Streaker takes the field at football game

John Sieglinger ran across the field during halftime at a football game against Southern Mississippi University, where he was tackled by university officials. -Serghei Trofimov | The East Carolinian

The streaker at Saturday’s football game against University of Southern Mississippi has been arrested for the incident.

John Sieglinger, 21, was arrested for misdemeanor indecent exposure and first-degree trespass for running naked across Bagwell Field at Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium, stated a Pitt County Detention Center booking.

Sieglinger was a student at Wake Technical Community College in Raleigh where he lives. He pulled the stunt in the middle of the military appreciation ceremony that was taking place on the field during halftime.

He was tackled at the 50-yard line by stadium staff before he could finish his naked run. His bond was set at $1,500 and he was released from jail after paying the fine.

According to Sieglinger, his decision to streak was pre-planned; he had given his friends money to bail him out of jail beforehand.

“It was something that I wanted to do before I died,” said Sieglinger.

Kevin Mercer, one of Sieglinger’s friends who bailed him out said that he wasn’t watching the game when it happened.

“We are a pretty close group of friends,” said Mercer. “We all went and bailed him out.”

Siegliner chose to run during the ceremony due to the fact that security was much lower, but he says looking back, it was bad timing.

“As far as the controversy, it was definitely bad timing,” he said. “(But) It kind of represents freedom, and what’s more free that running down the stadium in the crisp Greenville air?”

Sieglinger’s Facebook page contains multiple images of him running across the field, with graphic areas censored.

Words of praise from many people were posted on his Facebook page, along with other photos and videos captured by spectators.

Shortly after the event, he posted a status stating, “Just ran across the ECU football game naked. Anyone watch it live?”

In another post later that night, Sieglinger boasted that he had received 100 friend requests overnight thanks to his act.

Some students may have learned about the episode through social media.

Jordan Brown, a junior recreational therapy major, was one of these students.

“I started watching the game on TV, but we started losing so horribly that I turned it off,” said Brown.

Afterward, Brown logged onto Twitter, where she found out about the streaking and saw mixed opinions on the topic.

“I saw people on Twitter and they were mad about it,” said Brown. “You always see stuff like that on TV and then it actually happens.”

Sieglinger was only charged with a misdemeanor indecent exposure charge, but if the police had viewed it as a felony case, he would have been required to register as a sex offender, according to the state’s registry website.

There are several Youtube videos that were posted after the game, which captured Sieglinger sprinting across the field. One of these videos has over 3,000 views.

One video in particular shows Sieglinger running down the steps of the Boneyard, jumping one barrier, and then another, making his way to the field.

As the video begins, he is clothed in a black tank top, shorts and hat, and as he makes his way onto the field, he begins to strip.

By Sunday, one of the videos had made it to Comedy Central comedian Daniel Tosh’s website. Along with the video, a mug shot of Sieglinger was included.

Cory Pochon, a sophomore undecided major, said he didn’t see the streaker, but plans on watching the video on the Tosh.0 website.

“I think it was entertaining and funny,” said Pochon. “I’ll probably watch it on Tosh.0.”

Since his naked appearance, Sieglinger has apologized via a Facebook status saying, “My apologies to anyone who was offended by my actions.”

Sieglinger said that his actions were not for attention and he wanted to make others aware of that.

“I didn’t do it for any attention,” he said. “I didn’t really think about it before I did it.”

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  1. Concerned

    Putting this guy on your website in his birthday suit is equally as disturbing as his timing on Saturday. Poor choice by The East Carolinian.

    • Lighten Up!!

      It was hilarious! I am the mother of 4 children, three of which are in elementary school, and I think it was a horribly silly thing to do, but offensive? Please! We were born with nothing on – what is so indecent about it?! He wasn’t being perverted, he was being a goof. We only live once, see the humor in life and stop being so hell-bent on complaining over everything! Dana Brown, Washington, NC

      • Joe

        You are why america is in the mess its in morally maybe your kids will will do the same thing and I can laugh

      • PamlicoPirate

        Dana, I totally agree with you! I was there, saw the whole thing, and had good seats. You would have needed binoculars to actually see anything. The only poor choice was to do it on such a cold day.

      • Amy

        Please, america sees worse on television. Let’s give the press the freedom they deserve!

      • Good Grief

        I completely agree as well Dana, This kid was doing something that half of the students in attendance wanted to do, but didn’t have the balls for (no pun intended haha) and if a petition to get this kid out of trouble went around, I’d just about guarantee that itd get plenty of signatures, like your screen name says…Lighten Up Eastern NC…Laughter is good for the soul.

      • I agree-- Lighten Up!

        People that age have been doing the same pranks for hundreds of years all over the world. This is not a new phenom. No harm was done to anyone. No one has any reason to be embarrassed by it. Not the university, the newspaper, nor any of us.

      • Anonymous

        Like. Your viewpoint :)

    • Educated

      Seriously ECU, who puts male genitals on their newspaper’s online front page? Come on.

      • Jonathan

        Online Front Page?!! They put it on the printed addition as well. Wonder if someone will get fired!

        • Educated

          oh my goodness. I didn’t read the actual paper, so I didn’t know. We’re not making ourselves look good with this paper.

        • Ann

          Hopefully the EDITOR that has NO experience! See ya…. bye Ms. Editor. This was poor taste.

          • Lee

            Apparently, you have never visited Greenville or the campus of ECU. This is not Gardner-Webb or any other private Christian university. It is a public university that has a bus that drives around drunk underage Freshman… This story is news and the kind of news that kids at ECU enjoy reading. The editors job should not be in jeopardy…Poor taste and being one of the best party schools in the nation is what most students at ECU pride themselves on…I am not saying this makes it right, but this article defines the culture at East Carolina University.

      • Good Grief

        The Print is so small that it isnt going to take anyone’s eye virginity, and too its not like he’s got something we havent all seen before.

  2. G

    I think it’s frickin’ hillarious!!! If I had a young daughter and she was their I wouldn’t have thought the same though.

  3. Anonymous

    Na… 100% HANDS DOWN HILARIOUS!!! No “butts” about it!

  4. Herd

    Very funny in genital, I mean general, butt, poor timing.

  5. Ron

    Stupid, yes? Silly, yes? But otherwise, lighten up. Just a dumb prank. Streaking was all the craze years ago and practically everyone did it. There are still naked runs all over the country. We are so uptight about our bodies in this country– in Europe this would have just been ignored.

  6. Stweaker

    I don’t understand why it was bad timing, exactly. The writer never explained what the ceremony was about or why there was controversy around it.

    • Jordan

      They had some veterans on the field who had served overseas, and they were reading off their names and honoring them for their service. Had it not been for that going on, I don’t think people would be going as crazy about it. It was hilarious, but definitely poorly timed.

  7. dward

    Wish we could have tackled that effectively during the game, just saying.

  8. michelle

    I thought the streaker was hilarious! I have no problem with how the East Carolinian has chosen to present the story and pics. The streaker was the best part of an otherwise crappy game (which is fast becoming the norm). I have watched the video several times of him running down the steps and I laugh my butt off everytime. People should really lighten the hell up and get a life.ECU is an incredible school! Wishing the same could be said for our football program………….

  9. Unknown

    Dear East Carolinian,
    Publishing this is as low as what the streaker did..streaker during Military appreciation..low..Publishing it in this detail..low..this will look awesome to parents who are thinking about sending their kids to ECU or to parents who have kids at’s definitely things like this that make me think twice before I say where I graduated from..

    • Jimbo

      Oh, lighten the eff up. If anyone seeing that pic refuses to send their kid to ECU because of it, they don’t understand (1) the First Amendment, or (2) college (at all).

      • Jim

        How the hell is being stupid enough to get naked and running on a football field and embarrissing faculty, staff and parents of small children a First Amendment Right. It was a churlish act. Anyone who thinks it was funny did not have children there to see it. Again, it was stupid.

    • Molly

      I can’t believe that you would be ashamed of ECU because of this incident. I’ll bet the alums of Penn State are less ashamed than some of the people who have posted here ……. and what happened at Penn State is certainly something to be ashamed of in my opinion. Yet the students and alums are rallying around their coach. Let’s move on ……. it was a dumb prank that was badly timed. Do you think that people are reconsidering sending their kids to Penn State? I really doubt it. One person (and he didn’t even attend ECU) and the editors of this paper certainly should not be given the power to represent the entire school, it’s students and alums and make you think twice about recommending the school to your friends. As the parent of a current student, I highly recommend ECU (and I’m not even an alum!!).

    • Resignation from Editor

      Sign the petition to remove Caitlin Hale as editor!

  10. Unknown

    As an ECU student, I am ashamed that an uncensored picture like this was put on the front page of the newspaper. As many others have stated, it is just as bad, if not worse, than the streaker himself.

  11. The kid had terrible timing by doing this during Military Appreciation but other than that, kids see as bad or woese on TV most any time of day or night. I think he should write an apology to the University out of respect and one to the Military, give him a fine, and say this better not happen again and leave him alone.With all the terrible things going on in Greenville today, I’d think there would be bigger fish to fry.
    Durwood Hudson

  12. Disgraced ECU Student

    This is an absolute disgrace. For those of you at The East Carolinian, you should be absolutely disgraced. Publishing this story without any censorship creates yet another reason for ECU students to be embarrassed about their University. Already regarded as a questionable source of news, actions such as this are in no way helping The East Carolinian’s (and ECU’s) already diminishing reputation.

    • Nameless

      I agree wholeheartedly

    • Nik'09

      I am proud to say I graduated from ECU, especially after this! At least we have the balls to use the First Amendment and to be a free university as opposed to the prudes that come from UNC-CH & Duke. My parents died laughing when they heard about this, being children of the 60-70′s this was the norm, women going topless, guys streaking, its just a naked body!! In no way would this have kept them from letting me go to ECU, thats such a poor reason and if they are that uptight then I am glad they wont be members of my alma mater!

    • Jake

      “Yet another reason for ECU students to be embarrassed about their University” Please do me and the other Pirate faithful who are not embarrassed of their university a favor and please leave, you are not wanted. And your right it is a questionable source of news ITS A STUDENT PAPER!!! If you want the news please don’t limit yourself to this paper or you will be in the dark on many worldly subjects. Have fun not having any friends or social life, weirdo…….lighten up, life is short.

  13. Jake G.

    publishing stories like this does noting but promote and encourage these types of acts. this is why when ppl streak during professional football or baseball games the cameras DO NOT SHOW IT!
    However, i do find it funny and somewhat entertaining..and he did it because it was something he wanted to do before he died and he didnt care what society had to think. So in that light good for him, but lets not glorify him by making it our headline in the paper

  14. vet

    Concern? how about we were honoring real heros on the field and this idiot ruins it. These people sacrified so he could promote himself and display his inadequate wares. As a veteran I found it offensive. The wife of one of the pilots of the F-15 flyover was sitting behind me and said very quitely “this is so disrespectful’ I think he should serve 200 hours community service with the Wounded Warriors so he can learn something but he will still be stupid.

  15. Don

    I’m embarrassed to be an ECU grad today. Why would you diginify this guy by giving him more attention with a big article, then undignify yourself by putting him naked on the front page. Use all the excuses you want…you sound like immature kids who posted a naked picture of a boy and said “hee, hee..look what we did”. And this guy is nothing more than a narcissist. His apology is nothing more than trying to portray his narcissitic fantasy that he’s just a nice guy trying to have a little fun. I’m not buying what he’s selling, nor the East Carolinians take.

  16. Bryan

    When I go home to Greensboro and I mention to people I went to East Carolina University they usually come back with ‘EZU’ or ‘the party school’. Now I understand that this guy was not a student at ECU, and believe me I am very grateful he wasn’t. However, what should have been the end of this disgrace now has blasted its way on the web and print thanks to the carelessness of the editors. Thanks East Carolinian. Thanks for giving people even more fuel to put down my school. I am big believer in the 1st amendment, but everyone should remember just because you can do it, doen’t mean you should. do it. The students responsible for this should be suspended and their advisor fired!

  17. Good sense of humor

    Poor timing, but I sure loved it. I still can’t stop laughing. Only in college would such a thing happen. Ha!….and yes, I have a Masters degree and still have a sense of humor.

    • Jimbo

      Well said. The full-of-themselves, “embarrassed” (bare-assed?), highfalutin commenters here are the real disgrace! It was a college prank. The college’s paper covered it (well, “covered” it may not be accurate!)

      Get over it, already, “proud ECU” and military sticks-in-the-mud!

  18. Junie Buck

    So the guy wanted to do something on his bucket list and to get attention – he got it. I’m not bothered by nudity or the photos What bothers me more is references to censor this. Censorship is completely uncalled for. A better question would be – of all the things happening at ECU, this was the most newsworthy?

    On the up side, with all the media references to doom and gloom – this at least provided me a chuckle. The days of free thought and throwing caution to the wind seemed a bit far off and this article did bring them a bit closer.

  19. Robin Good

    Tabloid journalism is alive and well at ECU. It is obvious to anyone paying attention that an immature decision was made in publishing photos of the streaker. In an attempt at being edgy or racy – the person who chose to publish the photos proved themselves sophmoric and amateur…Is streaking funny or amusing – perhaps? Does timing make a difference – certainly. Is this guy an idiot – probably. The fact remains, that during a celebration to honor those who serve their country, an idiot chose to embarrass himself and ultimately ECU (without thinking of anyone but himself). In this world you are accountable for the choices and actions you make/take in life. Choosing to run the photos, shows how easy it is/was to manipulate an editor/writer at The East Carolinian. That is a real shame – you should not be proud – you should grow up!

  20. SchrewYew

    This was freaking hilarious! Hands down the BEST part of the game.

    To all of these people so worried about it…….DONT PICK UP THE PAPER! geez. Dude had more balls than any of you, and I don’t even know him but cheered him on the whole time! WAY to make the game somewhat interesting!

  21. Old Pirate

    As a former ECU graduate, I would have prefered that this incident not happened especially during the military appreciation halftime show. However, the editor made a decision to run the story complete with photos. We seem to get more upset with our youth for making bad decisions than with the leaders of our country for making bad decisions that afftect our finances and futures (ours and our childrens). Exert some of the comments and your energy to your elected officials about the condition of our country instead of against college kids.
    I don’t know the editor. Was their decision wrong to run the photos? Personally- I feel it was.
    I recall a certain US President having improper relations in the oval office several years ago. He lied about it but less hell was raised for that than for a college kid running photos. TV has worse on it today!!!

    • Jimbo

      Yeah, right – and even less was raised about a dimwit from Texas getting us into two un-winnable wars that drained the surplus that other president left in his wake.

      I’ll take a guy getting “serviced” in the WH eight days a week – or a streaker at a football game – over a man-child who drains our nation’s blood and treasure for no good reason.

      Get your priorities straight.

      • Andrew

        Well said Jimbo! It’s also time we stop the religious zealots and the moral police from turning our country into a theocracy and impose their views and backwards laws on all.

      • Jim

        No Good Reason? The current pres. has put troops into two more conflicts with no way to pay for it. No good reason? Congress, members from left and right thought there was good reason back then. at least George got congressional approval. The current DIM-WIT Man Child says screw all of you and just signs Executive orders to do whatever he wants. What a great guy, huh?

  22. Equal Treatment

    Everybody is all worked up about this but I bet these same people wouldn’t have had a bit of a problem if a well endowed young lady had graced the cover of the paper. It is regrettable that this incident occurred during the ceremony honoring our brave veterans but take that out of the equation and I believe the young man is getting equal “exposure” as a young woman would get.

  23. Erin

    I agree that the streaker had very poor timing in planning his stunt. The men and women in our military being honored during that time should be given an apology. However, I think people are taking this issue WAY to far. I was not at the game but I have watched several videos and from all of them I could barely make out the guys butt cheeks much less anything else. If this is the first and last bit of nudity you think your children will be exposed to then they must live in a bubble. The East Carolinian is a student-run paper that is mostly supplied to students on campus not distributing around elementary schools. I am almost willing to bet that the same people yelling for “censorship” are the same ones who let their children play video games where people are decapitated.


    Grow up and lighten up folks — its just a penis. And maybe some testicles.

    I personally found this to be one of the most entertaining half times, and interesting editions of the newspaper yet!


    Way to go John and way to go East Carolinian!!! This poor town needs some excitement. It is just sad when people can not laugh and live a little. This still continues to make me smile.

  26. Jimmy

    Editor Caitlin Hale is a joke and spineless!

  27. R

    What you idiots and low class morons don’t understand is that it is disgusting and completely unprofessional for a newspaper that is tied to the school to post genitals on the front page. There, I’m done. All of you feel free to resume banging your relatives.

  28. Worth Carter

    Dear TEC Staff,
    I was one of the military individuals being honored during half time of the ECU-USM game. A long time Pirate and two-time ECU graduate it was a special day interrupted by an individual that decided to express his right of free speech among other expressions. Having spent 26 years 11 months and 7 days defending this nation and the right of free speech, no matter how disrupting or in poor taste that expression of free speech might be to others, I do not condemn the actions of the individual. In addition, I applaud the decision of the TEC staff to publish uncensored photos. As students at an outstanding university that supports the learning process you as a staff can and should make those decisions for our university’s newspaper. As fledgling journalists you should provide the unadulterated facts and let the reader make decisions based upon the full story. Be that as it may, in providing the full story you should have provided the views of more than the streaker and you might have highlighted the real heroes on the field in your story. I also applaud the university administration for expressing displeasure with your decision but obviously understanding the learning process.

    The really unfortunate part of our most recent half time festivities is the fact that students and ECU fans were deprived of hearing about some outstanding Pirates that have contributed a great deal to our nation and to our university. Among others being honored on the field at halftime was the world’s best combat surgeon, a Pirate that served in World War II and amazingly survived 26 combat missions and has since attended every ECU football game since 1954, and eight others with no less impressive accomplishments. You might take some space in our university newspaper to acquaint the student population with those individuals and spend a little less space with non-ECU students seeking 30 seconds of embarrassing fame.

    GO Pirates,
    Colonel (Retired) J. Worth Carter
    ECU 77/81

  29. Katie

    Publishing this article was a great way to show not only ECU the Freedom of rights that we as Americans have, but now the rest of the country. I think its amazing that something of this nature could stir up the public as well as it does. It is important to show our individual beliefs and rights, as it would make for an extremely boring world if there were no controversy. We all could agree that arguing about a public football game streaker shows the rights we as Americans have. We could be arguing about not being able to disagree with a person of authority such as ECU board members, or the president of the United States [which we all often like to do] but we do have that right, which makes America the powerful country that we are today. Thank you for expressing this, as many of us forget the underlying things we should truly be thankful for [freedom].

    • ridiculous

      If not reporting on the ridiculous act of a streaker is what you are in such an opposition to then you have a very naive view of thing

  30. Erica

    My husband and I took our kids to our first ever college game and were in attendance when he did this, and I wasn’t highly offended. Even though we had our 15yr old daughter, and 8 yr old son there. They were laughing the same as all the rest of the fans. My husband and I included. Please. Unless you were on the field with him you could see nothing truly indecent. I saw more on the newspaper clipping than i could from the stands. I think it is in poor taste to have printed a full frontal of him front page (maybe the rear view would have caused less of an uproar, but glad he didnt get charged with a felony. Glad he had his once in a lifetime streak in front of me. It’ll surely be a once in a lifetime story for me to be able to laugh about.

  31. Kim

    I don’t see the problem in it….I mean you see women’s breasts on tv daily and that’s not a big deal…why should this be any different?

  32. Emily

    As a recent alumni, I am horrified by this. Not only that this happened on our field, but because a newspaper that I always read as a student is publishing such trash. Seriously, this article is doing nothing but tearing down ECU’s reputation. What happened to REAL journalism…there are so many students doing great, news-worthy things. Community service activities, life-changing research, campus organizations…these are all front page material in my book. The ridiculous people who thought this act was funny have had their laugh. Rexamine your goals and values as the university’s newspaper please.

  33. Jt

    Has the paper been getting bland reviews lately? Is the editor about to leave and wanted to leave a mark? Has the editor decided to make herself the news? Well congratulations, you’ve probably given your students a reason to pick up your paper for the first time in many ages; it’s a shame that it’s not because of a triumph of journalism but a stoop to self-serving immaturity.

    Maybe for your encore you can work ‘balls’ into the title of another article…. Oh wait…

    Class eludes this paper.

  34. Josh

    Whoever made the decision to put this picture on the front page of the paper that is circulated throughout the town and online viewed by others nationwide was clearly not thinking. The people at the East Carolinian clearly do not know how to run a people at a University this size. First the Birth Control controversy and now this. Clearly there needs to be some kind of leadership change.

    • Lighten Up!!

      Seriously? Do you not value your right to free speech? We are so lucky to be able to read the ‘whole’ story without censorship. Do you want a dictatorship? Then please move to another country that will accomidate you.

      • taste

        its not a matter of free speech. we are not discussing the violation of someones civil rights or anything. its a matter of taste and class. Wanting to have a picture of a streaker and captioning with too many balls is just a matter of tastelessness and encouraging juvenile acts such as this. Maybe the east carolinian feels that projecting a juvenile image of the university is okay. BUT there was definitely no need to make such a ridiculous act front and center of the paper. This is not that great of a story. Your free speech is not being violated but maybe you should have better tact in your choice of articles. You would think you could find something better to report on or once again just the laziness of those in charge at the ted

        • Lighten Up!!

          Taste? Class? If the article did not suit you, then why not just pass it by to another that will? Why try to censor what is available to read? With a degree in the sciences, I often read journal articles discussing the latest news on medication/behavioral studies, but I still found the article amusing. It is a shame that you are so closed minded. Lighten up a little and enjoy life, instead of trying to project your interests and opinions on others. If you are looking for an intelligent read, look other places besides a student published newspaper.

  35. Terry Shea

    The guy did this act so the paper should be able to print whatever they want. Shame on him (streaker) for doing this at all but to ruin the militarty appreciation ceremony is unforgivable. But of course there is no shame in our society today. Just do whatever makes you happy

  36. Resignation from Editor

    If you also have had enough of this editorial staff?
    Sign the petition now!

    • Jimbo

      Yeah, let’s get rid of everybody who defends our constitutional rights. Then the only families living in America will be Bushes and Cheneys.

  37. Jumbo

    Tackled balls down on the pirate’s face and that was So. Miss all day.

  38. Emily

    Everybody needs to chill out. We’ve all seen it before. So lets not be naive and get offended over something this stupid. Any of you ever seen a national geographic? If so I doubt you ever got offended over any of those pictures

  39. Bushy

    He should have shaved before hand! Ew! no one likes a man bush!

  40. darkmanx

    People need to chill! Damn, it was only a joke, why is everybody such a hard ass? Overall I thought it was funny! At least somebody has the gut to be honest about who they are. Unlike our politicians, governors, congress, and presidents who lie, cheat steal, and deceive this nation. Really, people are more concerned with a harmless prank, than being concerned about USA which is headed for hell on Earth. To the people who didn’t like it, suck it up life is to short!

  41. ECU Student

    Shouldn’t have put an uncensored photo on the East Carolinian’s front page. And it was very disrespectful to the veterans as well. I do not care if it was a joke, PERIOD!!!

  42. Uknown for now

    I think he did what many of us with a sense of humor has wanted to do at least once in our life but was scared of the consequences. I just hate that everyone is hating him for indecent exposure, I was there and sat pretty close to the field and there was no way you could see enough of anything for it to be harmful to children. I know what the guy did was wrong and that it was in the middle of a salute to our veteran troops but give the guy a break we are all human and all of us has wanted to have fun before when we knew it was wrong, that was just this guys way.

  43. Mary Kristen Hall

    I like looking at dicks as well as women so it was very funny.

  44. Brian

    If I were a journalism student at ECU I would ask for a refund or switch majors immediately. Then go streaking.

  45. unknown

    PODUNK U..lmao

  46. Georgia Delbridge

    I was at the game, lived in the days of streaking at ECU in the 70s, but the timing was horrible as we were honoring out military heroes. For that I am sorry. Come on guys, we are classier than that!!

  47. Eden

    “I didn’t do it for any attention,” he said. “I didn’t really think about it before I did it.”
    NO? Bullshit.
    Then how/why did he give $$ to his friends to bail him out before the incident?
    And what college student has $1500 in bail money??

  48. Bob Smith

    What a bunch of freaking prudes! Stop acting like a penis is some sort of weapon of mass destruction. Seriously, grow up folks. It’s part of our anatomy as men and it’s nothing to be ashamed of or scandalized by.

    Good for the editors for showing the photo without censoring it. They should get a pat on the back. Those of you who are whining about it really need to grow up and stop hating your own bodies so much.


  49. Dan

    I can’t imagine what the motivation of the editors was, other than to humiliate this guy as much as possible. A crazy bold stunt, yeah, but I feel sorry for the guy. I think he’s getting a lot more “exposure” than he intended. All the media outlets are picking up on this, and it’s everywhere. Good luck getting a job after you graduate.

    I think the official statement from the editors is ridiculous. Basically saying “a penis is important news”, I don’t see that, but obviously they have different journalistic standards than I do. Also I also seriously doubt they would have shown full frontal nudity if the streaker had been female.

  50. Dan

    Just a quick note for the people saying “lighten up”…. Why don’t you send nude photos of yourself to be printed on the front page of the paper (and then to be disiminated all over the media world)….. Probably doesn’t feel so “light” anymore does it?

  51. p

    ITS JUST A PENIS! at some point in life everyone will see one, if you want to protect your young ones from possibly seeing something like this, i dont think you should attend a college football game known for having one of the craziest tailgates and student section. i was front row, and couldnt see a thing from my seat. i agree it was bad timing, however i dont think he purposely said oh im gunna streak right when they start announcing the veterans. it was his opportunity to run for it…and he did. i think the fact the newspaper posted this is awesome. and NEVER will i be embarrassed to say i am an ECU PIRATE!

    thanks to the veterans that were announced during this occasion, yall are greatly appreciated, and ECU is lucky to have great alumni like yall. thanks to all other veterans as well!

  52. NAlly92

    I don’t know what is more stupid, the stupidity of the editors in printing a full picture of the idiot, the stupidity of the streaker, or the stupidity of the reactions.

    1) It was an unprofessional and stupid decision on the part of the editors to print a full frontal picture in the school paper. The paper and its views represent the school, and devoting so much ink so such an inconsequential matter reflects just what the editor is inordinantly focused on. I suspect she’s obsessed with porn, which is hilarious in and of itself. You would think that there is a lot more going on at ECU, with student groups and campus news than a streaker. For the editor to devote so much to this shows to the rest of the community that ECU hasn’t got much going on.

    2) Hiding behind the 1st Amendment is a lame attempt to deflect attention away from the editor’s unprofessional decision making. The issue is not whether such pictures are permitted; it’s whether the editor was properly exercising her role and responsibilities. She clearly was not.

    3) The stupidity of John Sieglinger will follow him forever. Now every time a future employer looks up his name, they will see this story, with all the pictures to boot. Not only is he going to be charged with a misdemeanor, countless people will laugh at his utter lack of intelligence. He claims, “I didn’t do it for any attention,” and “I didn’t really think about it before I did it.” Streakers ALWAYS do it for attention; it’s hilarious to claim that you got naked in front of a huge crowd because you didn’t want people to look. I hope he’s happy that the student paper has blasted his genitals all over the world.

    4) Streaking itself isn’t of much consequence, and in fact nudity is nothing to be ashamed of, but there is a proper time and place for all things. The fact that Sieglinger did this during a solemn interlude to honor those who sacrifice for our country does not reflect well on Sieglinger; it shows blatant disregard and disrespect, nothing more than the actions of an attention-seeking-whore who is incapable of thinking of the consequences. Nice to know that his ECU education hasn’t taught him anything.

    5) This idiot chose a very bad time to streak, and will suffer the consequences for it. Yet many comments are praising him for his stunt. “It was hilarious and I laughed!” That it can be hilarious is not the point, this idiot chose to streak during a very bad time, now has his genitals and name posted across the timeless internet, and is making ECU famous for all the wrong reasons. I’d imagine people would want the school to be known for more important and consequential things. Praising stupidity isn’t exactly something one should do.

  53. cam

    Ok P, I agree do a penis is not so terrible and not really so offensive……so why don’t you send us photos of your penis so the paper can post them along with your name and full identity? Come on it’s just a penis, so whip it out so we can all see your stuff. Your job, your family, your grandma, your peers, your classmates, we all want to see it so why not?

    Irresponsible, bizzare, and clearly done for some pointless sensationalism. These editors make Jerry Springer look like Ted Koppel!! Great journalism and I love how they’re deperately trying to justify it, how “uncensored penises are important news”. As much as they’re arguing “there’s nothing sexual”, I can’t help feeling there’s some bizzare sexual humiliaiton fetish going on here with the editors. I don’t care about that, but should that should appear in a legitimate newspaper?

    While I’m not offended by the nudity or by a penis, how is this important news? How does graphic photos of John Sieglingler’s penis make us more informed? I personally had no inention of F-ing of him, so I really didn’t need to know this information, but apparently the Easy Carolianian feels I do.

  54. cam

    Great reply NaAlly92. I totally agrree. John Sieglinger is an idiot and doesn’t really deserve all that much sympathy. The paper is also an idiot for exploiting his stupidity for their own personal gain and amusement (probably more amusement than gain). Naked guys streaking a college football game is very common occurance. It happens every weekend somewhere.Most universities ignore it, but somehow ECU thought it was so important we get “the true uncensored story” that we needed to see all those shots of John Sieglinger’s cock. My personal opinion, I didn’t need yo see them.

  55. fantos

    Some of you people need to relax. I think it’s fantastic and they should “uncover” more stories like that! If the guy wants to be an idiot, we should let him be an idiot, and laugh at him and his tiny little dink (that was so hilarious)!

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