have premartial sex are hilarious. If somone wants to have sex, they’d buy a condom or just do it. Birth control is usually for people who:

    A. have medical problems (irregular periods, hormone issues, horrible cramps, etc)
    B. have been having sex for awhile.

    This is just my own personal experience, but I really doubt all of those poor innocent virgins would wait until they had birth control to have sex. It takes appoinments and IDs and insurance and… really, if they feel that strongly about their virginity I doubt offering birth control would change that. Birth control has serious side effects: weight gain, depression, etc and someone who wasn’t sure of what they wanted sexually wouldn’t be taking it “just in case”

    I’ve been sexually active for four years and I’m still not on it (spermicidal condoms is the way to go!)

    But seriously, who cares about pre-martial sex? Religion is not a part of health care.

  123. Mary Smith

    Dear Jezabelians;

    I’m disgusted to be a women when I read your comments. Most women in Grenville, NC believe sex is a gift from God to be saved until marriage. Please don’t impose your west coast values on us.

    -A Proud Christian Women.

    • Wendy

      Mary Smith,

      You do understand that hormonal birth control is used to treat incredibly painful gynecological disorders, right?

      Do you know anyone who suffers from endometriosis? It’s pretty common. So is polycystic ovary syndrome. Both conditions are treated with hormonal birth control, aka “the pill”.

      I wonder why you feel like your particular brand of morality and religious belief should be adhered to by all citizens in our country. Why do you want to control everyone, Mary? Why do you not believe in doing unto others as you would have them do unto you? I would not force you to obey the archaic laws of a religion you don’t believe in. Why do you want to shame others into obeying your rules?

    • Ashley

      Excuse you, but you do not speak for me. I am a MA student here at ECU and I’ve written all of the comments here under the name Ashley. I have my own opinions and I’d thank you not to attempt to speak for “most women in Grenville[sic].”
      I do not believe that “sex is a gift from God,” nor do I believe that I need to save myself for marriage. Virginity and purity is an archaic tool used by patriarchal society to control women. There is NOTHING wrong with sex, and lets remember that this article doesn’t even touch on condoms.
      Why is it okay for men to have unquestioned sexual freedom, but when it comes to women it’s an issue of morality?

    • Ann

      Oh LAWD! This is funniest thing I’ve heard all night.Not sure of trolling or just really stupid…

    • anon

      Please don’t impose your holier-than-thou christian morals on us. If you think sex is a gift from God to be saved until marriage, that is fine, but it is a personal choice.

      -a proud non-religious person who believes people should construct their own personal values and act accordingly, but not impose those values on others.

    • Lindsay

      As a “Jezabelian,” I have only one piece of advice to dispense to you: Woman is singular, women is plural (re-read your post). Improper use of the english language demonstrates your mental inferiority… But then, so does your view that pre-marital sex is a “west coast value.”

    • Lesley

      It’s Jezebel, from the bible 1st and 2nd kings to be precise; and it’s not only west coast values. I was a Georgia giril and now live in Alabama; I’ve been an “impure” athiest since I was a teen over a decade ago so please, don’t impose your values on us either.

    • Andrew

      Isn’t Pride a mortal sin? I guess I’ll see you in hell, then.

      Also, seriously, you own a bible, you can spell “Jezebel” correctly.

  124. Just another reader

    I read the unedited version. I think he must have been bitter over a break up. What a way to take out his anger on women…

  125. Steven Chen

    Most girls who read Jezabel are lesbians. Why would they even care about birth control?

  126. Czenzi

    I’m not affiliated with this university at all, but I stumbled upon this article as a link. I find Cochran’s original piece deeply offensive, but I’m not so naive as to think that there aren’t some deeply maladapted people in this world, and that some of them are capable of putting pen to paper.

    What’s troubling to me is that the editor made the mistake of first publishing the opinion article and then further defended her bad choice as freedom of speech. Do not misunderstand, I support the first amendment. Cochran has every right to broadcast his own opinion through his own means as long as he does it legally. But the paper is not his own means, it is the product of and information source for a community of people, many of whom pay fees for its continuance.

    More than that, it is a public face of the community. The editor should realize this, no? Editors determine not only the characters and content of their publications, but they also help determine the perception and reputation of their associated cities or institutions for a wider readership. If papers were merely forums for people to exercise their rights to broadcast anything that pops into their heads, then we might as well scrap editing jobs (and newspapers) entirely and hire proofreaders to standardize the formatting and grammar of Craigslist ads and Facebook status updates.

    The original, unedited article’s release (that the editor so laments) merely serves to demonstrate that it is imperative that a publication have an editor with at least some semblance of a clue as to what is appropriate for a particular publication and what is, no matter how reworked, unsalvageable. Given the response, the university community seems well aware of when this this thin editorial line has been crossed.

    That the editor fails to realize the importance of her job and/or fails to own up to her failure to fulfill that role tells me there are two people here who need to reevaluate their professionalism.

  127. Molly

    “Virgin” shouldn’t be a dirty word

    • Mary C

      ‘Sexually active woman” shouldn’t be, either.

      • Molly

        A “‘Sexually active married woman” isn’t dirty.

        A “Sexually active unmarried woman” deserves to be scorned.

        BTW, I feel the same way about men.

        • Ashley

          Purity is a myth.
          Virginity is a myth.
          Your intelligence is a myth.

          • Molly

            Your sense of morality is a myth!

          • JR

            @Molly: This coming from a woman whose entire philosophy hinges on accepting a scapegoat sacrifice to avoid being justly punished for her own wrongdoings? Where do you of all people get off talking about what’s moral?

        • Wendy

          Molly, why do you feel it’s okay for you to pass judgment on others?

          • Molly

            Wendy, why do feel it is okay sleep around before marriage? God gave you the ability to have children for a reason. I’m praying you will find the good Lord before you ruin your life by sleeping around.

          • Emma

            Well, I can’t answer for Wendy, but I’m cool with it because I’ve been made to understand y’all non-aces out there have these things called ‘hormones’ that make you want to bang the hell out someone(s). Babies are kinda secondary to that, most of the time.

            And I don’t see a single reason why they shouldn’t, because frankly, Molly darling? Marriage now ain’t anything like what the bible said it was then. Don’t see why sexual ethics shouldn’t change too. Love thy neighbor, isn’t it? Can’t think of a much more explicit blessing to have sex.

            p.s. Praying to God that someone finds Hir before they ‘ruin their life’? Bit iffy, Molly. Reeks of judgement, and not inconsiderable amount of self-congratulation. Matthew 7.1-7.5 ring a bell?

            p.p.s. Might want to take a look at the parable of the sheep and the goats, while you’re at it.

        • Amanda

          “Bigoted Christian Fundamentalist” deserves to be scorned. Keep your archaic laws out of my sex life, please.

          Do you not realize that birth control is for more than preventing pregnancy? Put that tuition to good use and learn something, Miss Molly.

        • b.g.

          Hey, Molly? You can suck my 14″ strap-on.

    • Wendy

      Who said anything about virginity at all?

    • Toni

      “Virgin with brutal and irregular periods” shouldn’t be a dirty word either. While I view my lack sexual activity as neither here nor there, I would prefer not to be in significant pain once a month with debilitating cramps or go through the embarrassment of an unexpectedly early period. Whether or not you believe a woman has the right to choose to be sexually active, you should take the time to educate yourself about the other reasons a woman might need to be on the pill.

  128. EPK

    No one here is suggesting that “virgin” is a dirty word. But “choice” shouldn’t be a dirty word either, nor should the concept of having control over one’s own body. What are dirty words? A lot of the ones this author used in his unedited version. Every woman has the right to affordable health care and control over her own body, even “regulating periods and avoiding babies.” And no one should be made to feel ashamed or guilty for protecting herself physically and emotionally, or for deciding to not be controlled by her body or restrictions imposed by others.

    For some clear answers on women’s position in society, I highly recommend the works of Gloria Steinem:

    Maybe the student body can organize and request Gloria Steinem to come speak on campus? Might be enlightening…

  129. Frat Boy


    • eumopolus

      Oh, Frat Boy! Stun me, shock me with your rhetorical display! Soon you may be a Frat Man!

    • Wendy

      Hi, Steven Chen!!! You still can’t spell, can you, honey? It’s Jezebel. J. E. Z. E. B. E. L. Jezebel.

      Before I can take you seriously, you’re going to need to hit your caps lock key again. It’s the one over to the left, when you hit it a little light should turn off on your keyboard! Yaaaaaay!!!! Good job! Now try again. And use your big-boy words. You can do it!

    • Kara

      I believe your caps lock key is stuck, sir. You might want to look into that.

      And as far as women being obsessed with our “right” to birth control, you should read some of the comments here and educate yourself about the various reasons why women (which is plural for “woman”, by the way) take the pill. Furthermore, women enjoy sex just as much as men, and we have every right to have sex without the fear of pregnancy. In fact, some would argue that it’s responsible to practice safe sex.

    • anonymous

      Well, I just hope that, as you grow from a boy to a man, if you become interested in intercourse without the repercussions of potential pregnancy, you appreciate that your only options are to engage in such activity entirely without a partner or to be exclusively sexually active within your own sex, be it monogamously or with multiple partners. Both masturbation and homosexual sex are valid choices. But if you opt for heterosexual sex with a partner, somebody has to be smart about the baby prevention. And obviously, it isn’t going to be the guy who can’t turn off his caps lock button.

    • EPW

      You can change your posting name all you want, but your telltale misspelling of “Jezebel” and your bizarre obsession with that site make it pretty obvious that you’re just one guy commenting over and over. You’re not fooling anybody.

      I’m kind of embarrassed for you right now.

      • Cipher

        I hate to break it to you, but there really might be more than one of them :( These hateful, obsessive kooks are pretty common. They hang around the fringes and desperately attack anything that looks vaguely “feminist.”

        But honestly, my gut feeling is with you – probably just one guy furiously hoggling all over the place.

        • JR

          Yeah, I concur. He’s probably hoggling furiously to all the attention and won’t stop until he realizes how horribly he’s screwed his future jobs prospects.

  130. LP

    I think the larger issue is the lack of ethics and judgment on the editor’s part. I get the impression that everyone thought this was funny. That making people angry would be funny. And hiding behind “free expression” ain’t gonna cut it. You’ve published the rough equivalent of what Holmes described as screaming “Fire!” in a crowded theater just to see what would happen. And that, my friends, is not covered by the first amendment.

  131. Kristen

    Thanks, Ben, for publishing this spectacular piece of writing. I was almost convinced that this kind of insecurity and misguided hatred was all but extinct… maybe just relegated to museums and the sort… but truly it is alive and well! As you posture to your friends and family about how psyched you are about all of the publicity that this stunt is bringing to you, do remember that the rush you’re feeling isn’t from the *attention*, no, it is from all of the doors that perhaps were once open to you simultaneously slamming shut. My condolences.

  132. Lesley

    The saddest part about all of this is, once Ben has his nursing degree -given his newest background check item- the only place that will hire him will probably be a desperate county/state run facility. What is one of the primary functions of these facilities? Women’s and children’s health. Those poor future patients.

  133. Taylor Stevenson

    Excuse me, Benny Boo, loads of girls such as myself go to the health department for birth control. It’s expensive for those of us without really good insurance. AND if dusches like you wanna stick it in somewhere and forget about it, wouldn’t you want us to have it??

  134. Jill

    That Ben is a senior nursing student and doesn’t understand a woman’s reproductive system is mind boggling. Doesn’t ECU teach anatomy as part of their nursing program? That Ben also doesn’t know that a virus can’t be treated with antibiotics is another concern over ECU’s nursing program. The President of ECU and the Dean of Nursing should be very concerned about their program, and that Ben is a student in it. The only saving grace of this is that when any future HR manager googles Ben, this will pop up, assuring that he will not be hired in the nursing profession. By the way Ben, a half hour in a dr’s office is honestly a very short time to wait.

  135. Andrea

    Ben, do you know how expensive it is to go see a GYN just for a consultation if you want birth control? Here’s a hint – it’s a lot. Also, you’re on a college campus – does everybody have transportation to just pick up and go see a specialist everytime they need one? If your capus is anything like mine, probably not. The reason you go to the Student Health Center instead of the hospital every time you have some sort of sinus infection is the same reason these girls get their birth control there – it’s cheaper, it’s more convenient. They are paying tuition to make that Health Center available to students, just like you are – they have every right to utilize it as you do. Your rant sounds like the whining of a privileged asshole who couldn’t believe he had to WAIT at the DOCTOR’S OFFICE WHAT AN INDECENCY.
    Would you females please stop worrying so much about the terrifyingly life-altering consequences of having unprotected sex and get the f— out of the campus clinic when I have the sniffles? God, you’re so inconsiderate.

  136. j.cruel

    Dear, Ben, I hope your future employers “google” you and because of your published idiocy deny you the privilege of working in your chosen field.

  137. Alexandra Erin

    If the editors insist that leaving this article up is a principled exercise of free speech not reflecting their particular judgment on this particular piece, they have effectively declared this paper to be a bulletin board that is free for the use of the public. I suggest everybody gives them a reasonable amount of time to think about their position and then start submitting their own articles for prompt insertion.

    There’s a simple test here. If they reject anything that measures up to the, ah, lofty expectation of quality that this piece sets while keeping said piece up, that establishes that the decision to publish and then defend this piece is -not- a stance based on freedom of speech but a specific decision that this particular opinion merits inclusion in their particular publication.

  138. Alexandra Erin

    Also, the following words do not mean what either Ben Cochran or his editors think they mean:

    “Efficiency.” It’s not more efficient to go somewhere farther away that costs more. Perhaps you meant to say that it’s a matter of efficacy? Or effectiveness? Young writers, take note: not all words that start with the same three letters mean the same thing! Had you gone with one of those other selections, you’d still be wrong, but you would be using the right word to express it.

    “Conscientious.” It doesn’t mean “very conscious of” but rather “with due diligence and care”… to use it in a sentence, “The editors of the East Carolinian are not very conscientious in their attempts to uphold any standards.”

    “Overtly” – this looks like a case of thesaurusitis to me. Unlike the preceding two examples, this one is more a matter of connotation than denotation. “Overtly” is almost a word that works here. It’s probably listed as a synonym for more than one word that would have worked in its place, such as “obviously,” “clearly,” and even–if you wanted to sound unnecessarily verbose in an erudite fashion–”manifestly.”

    In fact, a lot of this article’s failings in matters of diction probably stem from just such a desire, and the ill-advised use of a thesaurus.

    “Fornicating.” Fornication specifically refers to sexual intercourse between two persons who are not married to one another. Colloquially, it can more simply and broadly refer to sex.

    Viruses, it must be noted, reproduce asexually. More specifically, they reproduce by hijacking a host cell and forcing it to replicate the virus’s DNA sequence. Thus, whatever an airborne virus might be doing when you exhale (with the same diligence and care you use to inhale, one hopes!), it could not by any stretch of the imagination be considered to be fornication

    There are other parts of the piece where it would perhaps be charitable to assume that Mr. Cochran doesn’t understand the precise meaning of what he wrote (“shifty females,” for instance, and… well… the vast majority of the rest of the piece), but the above represents the most egregious and obvious examples of misused words.

    The editors of the East Carolinian should be grateful that somebody leaked the original version of the column, or we should all be wondering what, if anything, they actually do to justify their titles, as the existence of this piece suggests they exercise little discretion or judgment about what goes into the paper.

  139. It is very disappointing to see that someone so ignorant of birth control is also a nursing major.

    Also, after having read the original reason, I do not expect him to be getting along with the rest of the student body any time soon.

    May you find a shred of compassion for other human beings in this life or the next.

  140. B

    It’s officially viral! I’m writing this from California!

    “And since we all came from a woman
    Got our name from a woman and our game from a woman
    I wonder why we take from our women
    Why we rape our women, do we hate our women?
    I think it’s time to kill for our women
    Time to heal our women, be real to our women
    And if we don’t we’ll have a race of babies
    That will hate the ladies, that make the babies
    And since a man can’t make one
    He has no right to tell a woman when and where to create one
    So will the real men get up
    I know you’re fed up ladies, but keep your head up”

  141. Migiam

    I used to live the licentious lifestyle Jezabel promoted, but then I found God and was saved. Whenever I see a girl getting birth control I pray that she will be saved or that her health issues will be resolved.

    • J


      I assume you read the bible enough you can spell the names of all those “bad people” in it right?

      And while I appreciate you praying for the health of a woman I’d put more stock in drugs that have been proven by science to actually help them.

      I don’t think prayer is going to keep my body from imitating the Red Sea every month.

      Pills on the other hand just might.

      • Andrew

        Seriously, none of these Christians can spell “Jezebel” correctly. Sometimes I feel like atheists are the only people who’ve read that god-awful book.

        • JR

          As often as not, it’s part of the reasons we became atheists in the first place.

          Seriously, you ever read that thing?

  142. Terri

    I have taken the liberty of forwarding this article to every ECU donor I know, particularly those who support the Nursing department. Just want to let them know what their dollars are paying for!

  143. Elaine

    Just like abortion, birth control can cause breast cancer. Abstinence is a much better option. In fact, for a proud bible-believing women like myself, abstinence is the only option.

    • Candy

      Birth control isn’t just used for birth control. I have several friends who take it for a variety of health issues that have nothing to do with trying not to conceive. In fact, I have a friend who has to decide with letting symptoms come back vs. not having her own kids. Just a little food for thought.

    • jesst

      I just ha to respond to this. How dare you! Abortion does NOT cause cancer ( and there is documented medical science for that) and birth control doesn’t either. I unfortunently know a woman( aged 23) that wasn’t on birth control and was barely sexually active die from breast cancer. I hope you never have cancer but I almost wish the pain of it on you. I also hope no one you love ends upbwith cancer. I am on birth control and sexually active. I am taking the reaponsiblites of my life in my own hands. I also do it to help with painful periods and in fact to help with keeping cervical and breast cancer at bay. Which also provides me with yearly checkups to be aware of anything. Now I’m not reliious because I have issue with a god that would have my friends an family dying from a variety of cancers. But medical science has saved many more. I also hope no one you has to have an abortion because of health concerns. Which does happen.

      Well I’m gla that for beliefs may have you abstinent until marriage but don’t push your very wrong pseudoscience onto others. Nor judge them for it. Because in your beliefs, you will be judge later an those judgements you made will be held against you. And wasn’t it Jesus that hung out with a prostitue?

    • Ashley

      Abortion and birth control do NOT cause cancer. That is a myth.

      • Elaine

        According to the CDC, “oral contraceptives have been shown to increase the risk of cervical cancer.” Furthermore, “the risk of liver cancer is increased in women who take oral contraceptives and are otherwise considered low risk for the disease”

        • mxh

          but they decrease the risk of endometrial and ovarian cancer… let’s not cherry pick data.

          • JR

            Also, correlation does not equal causation; it’s quite likely that incidence of HPV infection is higher among users of oral contraceptives — the pill protects against pregnancy, not STDs! — and one of the many well-documented effects of HPV is an elevated risk of cervical cancer.

            On the whole, risks associated with hormonal birth control are small; those risks that are life threatening are incredibly rare and on the whole, _significantly_ lower than the risk of dying due to complications of pregnancy and childbirth.

          • Elaine

            Abstinence not only prevents pregnancy, it also prevents STDs. Regardless, the risks from abstinence of still less then those of oral contraceptives. I won’t even begin to talk about the added risk from vengeful God for those who disgrace his gifts of sexuality.

          • JR

            1) There are plenty of other methods to guard against STDs, like proper condom use and monogamy.

            2) If you don’t go into the risks of the rage of a vengeful god (who is so utterly obsessed with men’s penises he has us chop off bits of them and really, really, really cares where we stick them!), I won’t go into the risks of wasting your life saving up for a heaven you will never see instead of actually living.

            3) I notice, Elaine, that you do no acknowledge your intellectual dishonesty in cherry-picking data to paint a false picture with, even after you’ve been called out on it. You are apparently what we call in the parlance “a liar for Christ”, willing to play fast and loose with the truth in order to advance your religion. The very religion, ironically, that has “Thou shalt not bear false witness” as a revered tenet. Me, I’m just a well-meaning unbeliever — if Dante has the right of it, my eternity is wandering in restless contemplation. You however, for your breaking of one of the ten commandments, well, sorry, Dante says it’s the fiery pit of the Malbolgia for you, for your unrepentant betrayal of your faith…..

          • JR

            Furthermore, Elaine — you assume that the only use for the Pill is for premarital sex. Are you Catholic? In the non-Catholic world, married people use contraceptives too, you know, in order to control when they have children so they can be better prepared for them.

            Back on the subject of HPV, I’d also like to point out that sex is _not_ the only way that particular virus is spread (though it is the most common), and that there are vaccines out that prevent HPV infection. Since HPV can be spread without intercourse, is potentially dangerous in the long term, and often shows no symptoms for years, I’d highly recommend every young lady be inocculated against it at an early age, regardless of religious belief or sexual practice.

          • Cipher

            Elaine, does abstinence prevent disabling cramps, excessive bleeding, endometriosis, and ovarian cysts too? Wow! Abstinence must be MAGIC!

    • stivee

      The cysts in my ovaries beg to differ….

    • JR

      Um…no. You’ve been lied to.

      Higher rates of breast cancer linked to abortion? I’ll give you a hint: they are no higher than the risks associated with getting pregnant in the first place. Part of the changes a woman’s body makes to adapt to pregnancy and child care is the rapid division of mammary cells, preparing the breasts for lactation. This begins early on in the pregnancy, and this is what ups the woman’s odds of breast cancer later in life.

      Birth control? By preventing pregnancy in the first place it likely cuts the overall risk of breast cancer.

      In all cases, the odds do not go up all that significantly either way, and other factors (like obesity) pose a more substantial risk.

      Of course, I could well be wrong on all this. Maybe you should go to a reputable source (not your local cleric!) and do a little research on your own? Perhaps start with Google Scholar — it offers a quite massive collection of peer-reviewed scientific publications for your perusal for no more expense than the time it takes you to read them.

      Of course, you can always choose to continue to wallow in your self-imposed ignorance. Your call.

    • Cipher

      Even proud Bible-believing women ought to get their facts straight. The proposed abortion-breast cancer link has been debunked. Please stop spreading this lie.

  144. Alexis M


    I’m SO sorry that you are under the impression that your cold (sinus infection, whatever it was) which might, MAYBE have lasted a WHOLE week (OMG THE HORROR!) is more important than a clearly responsible woman protecting herself from an unwanted pregnancy. In case you weren’t aware, an unwanted pregnancy can be a LIFE ALTERING event, whether the woman chooses to keep the child or not.

    If you so strongly believe that “Women, or rather all students, should seek help from specified professionals.” Then you should have gone to see an infectious disease specialist. Better yet, find yourself a good neuropsychologist to help you fix your brain.

    • Marie Quinn

      The women could have abstained from sex for a WHOLE week (OMG THE HORROR!). If so, students who were really sick could get treatment before those who needed lifestyle drugs.

      • Ashley

        I don’t think you understand how birth control works…

      • J

        Ah yes Marie those “lifestyle” drugs which you know allow me to go about in the lifestyle I am accustomed to: not be bedridden and bleeding for 9 days and crawling across campus on my way to class. Shock of shocks I do not party and am more likely to be found in the library studying. But you know it’s hard to leave my dorm and go to class and the library for class material when you are throwing up from cramps.

        Take your pathetic attempts at slut-shaming and shove it.

      • Lin

        Is slut-shaming a varsity sport at ECU?

        • Marie Quinn

          There’s nothing wrong with promoting a virtuous lifestyle. I wouldn’t want to be friends with women who don’t dress modestly and don’t believe in Christan value. The men I’ve date all felt that premarital sex was a sin.

          • JR

            There’s nothing wrong with arguing for what you believe to be moral, so long as you recognize you live in a pluralistic society where not everyone shares your opinion and where you do not have the right to _force_ other people to adhere to your own moral code.

            Just like there’s nothing wrong with me reading what you wrote and calling you an ignoramus, hypocrite, and bigot based on it. Ignoramus because you clearly don’t understand that there are a lot of other reasons to take hormonal birth control unrelated to premarital sex. Hypocrite because you judge others’ harshly when you adhere to a religion that claims “Judge not lest ye be judged” among its prominent teachings. Bigot because you cannot deign to associate with people who do not share your beliefs.

          • JR

            One further point for “hypocrite”, by the way: the Jesus you admire so associated with sinners and harlots. Mary Magdeline, described in canon scripture as (in modern parlance suitable for polite company) a lady of negotiable affection, also became, according to the apocryphal Gospel of Mary, Jesus’ “favorite”, with Paul denouncing her out of jealousy. What remains of one partially obliterated passage can even be interpreted to imply that Jesus and Mary married.

            Of course, you won’t recognize anything that didn’t make the cut at the Council of Trent as having any bearing on your faith; suffice to say, though, that what today is practiced as “Christianity” would be more accurately called “Paulism”, as it is the writings and interpretations attributed to Paul that dominate the practice of “Christian” faith.

          • Rain

            Jesus H. Christ, you fundies are ignorant.

          • Cipher

            Actually, there is something wrong with promoting bigoted, hateful views like yours. And there’s something wrong with a person who calls misogyny “virtuous.” And there’s something wrong with women like you being so ignorant about birth control that you seriously don’t know it has uses other than aiding in non-reproductive sex. (And by the way, people use it inside marriage too! SHOCK HORROR!) What do you want the people with debilitating cramps, endometriosis, excessive bleeding to do? Just suffer through it? (Don’t bother answering me without answering that question. That’s the only part of your belief system I have any interest in whatsoever.)

          • Marie Quinn

            It is a sin for a married women to use any form of contraception, especially without her husband’s consent.

          • Cipher

            So, the answer to my question is where? I told you not to bother replying without answering it. Looks like your reading comprehension is as pathetic as little Ben’s medical knowledge.

          • Marie Quinn

            If a women needs to use oral contraception for medical reasons, she is morally obligated to abstain from all sex.

          • Cipher

            So a married woman who needs contraception for health reasons is morally obligated not to have sex with her husband, even if they both really want to. Fascinating.

          • Cipher

            Oh, and just to add to that, I’d like to point out that you may be the most hilariously idiotic person I’ve met over here. Kudos!

          • Emma

            Not a problem. We don’t want to be friends with you. We’ll start the party without you.

          • b.g.

            Good, because I wouldn’t want to be friends with brain-dead xrist-tards who slut-shame, blame women for “tempting” men (who apparently have no responsibility for what they do with their cocks, other than not have buttsecks), lie for Jeeezzzusssss, and can’t spell.

          • JR

            Ah….with this last assertion, you mark yourself, Marie, as very likely a member of that particularly virulent strain of anti-abortionists that actually believe birth control is wrong because there is an minutely tiny chance that it might act as an abortificant, stopping a fertilized egg from implantation.

            Tell me, Marie, how you feel about the cold-blooded murder of George Tiller at the hands of one of your fellow anti-abortion fanatics? Do you sympathize with those in your camp who bomb clinics? Are you, Marie, a part of one of the US’ domestic terrorism problems? Or are you just shy of their insanity and willing to condemn their actions? I’m genuinely curious now.

      • wow

        Your comment makes me wonder if you’re capable of walking and chewing gum at the same time. You are a poor, ignorant fool.

        • Amtram

          I’m trying to wrap my brain around the idea of a woman taking hormone pills being morally obligated to abstain from all sex. It’s. . .it’s. . .just. . .why? Like, then, all married women who weren’t too keen on sex would have to do is go on the pill and then they’d never be obligated to perform their “wifely duties” anymore? “Not tonight, honey, I’m on the pill.”

          Or maybe women who are taking medication to treat something rather than as birth control are avoiding their god-given responsibility to suffer painfully, and must make up for it by lifelong abstinence? (One might assume that upon the completion of menopause, all bets are off, and it’s OK now to make up for lost time. . .) (One might also assume that women with polycystic ovaries or suchlike would also have the decency to never date or fall in love or get married, because she’d be morally obligated to never have sex?)

          But I suppose it might be easier to understand if there were only some verse in some divinely-inspired book that clearly laid out that anyone with a specific disease/disorder/condition had a moral obligation to choose between suffering its effects or enjoying conjugal relations. ‘Cause, you know, it might say something about you can take Aspirin and have sex, but you can’t take NSAIDs and have sex, or you have to stop after you’ve had a hysterectomy after the pills weren’t enough. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like that laid out so precisely, though.

          I know most husbands would take issue with this particular moral stance. Most wives, too. But hey, whatever floats your boat.

      • b.g.

        Shut up, you blithering fundie moron.

  145. Anna

    Even if this guy does release an apology, you know it’s bullshit because his public Facebook posts show he thinks the hatemail about it is hilarious.

    • wow

      That’s the beauty of the internet. Dude effed himself royally by not changing his profile settings fast enough. Too late Ben! We already know your apology is full of crap!

  146. Chessa

    I write again, once again in response to the editor. I respect free speech. I do not respect comparing pest control to doctors or many of the other comments found here, comments that anyone with any sense would know were just written to be offensive. As an American who is constantly flooded with fake apologies from politicians and members of the media who claim they didn’t mean to offend you but too bad, your response is disappointing. Don’t give a fake apology to make yourself feel better. It does nothing for your readers. Do something that will change behavior so that the world can become a more positive, less ignorant place.

  147. Madi

    East Carolinian,

    I understand the freedom of expression, but I wonder if you would publish an article complaining about equal rights for African Americans or an article bashing Christianity. Why is it acceptable to publish these sexist views? It really makes a statement about your paper and your school.

    • Ashley

      This is exactly how I feel about it.

    • Julie

      thank you my thoughts exactly

    • J

      I will assume that the editors are women. So nice to see them condoning this idiot’s words. Did no one think to step up and tell him to shove it? Oh wait… I’m sorry. This article is supposed to be *funny*.

      • Heather

        the editor herself said that the things Ben had said were jokes and not meant to be taken seriously. That he was just trying to “stir the pot” and bring an important issue to our attention. That she herself is a feminist!!

        I laugh at this. This is the true joke.

  148. Candy

    Did it occur to Ben to maybe get a PCP so he could be seen by appointment instead of walking in, and then he wouldn’t have to wait? Also, they’d probably have a sick room so he wouldn’t sit in the regular waiting room spreading germs everywhere. I bet there’s a bunch of other walk in clinics as well that he could have been seen at. I want to know how he knew they had “36 months worth of birth control” in their hands? Did they have 36 boxes labeled with birth control in big letters?

  149. Marie Quinn

    Suppose a sick girl had to wait because a guy needed a Viagra refill? Viagra isn’t only used for ED, some guys also need it to treat a rare lung condition.

    For most women, birth control is a lifestyle drug. If they don’t get a refill, there are other things they can do to avoid pregnancy. If there is a short term crisis like pandemic flu strained healthcare resources, it would make sense to restrict treatment to those with acute medical problems.

    • Jim

      For cancer patients, chemotherapy is a lifestyle drug. Tumors are the will of God.

      Same logic.

    • Andrea

      I’m sorry, I would GLADLY wait while a guy with an appointment gets a viagra refill. What goes on between him and his doctor is between him and his doctor, and questioning what health concerns are “legitimate” enough to deserve treatment is an EXTREMELY slippery slope. I have never once, in all my health services waits, questioned whether or not other people had a right to see the doctors they are paying for. Partially because I’ve never thought it was a freaking question.

      • Cipher

        Like Marie and Ben, I have absolutely no standing to even know – let alone complain – about other people’s medical treatment. That is confidential information that they have a right to keep private – an aspiring nurse ought to know that – and in absolutely no universe should the medication a person takes lead to some hateful jerk calling them names and shaming them.

    • JR

      Viagra was developed as a blood pressure medication; when a certain side-effect “popped up” again and again in preliminary studies, Pfizer realized they’d stumbled onto something big….

      Anyway, yes, Viagra does have uses outside of treating ED and there are other reasons to be taking it what it is most commonly prescribed for. However….there are many, many, many more reasons to take some variant of the Pill, to the point where they vie for “birth control” as primary uses for the medication. Controlling heavy or unpredictable periods is one of the single biggest reasons drugs in this class are prescribed.

      That said….again, it is _nobody’s_ business but those young ladies’ and their doctors why they might be getting those pills, and whether or not dear Ben here was delayed in getting treatment for his cold because those young women happened to walk in to the clinic before he did _is entirely irrelevant_. Their need for treatment, whether for endometriosis, heavy period, or pregnancy prevention was just as legitimate as your apparent hero’s need to get an expectorant and a note to get him out of class.

      Please d get your nose out of other peoples’ business, you self-righteous pearl-clutcher. Your pathological need to feel scandalized at other people and thus bolster your own feeling of moral superiority is flat out sickening to watch.

    • Andrea

      It is absolutely none of my business what anyone else visits their healthcare provider for. So I really don’t care if the man before me was to be filling viagra then kudos for him. If there was a crisis then healthcare providers are trained to handle that. That is absolutely different then someone who has a cold. If you go to a physician’s office you have no idea what they were there for and no idea why you were waiting. It is not anyone else’s business what you visited a healthcare provider for.

  150. Marie Quinn

    One more point:

    At my school, general practitioners can write a prescription for birth control. It is quite possible that he was waiting because the girls had an appointment with the same doctor.

    • JR

      Even if this were exactly the case and he had to wait that half hour solely because these young women were seeking medical care….this would excuse his rant about it how, precisely?

      And when have you ever gone to a walk-in clinic where half an hour was considered a long wait? Out in the real world, it takes them that long just to verify your insurance information and billing status…..

  151. Mason

    While I understand everyone being upset with Ben, he is not the problem here. Ignorant and insensitive people will only say ignorant, insensitive things. This much is clear. The problem here is with the paper, which has refused to apologize for this horrible error in judgement. The fact that someone took that unedited filth and WILLFULLY CHOSE TO EDIT IT FOR PUBLICATION, is the real problem here. This shows a serious lack of judgement on the part of the editor.

    While we all clearly disagree with the opinion itself, the paper is perfectly justified in publishing a controversial opinion. What they are not justified in is publishing said opinion when its expression borders on a hate crime. I completely hold The East Carolinian responsible for this. I’m sure there are plenty of people on campus who have the same basic belief about birth control held by Ben Cochran and one of those people could have written a less inflammatory opinion on the matter.

    I will not accept the statement by The East Carolinian that they were justified in editing and publishing this and none of you should either. You should expect better judgement from your peers. No. You should demand it.

    • stivee

      Publishing this was the best thing they could have done. Now everyone (including future employers and potential mates) will see how little Ben Cochran knows about healthcare and how ignorant and malicious he is in his views toward women. That kid’s never going to get f—ed or hired.

      btw, I’m in Chicago. This shit’s viral.

      • terry

        Chicago? I’m in New Zealand, and Ben’s douche-biscuittery reached this far!

        • T

          I’m in England – this man’s stupidity has made it around the globe. Astonished at the fundamentalist comments regarding sex and contraception in the reply thread too. Just *wow* all round.

    • Vanessa


  152. Matt R

    ECU is a state schools. I don’t want my tax dollars wasted spent on anything but academic essentials. Student health services isn’t an academic essential, especially when it is promoting sexual hedonism.

    • Kristi

      Really? Maybe you should put those tax dollars to work and learn a thing or two about birth control.

      Women who do not need birth control often choose to take the pill for the other benefits it offers. Combination and progestin-only pills

      reduce menstrual cramps
      make periods lighter
      offer some protection against pelvic inflammatory disease, which often leads to infertility when left untreated

      The combination pill offers many other benefits, including some protection against

      bone thinning
      breast growths that are not cancer
      ectopic pregnancy
      endometrial and ovarian cancers
      serious infection in the ovaries, tubes, and uterus
      iron deficiency anemia
      cysts in the breasts and ovaries
      premenstrual symptoms, including headaches and depression
      bad cramps
      heavy and/or irregular periods

      Combination pills can be used to control when and how often you have your period. Some pills are specially packaged for women to have only a few periods a year. Other pills can also be used continuously to prevent having periods. With these pills, women take an active pill every day to keep from getting their periods.


      The one promoting “sexual hedonism” here is you, by expressing that you would limit a woman’s choice to PROTECT herself should she choose to use birth control as a method to prevent pregnancy. We should APPLAUD women who decide to be proactive about their sexual health and protect their bodies, not shame them.

    • k

      Are you a mind reader? You know that those women are sluts? I don’t want my tax dollars wasted on wars in many countries. If you don’t want your precious tax dollars going to things like student health, better move to Iraq, or maybe the Sudan – someplace where human life really has no value. And people don’t understand logic.

    • wow

      I typed out a lengthy reply to all the ways you are wrong in every way possible with your statement, but I’ll just leave it simple for you to understand: you sir, are an idiot.

    • EllenL

      I am the mother of a rising senior in high school. I PUT my daughter on the pill several years ago because her periods were so long, so heavy and so painful that they impaired her ability to get an education. Contraceptives is a medical decision that is made between a woman and her physician. In my daughter’s case, it was made between her, me and her physician. And I happen to know for a fact that my daughter is still a virgin. Your’s and Ben’s ignorance is frightening in this day and age.

    • Fuck off.

      You don’t get to control how your tax dollars are spent, it’s tax.

      Also, if that’s your attitude, damn good thing you have no say too.

    • b.g.

      And I don’t want my tax dollars going to imperialist wars, “faith-based” bullshit, or Marcus Bachmann’s anti-gay clinic, either. What makes your hissy fit so special that it should be catered to? Fucking privileged xtians who think THEY’RE the only “real Amurkinz” and therefore they should get their whiny-ass titty baby way all the time. Fuck you.

  153. Lenna

    As far as the whole 1st amendment thing goes, I don’t think that hate speech is protected in this format. This is HATE SPEECH AGAINST WOMEN. If it’s OK for the TEC to publish HATE SPEECH against women, then theoretically it would be OK for them to publish hate speech against minorities, homosexuals and other religious groups. I’d like to see the TEC defend publishing an opinion speech about how black people shouldn’t be allowed to use campus facilities because [insert racist logic here]. To me, being told that I don’t have a right to go to Student Health for medical care BECAUSE I’M A WOMAN is no different. Good luck cleaning up this mess, ECU.

    • Alex

      Sorry, but all hate speech is protected by the first amendment. In fact, even the hate speech against men on Jezebel is protected.

      • Cipher

        First of all, “women are people and deserve to be treated that way” != hate speech against men.
        Second, and this goes for both posters here, the First Amendment may forbid you being legally punished for saying what you believe, even when your opinions are as hateful and disgusting as the ones evidenced in this piece. It doesn’t, however, forbid social sanction and thorough criticism (which this ignorant scumbag richly deserves), nor does it guarantee anyone the right to be published in newspapers (which he does not).

      • b.g.


  154. ” We made a misjudgment; however, we stand by the publishing of the article due to our firm belief in free expression.”

    Yes. And you are perfectly free to give scum like Ben a public forum to spew his filth.

    Believing in free expression doesn’t mean you have to publish every insane rant you come across.

  155. Eric

    Does the Nursing School know about Ben Cochran’s article? He should be kicked out; he is a disgrace to the profession.

  156. Eric

    I like how the editors are hiding behind the First Amendment argument, instead of admitting that the East Carolinian has no journalistic standards and will publish any poorly written, incoherent, trashy rant that comes its way.

  157. Michelle

    “we stand by the publishing of the article due to our firm belief in free expression.”
    I am a firm believer in free expression myself. in fact, I have no argument against this boy expressing himself, even in such an offensive rant. TEC, on the other hand, has no obligation to be the platform for stupidity and hatred of this type or any other. In fact, I’d have thought that the voice of an institution of higher learning would have better judgment.

    This isn’t about silencing a student’s free speech; it’s not about artistic expression that was misconstrued. This is about broadcasting hateful, judgmental remarks against a group of women exercising their right to access affordable health care. That it originated with a nursing student and was broadcast by a university is truly disturbing.

    Frankly, I’m aghast that this sailed through whatever editorial process you have in place. There is no controversy here. This isn’t a voice in the wilderness crying out against injustice, nor is it some clever work of satire that sailed over the heads of it’s critics. It is the selfish rant of a petty and foul-mouthed fool. One who is now, for all intents and purposes, the “face” of your university to people worldwide who see this fine example of journalistic integrity at ECU. Nice work there, TEC editors. Where was your faculty adviser for this decision? I’d love to know how it was decided that this was worthy of publication. Or are you just a megaphone for every student who wants to shout an opinion, no matter how vile?

  158. Anonymous

    Ben Cochran – the fourteenth century called – they want your attitude back. My nephew won’t be telling anyone HE went to ECU. By the way, I am out in California. Your name is now associated with misogynism and stupidity throughout the country. Good going Sparky.

  159. Jim

    I think it’s a good thing that Ben destroyed his future career before he came into contact with actual patients.

  160. Heather


  161. [...] “cleaned up” version was printed in his student newspaper. Though really, it just removed some of the coarse language – the ignorance and hatred is [...]

  162. Rev BDC

    Anyone going into a profession that relies on evidence based science should be ashamed they wrote anything like this.

    While I’d love his school to boot him purely for his willful ignorance and staunch misogyny, I hope they make this a learning opportunity for poor Ben. He sure as hell needs it.

  163. mxh

    Wow! If this guy actually gets a nursing degree, I would have troubling hiring anyone who gets a degree from ECU.

  164. k

    Ben is a jerk. If his condition were actually serious, he should have gone to an emergency room. In an inner city hospital, where he’d have to wait many hours, having been triaged into the “wait for an eternity because he’s a whiner” section, where they put people who are wasting precious resources.
    You know, I’d talk about the other stuff, but really the only point to make is that Ben is a jerk. Take this opportunity to shun him.

  165. Nicole

    I am an RN, and while I did not go to this school, I have notified the dean of the Nursing Program (as apparently many other people have as well) regarding the original, unedited (and hardly-any-better edited version) of this article.

    I have also sent a copy to the North Carolina Board of Nursing, for their information and review when Mr. Cochran becomes eligible to obtain his RN license.

    Nurses are repeatedly given the honour of having The Most Respected Job over and over again…Mr. Cochran has done more to damage the credibility of future RN’s than anything I have seen in a very, very long time.

    I wonder why he decided to choose the Nursing profession to begin with? Was it the idea of quick money? Certainly it could not be for empathy and compassion for fellow humans.

    If this young man, God forbid, is granted a nursing license and actually becomes hired as an RN, his attitude towards women, the poor, those using public services will soon come to the surface and hopefully to the attention of his senior nurses and nurse managers. Hopefully they will see what a hateful, misogynistic, jerk he is and quickly replace him with an RN that understands the demands (physically, emotionally, mentally) of the nursing profession, not one that looks at being a nurse as a quick way to laugh at the expense of others.

    Nursing managers in the greater North Carolina & South Carolina hospitals: please tattoo the name BEN COCHRAN on your brain, and remember that name when his CV and application hit your desk. Ask yourself if he is the person you want representing your hospital, serving your patients, and performing the tasks of nursing.

    • Marie Quinn

      It would be unconstitutional for the state to deny him his nursing license because of his personal views.

      • Kathy

        But it’s not unconstitutional to deny his nursing license because he obviously doesn’t know squat about nursing. As evidenced by is complete ignorance of women’s health, preventive care, and myrads of other problems.

        • Marie Quinn

          His knowledge will be tested by the nursing exam. If he passes that, he’s entitled to be a nurse, even if you disagree with his political rhetoric.

          • Arch Aeopteryx

            This guy is “entitled” all right. If you think that all a person needs to be a nurse is to pass the nursing exam, you’re incorrect. And any health care facility that would hire this douchebag ought to be closed down.

          • nicole

            the nursing boars can and will withhold licenses (and suspend or revoke those already granted) for a variety of reasons, including those who behave in ways not in line with the standards of practice set forth by the board of nursing.

            Nurses are expected to behave at a higher level than non nurses. A non-felony arrest, even if no conviction occurs, is enough to get a license suspended and revoked.

            Nursing Boards have little patience with people who do not read the legal codes associated with obtaining And keeping a nursing license.

            taking and passing the NCLEX only guarantees one the ability to be considered for licensure. There is no obligation for any state to provide an applicant with a license if they do not feel that licensure would be in the best Interest of the state.

          • Marie Quinn

            Sorry, the only thing Ben has done is express an unpopular opinion. He hasn’t committed any crime. I have little doubt that if his applications for a nursing license was denied because of this article, he would be able to successfully challenge the decision in court.

            For example, in Canada, a nurse named Bill Whatcott had his license suspended for picketing an abortion clinic. The Canadian Supreme Court ruled that suspending his license for participating in a protest violated his right to free expression.

      • MichelleZB

        Yes, but this man is a nursing student who goes to see a doctor for his cold! And then whines that he has to wait half an hour at a walk-in clinic! And then expresses surprise that women are using the clinic for basic healthcare services!

        He obviously hasn’t been paying attention in class.

      • Cipher

        Really? Really. Having standards of ethics and professional conduct in licensing is unconstitutional. You learn something new every day.

        • JR

          It’s Marie Quinn you’re talking to, Cipher. She hasn’t been right about anything in this entire thread, I think.

          Marie — nurses do indeed have to meet certain ethical and professional requirements in order to be licensed. While the requirements do vary from state to state, I’m pretty sure that respecting the rights of every patient to basic health care services regardless of race, religion, _or gender_ are pretty much universal. Ben’s little screed here casts his ability to do that in doubt, and has likely been a “career limiting move”; even if he does become licensed, no employer who googles his name at this point is likely to hire him, even in the _very_ unlikely event they agree with every word he’s written. Why? Because the very fact he has written it and it is on the ‘nets for the world to see makes him a potentially severe liability risk.

          Woman seeks care, woman receives substandard care w/ Cochran on staff, woman finds essay, creates plausible link between his rabid misogyny, the fact his employers tolerate it, and the poor standard of care she received, and *bam*, massive lawsuit that’s a slam dunk for the lawyers.

          Cochran has shot himself royally in the foot and is too stupid to realize it, else he’d be out attempting damage control rather than hiding on fb laughing about the furor he’s caused.

    • Jeff L

      “Nursing managers in the greater North Carolina & South Carolina hospitals: please tattoo the name BEN COCHRAN on your brain”

      If you were really an RN, you would know it is unhealthy to apply a tattoo to the brain. I sincerely hope that your not really a nurse since you seem so uneducated on a basic health issue.

      • wow

        Are you serious? The original poster didn’t mean for them to LITERALLY TATTOO A NAME ON THEIR BRAIN. Either you are a seriously good troll, or the biggest idiot on the planet.

        And it’s ‘YOU’RE’, not ‘YOUR’.

        Regulating a woman’s menstrual cycle, treating PCOS and correcting hormonal imbalances ARE a basic health issue. I sincerely hope you educate yourself and stop spouting such ignorant nonsense.

    • Marcia

      Thanks for a thoughtful and reasonable response from someone in the field. As a fellow RN, I’m sickened by the thought of this young man entering any caring profession. Thank you, thank you for writing this!

  166. John Valentine

    I’m not offended or bothered that you ran Mr. Cochran’s piece. The poor boy obviously thought he was dying from the apparent head cold he had and needed to vent. Unfortunately, he showed that he is a misogynist of the highest caliber. To think that he is a nursing student who will be expected not only to make medical decisions but also to express appropriate sympathy and/or empathy makes me sad for all of his future patients. Oh, and Ben – I don’t think you need to worry about the effect this piece has on your love life. You won’t have one.

  167. Tim Diaz

    I hope the university nursing program will take a look at the obvious ethical violations in this ‘article’, and either drop Ben from their program or at least send him to some kind of sensitivity training.

    Graduating this obviously misogynistic young man would not reflect well on the university that did so, and this event is quite public. I’m sure people will be looking to see if he is on the list of graduates this spring.

  168. Stacy

    Listen, you uneducated twit. Lots of women take birth control for health reasons, myself included. Hormonal birth control saved my life, performing a function that would otherwise have required a complete hysterectomy. And even if those girls were taking birth control purely to prevent pregnancy, what the hell business is it of yours to impose your bass-ackwards, puritanical morals on other people? Students pay for the health center service out of their student fees, just like you, and whether it’s for an upper respiratory infection (likely viral, which any first year nursing student should know is most likely not treatable), or problems with a “hatchet wound”, as you so appealingly put it, they deserve to be seen and treated with respect. Speaking of which, I don’t know about the other women on planet earth, but I can guarantee that I would never, ever fuck someone with such an arrogant and misogynistic view of women’s health care. Do yourself a favor and switch majors. You don’t have the brains or compassion necessary to work in health care.

  169. Rev. Drew Richards

    To all enlightened individuals:

    As a fellow compassionate human being I am appalled at such a misogynistic screed that was published. I blame both the writer and the editor. Additionally this article has made the University and the College of Nursing the laughing stock of the Nation as this garbage has gone National/International..(there are now links from England nice job fools)

    Ben, please let me point out a few things.

    As a senior nursing student you should have learned at least a little A&P as well as compassion and bed side manner.
    Since you have not I can see no way that you should in good conscience matriculate from this program and my hope is that you are removed at least for the current cycle. If for nothing else conduct unbecoming an ECU student.

    Obviously you have failed to crawl out from under the rock from which you slimed from.

    You list Ayn Rand as one of your favorite authors, this greatly explains your underdeveloped or emotionally damage psyche. Ayn Rand was also a misogynistic sociopath in love with a psychopathic child rapist and murderer who in the end; ignored all of her written screed and lived off Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid.

    I had another 3 pages listing your shortcomings but, instead I refer you to a very nice definition of YOU and your glorious hero Ayn Rand.

    Your personality in a nutshell, a Sociopath:


    Reverend Drew Richards

  170. MichelleZB

    Ben, you’re a nursing student. Why did you need to see a doctor for your cold? Did they tell you to drink plenty of fluids and get some rest? And that if your symptoms were bothering you, you could try some over-the-counter decongestant? Because you should be able to tell yourself that by now–or you’re the worst nurse of all time.

    I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you were concerned that your sinuses or throat had become infected.

    Anyway, waiting half an hour at a clinic is not that bad. There’s a list, and the doctors get through the list as fast as they can. I’m surprised you didn’t know that.

    Another thing I’m surprised you didn’t know: a student clinic is the perfect place to deal with basic health care concerns like birth control. As a woman, I see my GP for my routine yearly PAP smear and any basic birth control needs. No need to bother an OB-GYN for something like that. I see an OB-GYN now, but that’s because I’m pregnant (on purpose).

  171. Dave X

    Who did the editing? Did Cochran replace the c-word with ‘lady’, or was that editing done by the mistake-prone staff-member?

    Why does Cochran want to be a nurse anyway? Access to drugs? Access to vulnerable patients?

    • Patty

      Have you ever heard of nursing with Christan values?

      • Sherrie

        Jesus was always calling women names and demanding he be cared for first while belittling the health issues of others.

        • tiel

          Mind you, god aborts ten thousand times more fetuses every year than all the medical clinics put together. And he does terrific post-birth abortion, with regular earthquakes and tsunamis.

          Ben is a douche. God is a douche.

          Yeah, the logic of that appeals to me.

      • JR

        I’d rather have a nurse with humanist values, thank you. You know, someone who is focused on the here-and-now and puts the patient’s immediate physical and emotional needs first over any fuzzy concerns they might have over their charge’s “spiritual” state.

        I want someone whose primary goal is to help heal my body as quickly as possible and, when the time comes when that becomes impossible, to ease my suffering and see that my family’s and my emotional needs are met as far as they can be. The last thing I want is some religiously motivated gore-crow like Mother Theresa denying people pain medication to “bring them closer to Christ” and refusing family members visitation rights to their dying relatives unless they first convert, nor do I want to have to fight to get some promising treatment because my hospital staff has moral reservations about it based not on rational thought but on some narrowly dogmatic interpretation of a bunch of moldy old writings penned by early Iron Age goatherds.

        Medical care comes first. Palliative care second. Your religion needs to never enter into the equation as far as your patient is concerned unless they request otherwise.

        • Rev. Drew Richards

          Thank you, for the most basic of humans truth, compassion and reality over mythology and dogma.

          This is the true Christ like behavior what the Gnostics tried to teach and was supressed by the Peterite (Catholic) Church.

      • b.g.

        I’m not an x-stain and I don’t want your x-stain values shoved down my throat, especially when I’m vulnerable and need help.

  172. Patty

    I’m an RN at a Catholic hospital. I’m proud that my employer practices medicine with Catholic values and respects life. I’m praying Nick will find a job with a Catholic hospital that hasn’t given in to our culture of sexual hedonism.

    • Kevin

      Good Luck with that! Perhaps you should pray that those pesky women don’t get “cunt” cancer and interfere with Ben getting treatment for his rinovirus. Come to think of it, if you believe in prayer, put your money where your mouth is. Next election day instead of voting, stay home and pray for your preferred candidate. What, no faith in god’s power? Good luck staying out of hell, sinner!

    • Rain

      Which is exactly why hospitals associated with religion should be avoided like the plague.

    • tiel

      So you’d be happy working alongside a nurse who calls young women sluts and refers to their vaginas as axe wounds/gaping holes?

      Stay away from me and my family, please. You are a disgrace to your profession.

    • Emily

      So you spend your time calling women inappropriate names and belittling them? In between covering up the sex crimes of priests of course.

      • b.g.

        LOL yes. Birth control = bad. Buggering altar boys, then blaming the victims and protecting the rapists = A-OK, because gawd’s men are diong it!

    • Andrea

      Patty, if Ben had written a tasteful piece advocating abstinence, I would not be upset. I would disagree with it, but I would not be upset. However, he very clearly targets women and only women, and at times is so focused on insulting and demeaning us that it actually gets in the way of the point he was supposedly trying to argue. Please tell me that you don’t actually believe that Christianity should be used to defend the foul language and obscene, insulting genitalia slang utilized here. Not supporting birth control is a personal choice that I respect. Screaming obscenities at women under the banner of supposed values makes me furious.

    • Cipher

      Um, calling women’s genitalia “hatchet wounds” is a Catholic value? Hmm. I don’t think I like Catholic values very much.

    • J

      Hi Patty I don’t know who this “Nick” you are referring to but I’m pretty sure the author of this vile is piece is called Ben. Nice reading for comprehension on your part.

      Culture of sexual hedonism? You are a disgrace to your profession.

      As someone who needs birth control as a medical ~necessity~ I am appalled that you think it is just a free pass to a “culture of sexual hedonism.” I don’t see what is so “sexual hedonistic” about taking pills so I can manage my health and keep from being bedridden for days out of pain.

    • JR

      “Catholic values” and “respects life” are, in some ways, mutually exclusive, as evidenced by your own hope that Ben would not only fit in at a Catholic hospital but would indeed be welcomed there. You are saying that young Ben apparently exemplifies those Catholic values you hold in so high esteem, yet Ben’s own words show he does anything _but_ “respect life”, at least where fully half of the human population is concerned. He denigrates women, dismisses their health concerns, implies that a man’s health is more important than a woman’s, and sneers at preventative care that can save women’s lives.

      You put more importance on adherence to an archaic, nonsensical moral code than you do on improving your patients’ quality of life. There’s something very, very wrong with that, but I suspect you are too blind to see it.

    • Ginger

      Patty- I can’t understand how you can believe that a nurse who refers to the divinely designed woman’s body with descriptions such as “hatchet slash” and c*** would be an asset to a Catholic hospital.

      Ben obviously hates even you Patty, as he hates your body and the requirements of female healthcare. It’s sad that you would defend this hateful person who has no business being anywhere near women or children…just because he called women who need menstruation and ovulation control “harlots.”

    • b.g.

      So “respecting life” = calling women misogynist names and referring to our genitals as wounds and holes? Thanks for admitting that the RCC is a woman-loathing institution; sorry that you’ve got a bad case of internalized misogyny and you’ll probably pass it on to your 10 kids. BTW, his name is Ben, not Nick. You’re as s-m-r-t about spelling as you are about ethics.

    • Kim

      I am really worried if Ben’s article epitomises Catholic values. But if you really believe that then I think it explains a lot about the waning power and influence of the Church seeing as his article denigrates and victimises 50% of the world’s population. I hope he gets a job at a Catholic hospital too as then I can be sure I would never be treated by him.

  173. Stella BSN

    Have fun in your primarily female dominated career, Ben. Watch out for all those gaping holes!

  174. Danny in Canada

    to those of you who are criticizing the editor for having published Mr Cochran’s frothing rant, I suggest that she did so in full knowledge — and perhaps even in anticipation — of the public outrage which was bound to follow.

    If she had *not* published it, the School of Nursing would not have learned the extent to which Mr Cochran is in need of remedial education.

  175. edrowland

    Thought you might be interested to know that this piece has attracted international attention. — Ottawa, Canada.

  176. Rukh

    I do hope Mr. Cochran will give serious thought to changing majors. If the incident described was too much for him to bear, I wouldn’t want to hear the outbursts his co-workers, superiors, and patients will be enduring from him after he graduates and gets hired somewhere. Nurses are exposed to considerable work-related stress; if this incident was so upsetting to Mr. Cochran while he was enduring just a little cold, I can’t imagine how upset he will become on a bad day at work, after spending hours cleaning up after multiple doctors, being expected to do the work of three nurses due to budgetary issues, and dealing with the never-ending stream of patients — many of whom will be women and girls.

    If this sort of hate-filled, misogynistic, and –frankly — embarrassing screed is what Mr. Cochran considers suitable for attaching to his name in public, I wold rather not even try to imagine the sort of things he holds private. Furthermore, choosing to submit such career-killing trash to the printers just screams of extremely poor judgment on his part — and good judgment and common sense being indispensable to members of the nursing profession, I wouldn’t want someone exhibiting Ben Cochran’s level of shortcoming to examine my **dog**.

  177. Carol

    Ben, I am not even a student at your university but I was given the link to your misogynistic rant and was compelled to respond. First of all, congratulations for garnering your school lots of PR- all of it bad. Second, if you think that we gobble down birth control pills proportionally to the number of times we have sex, you should seriously consider changing majors. To something that doesn’t involve using logic. Or your brain.

  178. wow

    I would just like to do a quick shoutout to Ben; congrats buddy! You’re famous for all the wrong reasons! You did it! High five bro!

  179. Apapsa

    And this original version is still making the rounds… in Germany! Greetings from Europe! Now that’s what I call atention! (Seriously, does he believe women need to take as many of their birth control pills as they have sexual encounters? He sounds like he doesn’t even have basic knowledge or respect towards the female/ human body. Does he think birth control pills all work like morning after/ plan B pills? And he’s majoring … in WHAT again?

  180. Paul Hands


    You are the worst example of an unreconstructed primitive wanker I have ever seen. Given that attitude to women, you will be the worst nurse ever, but I doubt you’ll pass the course, as you don’t even know that a cold is essentially untreatable, outside of palliative symptom relief, and is trivial.

    You should be dismissed from any form of nursing, and put to work where you fit in – say a sewage farm.

  181. William Fister

    You made Reddit.

    You are now embarrassing ECU and your fellow students on an international scale!

  182. Lissa

    This guy is completely uneducated.

  183. Mostafa

    Ok people

    Let’s not forget Ben’s main inspiration for these nasty words. The BIBLE. Wait his words are way tolerant than his lord’s word in the BOOK! Always seek the big elephant in the room. Always!!

  184. Crystal


    Would you rather women take birth control pills every day and prevent any chance of getting pregnant or would you rather they get an abortion, give up their child for adoption where you taxpayer dollars have to fund to take care of, or they take care of the child but they live with economic hardships during a recession further “draining” taxpayer dollars? You’re not going to stop people from having sex. Especially when hormones are raging at that age. It is better to prevent ovaries from forming than women in college having babies.

    The women are paying for their services, they deserve every right to get those services just as you do.

  185. Larry Nehring

    As a writer I have often been tasked with writing from a point of view with which I might not necessarily feel comfortable, but that is the job. I can only imagine that is the case with the Mr. Cochran, who was given the assignment to write an anecdotal piece opposing the distribution of birth control on campus. The manipulation of the “edited version” is almost purely linguistic. There is little refinement of the ideas, and certainly no attempt and fact-finding (the Pabst “joke” would never have made it through otherwise.)

    Unfortunately, if this was printed in an editorial column it clearly missed its mark. An editorial column is meant to actually express opinions, not humor or writing exercises. They have their places in the April Fool’s issue or the classroom, respectively.

    In the final instructions there is a request for both sides, but this writer only provided one. Perhaps now would be the time to do that. Otherwise this might (most assuredly will) be seen as the writer’s opinion, as stated, and possible transfer to Oral Roberts University should be considered.

    • Kim

      I don’t understand why there is even an angle on distribution of birth control on campus. But maybe that is just my ‘gaping hole’ (according to Ben) talking?

  186. James


    You are a cock.


  187. Kelsey A

    Congratulations Ben! You’re assholery is all over the interwebs. Good luck scrubbing this one off of the Google Search results, you slutty slut shamer you.

  188. Keelis

    Dear Ben,

    Welcome to the world of internet infamy.


  189. Sarah

    Just Google for the edited version. It is absolutely horrific – no wonder the school is ashamed it leaked! It is one of the most disgusting pieces of bile I’ve ever read! How you even managed to “edit” that and still call it his work when the end result looks NOTHING like his own words is beyond me.

    For the sake of my daughter, I want answers right now: How the hell am I supposed to feel she is safe on your campus when you allow the publication of an article that equates any woman seeking birth control to “easy whores” that this young man can take at his pleasure?

  190. Sarah

    Also, look at his Facebook!! He is begging for the hate-mail and HAPPY with the results of his publication.

    Apology my ass! Stop lying!

  191. Mike

    Just because you can write something doesn’t mean you should – I hope that this crap follows you for the rest of your life just to demonstrate what a moron you are. When future employers google you and see what ignorant, intolerant, and uneducated rants you have it will show that you can learn about math and sociology in college but tolerance and compassion isn’t something that you can apparently learn in school or your beloved bible.

    Quit using the bible to validate your ignorance.

  192. EMC

    It is my opinion that a copy of this student’s missive should be included with his records and any letters from the school so that potential employers are aware he may possibly be a danger to female patients of any age, and should probably be steered into another line of work; perhaps as a health reporter for WND.

  193. ECU Alumni

    It is ridiculous that this got published. This is a disgrace to ECU and to the nursing school.

  194. ECU Alumni

    Also, just a side note. His story is completely fake. You don’t exit from the back of student health with your arms filed with birth control. You have a prescription and have to get it filled at the counter, just like anybody else. Plus, how did you even know it was birth control? They put the prescriptions in bags.

  195. Steve

    Am I safe to assume his dating life at ECU is basically over now?

    • Nikki

      Given his attitude and his pics, he’s clearly gay, misogyny is actually looked upon fairly positively in some parts of the gay community. So I imagine if anything it will have helped his dating life.

      • He’s not gay, his facebook page says he’s interested in women.

        Your anti-gay attitude is noted.

        (Yes, there are misogynist gay men as well as misogynist straight men, this has nothing to do with where they choose to insert their penis however!)

  196. Barb

    Misogyny lives on.

    Okay to put it so the author of the article can understand it. PR*CK, women’s health care is just as “primary” and important as a cold. Also women have to get their birth control from a doc, men just go to the drug store and buy theirs over the counter. I do hope by now you have realized how this article made you look, stupid.

  197. Wow. Congratulations. I’m offended from 5,000 miles away. Oh, and as a novelist I should point out that you need an editor for your “Dear Readers” letter. “(T)ake full acceptance” should be “accept full responsibility,” “are apologetic” should be “apologize,” “expressed his apologies” should be “apologized,” etc. Active verbs.

    Just because Mr. Cochran has skewered his future is no reason for you to damage yours.


  198. Dave B

    I am here in Ghana and I got to find out about you, beguiling Ben. As with everyone else here, I can’t believe how you are going to be passing the potatoes come Thanksgiving after your mother, oh heck, your *grandmothers* hear about what little Benny said at school the other day. Enjoy the cranberry sauce (oh, but wait, that might remind you of icky things, nevermind).

  199. Ash

    Breaking News!

    Internationally reknowned moron Ben Cochran writes new piece titled “Why I Would Have A Decent Edumacation If Only All Those Damn Blacks Would Stop Taking Up Library Space”. Integrity vacuum ‘The East Carolinian’ rushes to publish, in the interests of free expression!

    Later news – Cochran makes formal apology for enjoying all the attention! Christians rush to the defence of Cochran claiming biblical morality and tradition! ECU wonders why it’s degrees in both nursing and journalism become international laughing stock!

  200. Tom Jones

    This guy needs to be banned from all medical education, from all medical work, and expelled from school. His opinions should be used in Nursing and Med schools as a negative example, along with his photo and real name.

  201. Shirley

    Hmmm….. I’ve only heard gay guys refer to a womans genitalia as a “wound”. Maybe he has more than just hatred for women….maybe he hates himself because his “christianity” won’t let him out of the closet.

  202. redrockraven


    You are obviously a selfish sexist pig…Good luck with the opposite sex as they all know now that you are a complete ass…

  203. Stuart Mitchell

    To Ben: The stupid, burns.

  204. Just another girl.

    Knowing that terms like “hatchet wound” exist and are used by men is why I sometimes want to commit suicide.

    • Angie

      Please tell me you aren’t serious? Don’t let men like this win. Grow up to be the wonderful, intellectual, sexually fulfilled woman that you have the right to be!

    • JR

      Don’t let the assholes of the world get you down. Most people are pretty decent — just look at how the vast majority of folks are shouting this idiot down.

  205. Brad

    As a nurse who just got home from 12 hours in the triage box, I think Ben needs to realize the nature of our profession and dial back the rhetoric to a level that doesn’t show hatred for our clients.

    As a clinical instructor, I think the school needs to evaluate whether this is the type of student they want representing them at any accredited facility. Do the other students think it will be an easier time getting the practical experience they need for their degree?

    As a male RN, I think ol’ Ben here is going to have a heck of a time when he gets into the field where the estimates range between 88-94% of the occupation has a “hatchet wound”. Especially when he finds out they really don’t appreciate injecting his religious opinions into their bedrooms.

    Finally, as a former A&P professor, I want to tell Ben directly that he needs to review his knowledge of virology and their treatment. Oh, and to also burn his thesaurus.

  206. Serafina

    Congratulations, Ben. Your hate speech has made it to Pharyngula, thus further educating an international audience, for example, the UK. Good luck finding a job. Maybe there are employers left who don’t google candidates.

    I’m absolutely appalled at the contempt of women that is evident in your article. “Hatchet wounds”, really?

  207. Jong Sook Kim

    Although I disagree with the tone of the article, I think Ben made a few good points. As a proud Catholic women, I don’t think College should be a place for sexual experimentation. Its not immoral to use birth control for medical issues, but it is a sin to be sexually active while taking oral contraception.

    I was nurse until I met my husband. Through the grace of god, I was able to give him 4 children. I’m trying to raise them with both Catholic and traditional Korean values, but its hard to protect them lifestyle of sin constantly promoted in the media.

  208. Marci

    I think it’s pretty hilarious how many of the Christianistas have only read the outrage and clearly haven’t read the original letter.

    Allow me to clarify something pretty crucial that seems to have flown right over your bowed little heads: Ben *doesn’t* agree with you. His letter said nothing about birth control being immoral, or that he was annoyed with slutty behavior. There was nothing about the Student Health Center promoting hedonistic lifestyles or violating Christian edicts or making Baby Jesus cry with all the pre-bortions.

    No. Read it again. Ben is mad because he had to *wait*.

    He was fine with them going off to an Ob-Gyn to get those prescriptions filled. He was fine with them having as much sex as they pleased. He wasn’t fine with these women being *in front of him in line*. His anger against the women came after. Read the letter. He was angry before he saw the patients in front of him. They were just a convenient target for his deep-seated hatred of women.

    Seriously my dears. For a religion of The Book, your reading comprehension is atrocious. You may feel a kinship with him because he echoes the misogyny your lives are steeped in, but take it from someone who read the letter – Ben is not on your side. As his complaint shows, he’s on no one’s side but his own.

    This wasn’t a principled moral stand. This was a sociopath being minorly inconvenienced by the existence of other people.

  209. Kes

    Okay, seriously now. What college-aged woman in America, or the world for that matter, reads “Redbook”?

  210. renee

    Dear Ben,

    Birth control will never be an issue for you since you’ve just eliminated any chance of ever getting laid by a female for the rest of your life. You are a moron of the lowest form and I am ashamed to have you join my profession. I hope you fail the NCLEX because you should not be allowed to talk to, let alone touch a patient.

    Best Wishes in Your Celibacy,

  211. wow

    You know, it would be in the best interest of the East Carolinian to practice some responsible journalism and report any updates on Ben’s situation with the school. I’m sure myself and many others would love to see what, if anything, will happen to him. Since your editors started this ridiculous debacle, (and for that I thank you, because you exposed this douchecanoe for the misogynistic horrible writer that he is) you might as well finish it.

  212. Ben,

    What is wrong with you? Do you really hate women and sex that much?

    -Steven Olsen

    P.S. You should know that they can’t really do anything about your piddly cold anyway.

  213. Angie

    It sounds like the women on the ECU campus need to consider organizing a Slutwalk. I am more appalled by the women who have taken up for the author in the name of “purity” than I am by the original article. If you really value your “purity” so much, you should be even angrier at the degrading, devaluing terms that Mr. Cochran used to describe women.

  214. Alice LaPlante

    I appreciate that as newspaper-professionals-in-training you are anxious to fulfill your duties correctly. But, please, don’t make this fundamental error. Just because someone has an opinion doesn’t give them the right to a public platform to broadcast it. As newspaper editors, your hardest job is being responsible gatekeepers: Who gets to use your platform (in this case, the student newspaper)? You can’t extend the privilege to everyone. You obviously feel strongly that you shouldn’t just publish opinions that you, personally, agree with. That’s good. But it doesn’t mean you have to turn off your brain or ignore your social / moral responsibilities, either. Not everyone deserves a chance to be heard. People spewing hate speech don’t. People who are so narcissistic that they prioritize their small personal needs over the greater social good don’t. And people who are so ignorant that they don’t possess basic facts don’t, either. Your columnist Ben managed a triple play with this horrifying piece. You didn’t have to publish him. You could have told him that you have too few column inches to waste on hostile, ignorant, and small-minded hate speech of this sort. Think of it as quality control. Would refusing a young Hitler a platform hurt “free expression”? Or would it be doing your job?

  215. Andrea

    Pretty certain that Ben just shamed his entire nursing program. I can almost guarantee they won’t be happy with what he has had to say at all. Also any apology issued that has been forced out of Ben won’t ring true. The posts all over his facebook show there is no remorse on his part whatsoever. I do understand that there are certain rights afforded in journalism, however I am sure that you don’t print every piece of crap that gets written and this one should have hit the trash can. Not only was it rude and offensive, the original was very poorly written. It took a ton of rewriting to make it even remotely presentable for a paper.

  216. G. Iris

    Well, for my part I would certainly rather use birth control, or even go to the extreme of abortion, rather than give birth to something as awful as Ben Cochran. A living, breathing poster child for birth control, abortion, and misanthropy, all rolled up into a blathering ignorant steaming pile.

  217. Katie

    As heinous as this is, I usually don’t take the time to respond to these kinds of things since I don’t even think they warrant my attention.

    That being said, I want to point out something. I have been on birth control for a month, but not because I’m sexually active. I’m not. I’m on the medication because I have a condition called Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome, which is caused by an imbalance in hormones. It’s a pre-diabetic condition and it affects more than just the reproductive system. Birth control can be used to balance hormones and make my body more regular and reduce the risk of diabetes.

    In addition, you can’t just go on and off birth control and take one pill if you decide to have sex one night and then stop. it takes a week for them to be effective in the first place. and in a college environment, i can see why girls would want to take them in case of sexual abuse, just as a precaution- i know a LOT of girls who do that.

    so think before you make those kinds of comments. one of those girls, if not all, could in fact be sick, and birth control may in fact be used for one of these things. in an institution of higher education, i expect more.

    • Matthew

      I agree with you, but it shouldn’t matter – if a woman chooses to be sexually active that’s not grounds for judging her.

  218. Chris

    Am I right in thinking that if he’d replaced “cunts” with “niggers” and spewed some racial hatred toward blacks (or Latinos, Chinese…pick your race), this ridiculous piece of drivel wouldn’t have gotten published?

    Why is misogyny acceptable? Isn’t this 2011?

    Someone get this twit some psychological counseling and start surveying women in his life to see if he’s hurt them. Please.

  219. Hello Ben! Just letting you know that your filthy misogyny has been passed around the world. You are now known by name as far away as Australia, so well done, mate. Just thought you might like to know that when you find that nobody in Carolina, or for that matter the USA, will ever have sex with you, give you a job, etc. that should you try your luck in Australia, you will have similar results.


  220. Jim Hutton

    Hi Ben

    Just to let you know that your pathetic dribble has made it’s way to the UK too. One of the wonderful things about free expression is that lunatics like you can be heard damning themselves with their own mouths.

    Well done, loser!

  221. Noah the epistemic pinata

    “The recent article has deeply offended many of you and we would like to sincerely apologize. We made a misjudgment; however, we stand by the publishing of the article due to our firm belief in free expression [...] We take full acceptance of the published article and regret that readers had access to the original, unedited format. The original edit was surfaced due to a staff member’s mistake.”

    If I understand this statement correctly, The East Carolinian is apologizing for the original edit, but is not apologizing for the content in the published material.

    Certainly, the vocabulary in the original edit was offensive: women on birth control were described as “sultry sex fiends” with “gaping holes”; elsewhere they were referred to as “preemie sluts”; women’s health issues were called “cunt problems”; and female genitalia (the vulva maybe?) was described as a “hatchet wound.”

    I understand wanting to distance the editors and the school from all of that. I don’t understand why it was published with just a superficial edit job, though. It remains a boorish, fact-free, “me-first” diatribe.

    You should know that the right to free-speech is not a good excuse for choosing to publish hate-speech. It shows amazingly poor judgement. Do you publish anything that anybody sends you?

    Instead of an apology, I recommend taking responding to the column with a more serious article explaining in detail where it went wrong. It shouldn’t be hard: there are people all over the world right now discussing how broken Ben Cochran’s article is.

    • Noah the epistemic pinata

      Sorry, the first line of the last paragraph should read: “taking responsibility and responding.”

  222. katz

    Sorry, the newspaper doesn’t get a pass on this! Yes, in a free society Cochran has a right to his misogynistic view. However, that doesn’t mean he has the right to usurp any platform he desires and demand for those views to be published. Honestly, his hatred against women was akin to him calling blacks “niggers”. Please, ask yourselves, would you have published a bigoted rant, one that described blacks as “niggers”? Well, if you would not have published that then you have NO business publishing his similar views about women.

    I hope he gets booted from the nursing program.

  223. Kay

    Hey Ben,

    Ever been rushed to the hospital, screaming in pain, because your ovarian cyst (the size of a golfball) ruptured, and all you can do is cry?


    Luckily, there are medications out there to help women avoid such situations in the future – namely, birth control.

    The thing I love about free speech, is that I’m free to tell you that I think you’re a flippin’ moron. And, you’re free to let the world know what kind of man you are, so that you can be avoided at all costs, should you – god forbid – actually become employed as a nurse. You’re disgusting.

  224. C. Law

    Attn: Ben

    How’s the internet love for your article in it’s edited and unedited form suit ya? Guess what? It’s now part of your legacy, people will be able to find this online when they look you up. Laugh it up now, in your little cocoon of self-righteous narcisism, you’ll have a long time to feel embarassed about them later.

    You know you might have had a valid arguement about the need for sexual health services to be run in tandem with regular medical services, pity it’s lost in the whining about your poor widdle man-cold. Thing I wonder about though, is in all your whining you point out it was a gaggle of women with contraceptives that went by. That actually makes me wonder if the health services are an amazing model of efficiency if they are able to handle them in groups, but since that was a service that didn’t concern you, Precious Snowflake, you didn’t appreciated it.

    It’s actually a good thing that your such a pussy, since you probably won’t be getting any on campus.

  225. Virginia

    Well, judging by the unedited (and even the edited version, really!), I’d say you’re going to be hard pressed finding a job as a journalist or a nurse. Guess you won’t have to worry about birth control until you’re out of college at least, Ben, because no female on campus is going to want to touch you with a ten-foot pole.

  226. Rukh

    Ugh, I swore I wouldn’t come back here, it’s far too infuriating — but HATCHET WOUND? Seriously? This just eats at me. Does Ben Cochran think this to himself when he meets his mother for dinner? His sister (if he has one, I mean)? Grandmother?

    All this evilness because of a half hour wait?

    I get it, I’ve been there. I have respiratory issues, and have had to actively fight off bronchitis and pneumonia on numerous occasions. These are serious illnesses, and yet I’ve always had to wait and wait and wait at the clinic, even with an appointment.
    Back when a scan inadvertently discovered tumors growing inside of me, and the doctors told me “don’t panic, but it looks like [variety of virulent, fast, often fatal cancer]“, I still ended up waiting months for surgery. Everything turned out to be benign, thank goodness, but not even the doctors knew that at the time.
    You go to the doctor, you wait, that’s how it works. Everybody else in the waiting room has their own needs too, and it’s just not your place to cast judgment on them for the simple crime of being in line ahead of you.

    Then again I grew up sickly, and over the course of my life I’ve spent and abnormal number of entire afternoons waiting for my turn with the medical practitioner. I suppose this makes me like an Olympic athlete of sitting patiently for ages while being miserable beyond words. Or the owner of the world’s lamest superpower — “Whosoever holds this outdated tore-up magazine, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Some Internet Guy.”

    But hey, Ben Cochran had to sit for a whole half hour at the student clinic while suffering from a cold so’s he could get free Mucinex samples and not have to shell out on a bottle. HE’S SUFFERED. FOR WOMEN’S HATCHET WOUND-HEALTH. That’s right, ladies.


  227. ellid

    May every prospective employer you will ever have read this and decide against employing such a self-righteous little jerk as a nurse.

  228. Sage

    Ben, you’re whining about people who require reproductive health and you’re at the doctor with a cough?! What are you, six? Get your pathetic ass down to one of those Rite Aids you know so much about, buy some cough syrup.

    “Go read your Redbook in the lobby of a specialist as you wait to get your lady-bits inspected” Your mother has lady-bits and the inspection of them was integral to your birth. Why don’t you sound off to her about her gaping hole?

    You are, and I say this with the pun very much intended, a complete cunt.

  229. Vicki

    I’m so glad you decided to publish this misogynistic diatribe under your real name; every time an employer decides to look you up for a potential job, this is what they’ll find. Every time a girl that kinda-sorta likes you, this is what google will show her you think of her.

    Next, even though there is freedom of speech, there is also journalistic professionalism, and academic integrity to consider. A university should be a place for respectful discourse, and for the university newspaper to decide to publish something so inherently and abhorrently sexist is not only mind boggling, but also disheartening.

  230. Michelle

    Ben, thank you so much for writing this article under your real name. This way, every woman who reads it will be aware of what a misogynistic piece of trash you really are.

    Sure, many women go to a gynecologist to obtain birth control. But it is a service also rendered by GPs, so I fail to see how the women described in your article are doing anything wrong. Going by your own logic, shouldn’t you have gone to see an ENT about your own problem rather than taking up space at your campus health clinic?

    You complain about your student health centre handing out birth control. But something tells me that you would be the finger-pointing type if some unfortunate woman who managed to overlook your “charms” and sleep with you wound up pregnant. I have a feeling that you’d feel a whole lot different then. Instead of “Oh my god, you whores, how dare you avail of a campus service to get birth control!” you would be whining “It’s not my responsibility, she should have been on birth control!”

    Also, I’d just like to answer your question: “What girl have you ever heard of that goes to a doc-in-the-box or walk-in clinic for birth control?” Response: Ever heard of Planned Parenthood? Also, in a lot of places, a visit to a gynocologist requires a referral from — can you say it with me? — a GP! And in some places, it can take *months* to get in to see a gyno.

    If you’re this ignorant of how the health care system actually works, and if you’re this judgmental towards people who choose to take care of themselves….I pity the people who have the bad luck to end up with you as their nurse. And if the university you attend has any scruples whatsoever, they will think twice about conferring a degree upon you. Especially a nursing degree.

  231. “Ben Cochran has expressed his apologies as well and will be publishing a formal apology in the upcoming issue. ”

    – then you clearly haven’t taken time to read his Public Facebook profile and postings about this, he isn’t in the least apologetic!

    “Ben Cochran –
    – ha ha yeah apparently this wasn’t a big hit with everyone!
    – ha ha keep the hate mail coming!”

    ” ha ha “- not the most apologetic term of phrase I’ve ever heard!

    This guy clearly thinks his terminology isn’t a problem, and that his views are balanced and reasonable.

  232. ZF


    “Go read your Redbook in the lobby of a specialist as you wait to get your lady-bits inspected. Leave Student Health for those of us that are in actual need of medical attention.”
    “No need to clog up the Student Health Center just for birth control.”

    1. Your misogynistic, condescending dismissal of women’s medical needs is seriously appalling. Birth control is a legitimate medical issue, EVEN IF IT DOESN’T AFFECT YOU DIRECTLY, and preventing pregnancy is A SIGNIFICANTLY MORE IMPORTANT public health issue than getting your sinus infection diagnosed, jackass. “OH NO, I HAD TO SIT IN A WAITING ROOM FOR HALF AN HOUR, BECAUSE WHORES WHORES WHORES, HOW DARE ~~~LADIES HAVE MEDICAL NEEDS.”

    2. Do you seriously not understand what a problem birth control access is for most women in this country? Maybe if you did, you wouldn’t shoot your mouth off about how it’s not ~~really necessary for women to be able to pick up their pills at the student clinic instead of going out of their way to make an appointment with a medical specialist. In a perfect world, it would be just as easy for every other woman who needs it to access birth control as it is for these college students.

    3. “Not even porn stars need that much birth control…” Actually, most hormonal birth control must be taken every day in order for it to work, no matter how much sex you’re having. But the facts aren’t as fun as calling these women sluts, right? Thanks for playing.

    4. Given the ignorance about birth control expressed in this article and the disrespect for classmates’ medical issues contained herein, I am surprised that the paper approved this at all. SHAME ON YOU, EAST CAROLINIAN.

    5. And that’s not even counting the original version, which should have raised some SERIOUS red flags to the newspaper staff. Some choice quotes: “Second of all, do you mean to
    seriously tell me that I’ve been sitting here in misery for the last half an hour just so that this
    gaggle of preemie sluts could get a free pass on harlotry?” “Please take your gaping holes elsewhere for medical services” This is hate speech against women, plain and simple, and you know what, it’s very telling that this is how you view nearly 60% of your classmates (and your FUTURE PATIENTS, given that you’re apparently a NURSING STUDENT). Satire, my ass.

    6. Hey, at the very least, you’ve put this stuff out in the open for future employers to find! Don’t worry, if they DON’T find this while checking you out, we’ll let them know. The internet is forever!

  233. Reginald

    Hahahahaha, Ben’s never getting laid again, and never ever getting hired for a job. Hope you enjoyed life, bub.

  234. Michael

    If the woman who birthed you wasn’t ashamed before, I bet she is now. You don’t belong in college, you belong in a mental institution.

  235. Meaghan

    What is wrong with you that you think something like that should be published?

  236. Melissa

    I’m offended by the article, and I think the reasons have already been expressed well enough. Ben, in case this makes you value my opinion more, I can’t take birth control pills, so I suppose I’m not physically capable of being a porn star or harlot despite my ownership of a “hatchet wound,” as you so lovingly described it. I still think you are woefully ignorant. I can only assume that some sad lack of education about public health, history and reproduction has turned you into someone small-minded and hateful. I hope you just started nursing school, because you have a lot to learn. If not, this is a very poor reflection on your school.

    For those of us in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Australia, etc., can we find out when and where Ben’s apology will be posted?

  237. Ashley

    I am not going to be accepting Ben Cochran’s half-assed apology. We all know he isn’t sorry. Unless his apology contains the phrase “I am no longer writing for The East Carolinian,” which I doubt it will, it will be unacceptable.
    The Editor in Chief as well as the Opinion Editor need to take full responsibility also. The second the first version was emailed, he should have been fired. The fact that they did a piss-poor job of editing it and published it anyway is horrifying to me.
    Just because TEC is a school newspaper does not mean that it should lack the professionalism of a real newspaper. I would like for my school to STOP embarrassing me.

  238. Jamie

    To the women who believe sex before marriage is a sin: SHUT UP.


    As for Ben: You deserve to be kicked out of nursing school for this. How dare you bring your misogynistic attitude to a job that requires compassion and professionalism. My sister is a nurse, and I hope to the gods she never has to work with a piece of trash like you. Get off your privileged, slut-shaming high horse and go be a monk. Those girls have the same rights to use the Health Center as you, for whatever purpose they need it for. Go fuck yourself.

    • Shirley

      AGREED! Your church and your morals will never speak for me either because I believe in a little something called BEING HUMAN. I’m glad I don’t require a man to tell me when or if I have the right to do something perfectly natural with my own body. Scr*w Ben and scr*w anyone who believes his bullshIt. You need to respect yourselves before you WRECK yourselves!

  239. Kaylee


    If you believe 30 minutes is too long to wait in order be seen at a walk-in clinic for what is most likely the common cold, you have a harsh reality waiting for you post-college. A runny nose is not an emergency.

    And since you chose to publish your real name with this article, you will also have a harsh reality waiting for you when you start applying for jobs. There might be a nursing shortage across this country, but every potential employer knows how to use Google. The behavior you demonstrated here shows that you are unprofessional and unable to empathize with 50% of your potential patients. You are about to learn that words mean things and that people take professionalism among their medical professionals seriously.

  240. katz

    “we stand by the publishing of the article due to our firm belief in free expression”

    So, this newspaper will now start publishing racist diatribes complete with prejudiced name calling? How does the newspaper not see that Cochran’s article, especially the first version, is pretty much the same thing? It is hate speech against women. It’s pure misogyny.

    I really hope to see the students of this school protest. Everything about this incident is so far beyond acceptable that there can be no apology for it. Cochran should be removed from the nursing program and the editors of the paper fired.

    • Erica

      “Cochran should be removed from the nursing program and the editors of the paper fired.”

      Agreed, fully and thoroughly. Any other course of action would be a discredit to the university.

  241. Kailey

    Ben’s not sorry at all. His facebook wall is inexplicably public, and he gives exactly zero craps about posting this garbage. Congratulations, ECU, you’ve beaten out the Daily Oklahoman for dumbest student paper – quite a feat!

  242. Bob Rayburn

    ECU is “an ivory tower of academic prowess.” Pure, comic genius. My friend was accepted after filling out the essay section of the application with a drawing of a cat in a lounge chair holding out a beer can with the caption “ECU, this Bud’s for you!”

    Ben, sadly for you, it probably is as close to true book learnin’ as your hillbilly ass will ever get.

  243. Ambg

    One of these days, life’s going to bite young Ben in the ass and hard. And there won’t be a college newspaper for him to gripe to. And I will laugh.

    Seriously, a half hour? You complain about having to wait a HALF HOUR? Sit the fuck down and count the ways in which you are fucking blessed above most people.

  244. DJ


  245. axel

    Ben must be trolling!

    new meme anyone?

  246. So much LULZ potential

  247. ischemgeek

    Ben, you just torpedoed your own career. If you think this article isn’t going to resurface and haunt you throughout the rest of your life, you’re very much mistaken. Information never fully disappears online. Sure, in five or ten years, you might come to regret the decision to write this, but some things can’t be undone.

    I won’t try to argue with your point of view on birth control. Frankly, you’re so woefully misinformed that it would be a waste of my time.

    All I’ll say is after you’ve discovered that you made yourself unhireable with this braindead move, I hope you have fun sinking thousands into retraining for a different career.

  248. Sean

    My mind is still caught up on the fact that this Ben guy managed to get into the nursing program. A class or two in high school-level biology might be in order first.

  249. gothchiq

    LOL… are there really still such throwbacks who still think that if you have sex while not married, you are TOTALLY burning in hell… or are these just trolls? I’d like to give them the benefit of the doubt, assume they have at least 2 brain cells to rub together, and say they’re just trolls.

    And as for Dudebro Ben who cannot *believe* that some women had birth control related appointments BEFORE HIM, and he had to wait for a whole 30 minutes with his little boxers in a knot… ahahahahaha. Dude, go work for the Summer’s Eve company, because you are the poster child douchebag.

  250. Ashley

    This is the most ridiculous editorial I have EVER read. I’m ashamed and sincerely disappointed in the East Carolinan for publishing such sexist, offensive, and ignorant material. Just because Ben Cochran doesn’t get any action doesn’t mean he needs to JUDGE the rest of the campus. I believe the others have said it better than I could have myself – Ben, you are a complete and total DOUCEBAG.

  251. Tiffany

    Ben is a disgrace to the nursing program. I’m ashamed that the East Carolinian would print this.

  252. Catharine

    As a physician assistant student with an RN mother and MD father, I was raised to value humanity and do my best to help people when they are in need.

    The fact that Mr. Cochran somehow made his way into a nursing program, and that the college hosting said program somehow allowed this absolute misogynistic garbage to be published, says more than words could ever allow.

    I feel sorry for other graduates of the program who will now be associated with this insanity and hope that he is disciplined swiftly and not allowed to come near any patient, male OR female, until he realizes how dangerous and unprofessional his attitude is.

    No hospital or clinic with any sense of self-preservation would hire him upon reading this.

  253. proterozoic

    You know, I really don’t have much to add to the many things that have been written in the comments. I’m sure Mr. Cochran is already experiencing some very intense stinging and burning, and not the kind that you get from “preemie sluts.”

    I remember a time in my life when I was enough of a misogynist, and had little enough self-control and good sense to conceivably write something like this. I wish the young man the best of luck in his long and difficult road to recovery from douchedom.

  254. katz

    What does it say about the nursing program if Ben is a senior and he has no knowledge about anatomy, reproduction and hormonal birth control? How did he make it that far in the program without understanding some basic fundamentals? Ben’s flagrant ignorance and hate makes the entire nursing program look bad. How did someone with this kind of attitude and lack of basic knowledge of female health needs actually pass enough classes to become a senior? I’d say the entire nursing program, especially every professor from every class he’s taken, needs to be put under scrutiny.

  255. Marcel Kincaid

    Ben Cochran, mindbooglingly stupid and ignorant misogynist jackass, is now famous around the world, having been featured at … congratulations, Ben!

    And the same goes to the editors of this rag, who had the poor judgment to publish such harmful garbage and then to defend their stupidity with fallacious nonsense about “free expression”. Ben is perfectly free to stand on the street corner and spew his garbage, but he has no right to be published here or elsewhere … that is entirely *your* choice and *your* responsbility.

  256. Brad

    Guess what? This made it all the way to AllNurses. com!

    You now have 500,000 nurses aware of the misogyny.

    Good luck.

  257. Marcel Kincaid

    Here’s the discussion of Ben Cochran at
    Ben should switch careers; he’s finished in that one.

  258. [...] filled.”  I immediately requested the link to the article, and what I read was horrifying: see here (scroll down past the apology to the section titled “Ben Cochran” for the [...]

  259. Darric

    Can anyone say closet homosexual who can’t accept who he is?

  260. Lucy

    You’re fucked now Ben! You’re nursing career is OVER!

  261. Tracy

    Not much to say that hasn’t already been said: Ben is both a terrible writer (thesaurus abuse! epic satire fail!) and, at least at this point of his life, a pathetic human being. Oh yes, and completely ignorant of certain biological whatsits, esp. pertaining to ‘lady bits’. To be fair to the poor guy, he likely hasn’t had much experience in that department. He probably thinks that vaginas have teeth. Scary vaginas!

    But honestly — Redbook? REDBOOK?

    I haven’t been on birth control pills for years, so maybe I am simply ignorant as to what giggling preemie baby-kill-pill sluts read these days; however, I am fairly certain it isn’t Redbook. (REDBOOK?)

    To the fundie commenters: you are why America scares the crap out of (most of) the rest of the world.

  262. Erica

    In your address on this article, you said “We made a misjudgment; however, we stand by the publishing of the article due to our firm belief in free expression.” Oh please. If the article had been racist rather than sexist, you wouldn’t have published it. If Cochran had been so grossly disrespectful to the poor or the disabled, you wouldn’t have published it. Prejudice and bigotry are disgusting things… except in regard to women, right? Then they’re just free expression!

    It would have served you a lot better to own up to your mistake in full and say that you just plain shouldn’t have published it. Yes, Ben Cochran has a right to free expression. Should anyone publish his childish ravings (because let’s be honest, his entire article was just him throwing a fit because he had to wait to see a doctor) though? Absolutely not.

    • Anon

      “Prejudice and bigotry are disgusting things… except in regard to women, right? Then they’re just free expression!”

      Actually all of those things are still free expression. Like it or not, hate speech is protected by the first amendment.

  263. Ashley

    Actually, I will take my ladyparts to an OB/GYN outside of student health from now on. I went to student health for a UTI and apparently they do not know the difference between Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria, which would’ve been crucial in deciding on which antibiotic to prescribe me. Thanks for wasting my money and causing me to piss blood yet again.

  264. Erica

    Oh, and I made sure to pass along this article as well as links to its unedited version and Ben’s Facebook page to the SC Board of Nursing.

    It would be wonderful if a representative of the board paid a visit to USC and had a talk with its administrators about what a good idea publishing this garbage was.

  265. Cathy

    hatchet wound? gaping hole?

    Ben, are you gay? Because you obviously hate women.

    Amazing how men have no problem having sex with women, but DO have a problem with them receiving the neccessary birth control.

    If you have a cold, your life is messed up for a week. If you miss a pill, you could have a baby and your life is messed up PERMANENTLY.

    Get some perspective, put yourself in someone else’s shoes, and for God’s sake, stop insulting people for no other reason than that they happen to be female and accordingly, have separate healthcare needs.

    also, you’re a douche bag.

  266. Marie

    Ben, make sure you make an appointment with a proctologist for your next overall physical exam. That specialty should cover all of your needs.

  267. Joel

    Ben, how you have gotten to the place you are is beyond me. Your way of thinking is deplorable and no apology could make up for it. You should be given a one way ticket home so you can learn the lesssons you missed out on the first time around.

  268. Joel

    @ October 4, 2011 – 5:54 am, well said.

  269. Dr. Steve

    October 4, 2011 – 6:21 am
    Actually, I will take my ladyparts to an OB/GYN outside of student health from now on. I went to student health for a UTI and apparently they do not know the difference between Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria, which would’ve been crucial in deciding on which antibiotic to prescribe me. Thanks for wasting my money and causing me to piss blood yet again.

    The vast majority of urinary infections in women are Gram negative, and it takes a couple of days for cultures to show what type of bacteria is infecting you and what antitiobics it is susceptible to (the dipstick test in the office does not provide that information) – since many these days are resistant. Antibiotics are virtually always given before the full culture information is available.

    • Ashley

      The health center didn’t bother growing a culture to check to make sure the antibiotics were susceptible to what they prescribed me.

  270. logan

    yes the man is poorly educated and everything else that the last 500000 people have called him. but as I read these comments I cant help but feel like your not just educating.him but violently bashing him and for some parts males. in truth most men dont know the many reasons women use birth control. lend the kid a break and teach him so he wont make the same mistake, keep verbally attacking and he’ll just grow to resent.women even more.

  271. Lisa

    Ben may be ill-informed and you may not understand his brand of humor, but is it really necessary to call him names and say things like he’s a “date rapist”? Really. I know your feelings are hurt and your feminine sensibilities are offended, but aren’t you supposed to be adults?

    • Hemlock

      It is not realistically possible to claim Ben is misinformed, he is a nursing student and should be informed of such things as preventative medicine and basics of Anatomy and physiology. This shows a gross lack of an acceptable level of knowledge, let alone ethics and basic respect for people receiving health care services. If he wished to make an informed argument against, all he need do was argue along the line that Student Health Services should be limited to acute services. Instead we are treated to an illogical rant that blames women for him waiting because he’s got a cold (not something that can be treated in any case.)

      Given his use of terminology like “hatchet wound”, “gaping holes”, “If you have a lady problem, you see pest control or a gynecologist” and “preemie sluts” (not much improved in the so-called “edited” version) and that he clearly does not care, I think that if some people react strongly that is their prerogative. It’s not like he bothered to hold back, so tone trolling about the reaction just appears weak. Unless you are a misogynist too, and support ill-educated rants. Especially when falling on the old excuse “it was just a joke”. It clearly wasn’t and I’ll be interested to see whether if, as expected, we’ll be treated to the usual not-pology or whether a miracle will happen and we’ll get something that shows he understands his errors and is doing something about it to correct them and assure others that he is a fit human being.

      In addition, I’d also like to think the editors that published this piece would see the error of their ways as well. This is very unlikely, but they should have realised on receiving this material that it was completely unacceptable for publication no matter how much work was done on it. Instead they merely removed the worst words and added a bit of filler and still published it saying essentially the same thing.

  272. katz

    I think the students need to organize a slut walk!

  273. Prof. Offlogic

    Mr. Ben Cochran is a rather disagreeable little sprout, isn’t he? Is he related to someone on the EC staff, or was it just an off day for your editorial staff?
    Seriously, this type of tripe is usually reserved for lesser pubs (eg breitbart, et al). You know, the thumbless, non-’tool-using’ feedstock for ‘soylent green’?

    Cripes, what a friggin’ crybaby, Ben. Suck it up and take it like a real man would, the waiting thing. As if none of the nurses in your town wouldn’t at least consider putting you out of their misery… for duty and humanity!


    Why do we promote the rampant sexual promiscuity of young ladies these days? Is it really necessary to provide these females with a tool where they can sleep around and not be responsible for their actions? These females have 20+ sexual partners, then wonder why they can’t find a husband 10, 15 years down the road. Is it really a mystery?

    • Lizzy

      Um.. using the pill is a way to be “responsible for their actions.” Or do you think women should be forced to bear punishment babies for daring to believe we have control over our vaginas and what goes in / comes out of them?

      Oh, and referring to other human beings as “these females” makes us sound like experiments in a breeding program and is belittling beyond words.

  275. Hatchet Wound

    Hey Ben,
    Seeing as how those girls were students and its called the Student Health Center, maybe you should find a new place to sit your misogynistic ass. I wish you no luck in your future cunt free life.
    Go Fuck yourself.

  276. Jamie W.

    I know you have a ton of people hating on you right now, Ben – and a ton of people who blew your rant out of proportion. I want you to know that I support you. I firmly agree with you. Personally, I think women need to stop making excuses for what they’re really getting this birth control for. “Oh, I have health issues and I NEED it. ” Oh, I lose gallons of blood daily, and I NEED it.” How come none of these angry females on here just come out and say it – “I’m a slut, and I need this so I don’t have to take responsibility for my actions. ” They’re wasting the time of doctors and nurses who could be treating people who are actually sick and actually need help. If you don’t want to get pregnant, then you shouldn’t be having sex with every other guy that comes your way. But somehow Ben’s rant got him called a misogynist because they were getting what they wanted over him. So if it were the women having to wait for their birth control while Ben was seeing the doctor for hours, and a woman came on here dogging Ben, what would that make her? A hero? I’m sure. These people are pathetic. Way to go, Ben. You’re the man!

    • Ana

      Seriously? I think you, along with Ben, clearly need to learn more about all the things birth control is used for. You think birth control isn’t needed for health reasons? I personally don’t have sex, and am waiting for marriage. I’m not trying to stop pregnancies, and I don’t really need to regulate my period. I am a diabetic, however, and insulin resistance is related to ovarian cysts. Which I also have. Cysts can permanently damage a woman’s ovaries, and are also extremely painful. If untreated, they can require surgery. Birth control prevents these. Tell me that’s not a real health issue.
      I’m not sure what actions I need to take responsibility for. If anything, Ben was wasting the time of doctors by going there for a cold, which they actually can’t do anything about.
      Please, educate yourself.

    • Ashley

      Is that you, Ben?

  277. Bssie

    anyone using the word ‘cisgendered’ is outing themselves as a douchetard, in the traditional sense of the word \douchetard’ that is commonly accepted by society

  278. katz

    Why heap all the mail on the Dean of Nursing. I think the advisor to the paper should also be contacted. I can’t imagine that the advisor was not consulted after the outrage generated from Cochran’s misogynistic rant. Wouldn’t he have approved the apologies published yesterday? How did he even not realize that those non-apologies would be almost as controversial as the original piece?

    Paul Isom is listed as TEC Advisor on the contact page of the student paper:

  279. coldhope

    Anyone else notice that every single one of the comments by purportedly Proud Christian Women Saving Themselves For Marriage contains the exact same set of phrases (and errors)?

    The glaring use of “a women,” for example. I find it difficult to believe that every anti-choice reactionary bigoted woman reading this comment thread is incapable of telling the difference between the words “women” and “woman.” Maybe it’s just because I’m a nasty cynical atheist, but these commenters come off as blatant trolling to me.

    I’ve been following this via Pharyngula for a couple of days now, and it’s an astonishingly juicy trainwreck.

  280. A. Dot

    Don’t worry, Ben, if the pregnancies don’t get them, the STDs, UTIs, and yeast infections surely will. That helps me to sleep easy at night. (=

  281. ausieland

    I’m in Australia and I’ve heard of this, young and foolish ben I think that you need to realise that when all your friends who are defending you here and that you’re yukkin it up with on facebook go your seperate ways this year or next, you’ll be the one left with the legacy of this. I actually feel sorry for you.

    I don’t think that what you said was right and nor do I think it’s defensible. And I don’t want some half assed apology, I would like to think that if your a proper man you’d look at what you’ve said and feel regret….AND…change those attitudes which in the end are only serving to make you look like a right twit.

    Further, to those who advocate abstinence, fair enough you want to be virgins when you marry great for you. But instead of getting off on that moral superiority that your posts are just dripping with, consider that you have been given a gift of freedom of religion and that in a free society we should also be able to have freedom from religion as well. You don’t get to be morally superior to ANYONE else. Your choice not to have birth control does not mean you have the right to withdraw or judge anyone else’s choice…. “Judge not, lest ye be judged”….. So just stop it, it makes you look ridiculous…..

    To the editors of this news paper…..Shame on you for allowing this, I’m of the opinion that someone should resign…nothing about it is remotely funny, not to mention the effect that this has on the twit involved but clearly this has brought the uni into disrepute and therefore should be addressed as such.

    Disgusting all of it!!!!!!!

  282. katz

    Why haven’t we heard from the Deans, the President or at least the faculty advisor to the paper?

    It’s like everyone involved just hopes this goes away soon and hopes to shirk all responsibility for this fiasco.

  283. alexis

    Ben is one of those bitter guys (not to be confused with “Men” as Men do not act this way & can get women to have sex with them) because he can’t get a girl/woman to have sex with him.
    Laughing with his friends on facebook about this is proof he is not a Man and the truth remains:
    He didn’t even have a girl friend to help care for him when he had his cold so of course he’ll be angry seeing proof of females having sex which he is NOT getting.

  284. layla

    I think your all just a bunch of babies getting worked up over one persons comments

  285. Ashley

    ^And I think you need to go back to school to learn about proper punctuation and grammar. I can’t take your comment seriously.

  286. Autumn


    Your language choices are offensive. Do you think you sound witty? You most definitely do NOT.
    For the record, a lot of women do not visit their “gyno” to fill their birth control. An OB/GYN is a specialist and it takes longer to get an appointment. Student health is supposed to be able to handle general student health issues, such as the very basic, regular medical needs of women getting an annual exam (aka pap smear) and/or filling a birth control prescription. I imagine family practicioners and student health see just as many patients for these reasons as they do for colds, which most people handle without doctor intervention. Geez, Ben, why didn’t you go to a specialist for your mucus problem?
    I would like to think that enough people have pointed out that birth control is not just a license for women to have sex, however, you seem pretty ignorant, Ben. Birth control is used to help with A LOT of female issues related to our monthly cycle, from irregular periods to bad cramps to hormonal fluctuations that have many unpleasant effects. Oh yes, and it does relieve some concerns about getting pregnant. A lot of men make an assumption that all women are on birth control, or at least that they do not need to worry about it when having sex, so it is very interesting that you seem so surprised. Women cannot always rely on men to care whether or not they end up pregnant. The female students you mention were being responsible, but you were too busy being selfish to consider that.

  287. [...] public forum. Ema at the Well-Timed Period covers the case of Ben Cochrane, ECU nursing student who wrote that women getting birth control through the campus student health clinic should “Go read [...]

  288. J.K.


    As a journalist with two top degrees who is having a seriously hard time finding steady employment, it makes me sick that your really sad attempt at being Tucker Max for five minutes got national attention. The only thing that made it worth it at all was watching the grown-ups on Gawker and Jezebel rip you and your entire paper a new one all over the internet. Just like people who go to the doctor when they have a cold, programs like this that crank out losers who think they can write are one of the several reasons my job market blows right now.

    Incidentally, when my boyfriend found out that my crappy insurance didn’t cover prescriptions, he insisted on chipping in for my birth control. Because that how adults behave about icky things like sex and babies, not man-children whose mother’s have obviously made all their doctor’s appointments up to this point in their lives. Just because mommy let her big man stay home from school when he had the sniffles doesn’t mean you should be walking around spreading your germs and wasting the obviously limited time of the staff at a crowded college health center.

    I waited HOURS at the hospital once with a kidney infection, but I would rather walk to the next nearest trauma center next time if you were my nurse. Oh silly me, I’m assuming you’ll ever find a job. Incidentally, I’d consider familiarizing yourself with things like Google’s caching feature and Facebook’s privacy settings. Just sayin’.

    And to the TEC, of course birth control should be offered at a college health center. They should be putting it in the water of the dorm system of every college in America. What’s wrong with you? Oh right, shitty “journalism.”

  289. @Ashley where do you even get “privilege” out of that??? Granted, his “article” was foolish, but why are you even mentioning the race into this when the article is nothing about race? That’s just stupid.

  290. miriam

    This young man has demonstrated such a lack of professionalism that I would be very concerned for any patients under his care. He had to wait to get his URI taken care of because someone needed their birth control? How dare they! I fear for any future patient that inconveniences him when he is actually in a position of power to act on his narcissistic rage.

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  292. Anonymous

    Not only are you misogynistic, but you’re also a terrible writer, Ben.

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