‘ECU Confessions’ takes twitter by storm

ecuconfessions_webOn Oct. 18, an anonymous twitter account, @ECU_Confessions, took the twitter-sphere by storm. The account went from 1,000 followers to 5,000 followers in a series of three days.

The account serves as a way for students to confess any secret anonymously via twitter.

The student wishing to submit a confession either sends their secret with a number to an Ask.fm account belonging to the ECU Confessions account holder or direct messages him.

Ask.fm is a website intended for people to anonymously ask others questions, but can be used as a way for people to anonymously submit anything to an individual.

From there, it is posted on twitter by the anonymous account holder for all of his followers to see. There have been other anonymous twitter accounts related to the university; however none of them have had such a booming success as this one.

“It was a shock to me,” said ECU Confessions creator. “I didn’t think I would get past a thousand, but a few days later it had five times that amount.”

The account was in existence for only 12 hours before it started to get followers by the thousands. Other universities across North Carolina are now copying the ECU Confessions page and creating confession accounts for their respective universities. It seems ECU has started a statewide trend that may even go national.

Although the first known of its kind on Twitter, the account creator says he got the idea from a Facebook page belonging to UNC Charlotte. The account creator says it has slowed down a little since its creation but is still going strong.

There are over a thousand confessions currently. His personal favorite
confession is the one saying, “My roommate NEVER cleans after her dog.

It took a s*** on my bag and she didn’t offer to help, so I mixed her dog food with her Reeses Puffs.”

Although a majority of the confessions by students are comical, a large portion is related to sex and infidelity. Each confession getting over twenty favorites or re-tweets are added to the “ECU Confessions Hall of Fame.”

Student and faculty’s reaction to the Confessions account is mixed. The account is now a large source of conversation for students across campus.

“It was all anyone was talking about in class and at lunch,” said Ana DePedro, freshman psychology major. “While my friends and I were studying, we would take turns reading the funny ones out loud to each other.”

Some of the twitter backlash from students is slightly less positive. Some students are saying how reading all these confessions about infidelity in college relationships make them doubt the validity of their own.

Overall, the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. This account is exactly the type of outlet people need to relieve some of the stress caused by college. “It’s a way to get something off your chest and it’s entertaining to read others confessions,” said Olivia Patch, sophomore psychology major. “Also due to the anonymity, nobody gets hurt.”

The account is currently standing close to 6,000 followers and gaining more each day.

This writer can be contacted at arts@theeastcarolinian.com.

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