Dorm bra bandit on the loose

An estimated 100 bras were stolen from White Residence Hall back in September. For Corrine Frigault, a sophomore and business major, she still doesn’t feel comfortable doing her laundry on campus.

“I don’t want to do my laundry anymore because it sucks having to sit there the whole time worrying about whether or not someone is going to take your clothes,” said Frigault.

The thefts took place on the 10th floor according to Frigault and after rumors of an arrest; the victims were never reimbursed or notified that an arrest had been made.

“I found out that the story went around and the police had been walking around White and they found a guy in White who had over 100 bras in his room he had been stealing,” said Frigault. “The guy was kicked out of the dorm and charged with theft.”

Currently at White, the washing machines have locks but the dryers do not. Cameras are also not installed in the area where students retrieve their clothes.

Frigault discussed how ECU has done nothing to address the thefts other than having RAs asking students to tell them if they have bras stolen.

“Our RA came up to us like a week ago and had a sign that said if our bras were taken to let them know so we could talk to a counselor, because there were multiple girls who had bras stolen,” said Frigault.

The East Carolinian reached out to the White Hall Coordinator and to ECU Police for comment on the incidents. Our emails and phone calls were not returned.

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10 Comments for “Dorm bra bandit on the loose”


    The fact that this made the front page of The East Carolinian over everything else is so embarrassing to read as an alum. I wanted to know what was going on around the campus and having this as the “biggest” story makes us look terrible as a University. Just as shameful as the streaker photo from a few years back.

  2. Kyle

    “On the loose” yet they found him, charged him, and kicked him out of the dorm? Really intelligent article………………..

  3. Brittney

    ECU, not the best article.. was this even proofed?

  4. Kyle B

    How is he on the loose if he was already caught


  5. Reba

    I’ve seen better reporting done in The Sun.

  6. Anonymous

    How do you know he was caught? What proof do you have on that? Newspapers report facts not rumors.

  7. Anon

    Is there a reason why people are hating on the article and writer instead of the guy that stole women’s undergarments? That’s horrifying whether the article’s well written or not, especially since the authorities involved apparently refuse to tell the public what went on or reimburse the victims.

  8. LD

    Agreed, poorly written article, should not be the top article on the front page when there are few facts and a shoddy interview.

  9. zero

    Think it’s fair to say they may not have caught anyone. Have the thefts stopped? Also, a poor article is poor. There is a reason why I stopped reading. Perhaps report things needing reporting.

  10. zero

    At any rate. The only way to get reimbursement is to sue the offending party. Why would the authorities pay when they aren’t the responsible party? It’s DAT college lyfe!

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