Squirrels go nuts tweeting

A squirrel hangs out in a tree on campus. The creator of the ECU Squirrels Twitter has given these squirrels humurous personalities via social media. -Erike Khalil | The East Carolinian

The tweet trend has directly hit Greenville, with almost 4,000 Twitter users following the ECU Squirrels.

The Twitter account started in November, shortly after the creator thought it was hilarious that there was an ECU Squirrels Facebook page (currently with 2,187 likes and 27 “talking-about-this”).

“There wasn’t a Twitter, so I wanted to give it a shot,” said the anonymous creator, who revealed being an English education major.

“I have to thank the Gunbrella-man for it,” said the ECU Squirrels creator, who landed 2,000 followers in two hours during lockdown.

Many followers enjoy the humor behind the tweets. “If he was drinking underage, he’d be arrested already,” is senior English major John Hinson’s favorite tweet from the Gunbrella-day.

While some followers know the creator personally, others are not even Pirates.

“There’s someone who graduated from (University of North Carolina at Greensboro) that follows, and one that goes to Texas — not just Greenville,” said the creator, who likes it when people ask the Squirrels questions.

“When someone asks ‘What did you guys (the squirrels) do last night,’ that’s just funny,” laughed the creator, who loves the fact that the Old Cafeteria Complex cat has a twitter now. “It makes me feel like I’m not the only crazy one.”

The domestically wild squirrels of ECU are notorious for their odd behavior, like being fed by people.

“A girl tweeted a picture of a squirrel eating out of her hand and then I re-tweeted it,” said the creator who admits he’s fed the tree-dwelling Pirates before.

After about 750 tweets, the creator hopes to keep up the humor by tweeting every day. “Sometimes I feel like an idiot (with some of the tweets), but it’s like inside jokes — my humor,” said the creator, who abandoned his personal twitter to keep the ECU Squirrels world updated.
ECU Squirrels eat mostly Chick-fil-A, pizza, peanut butter, and party with PBR. “They go downtown by getting into people’s pockets and bags; they were at the Lonnie Walker show this past weekend,” said the creator of the squirrel-of-view scenarios.

Some of the squirrels featured have names and personalities assigned to them, like Durden the spokesman, Carl the sweetheart and cookie baker, Mr. Fuzz the jerk, and Dartagian the musketeer. Occasionally, a few of them are swooped up by Henery the Hawk, whose name originated from an iPhone-induced typo.

So far, the biggest squirrel threat was the fox that lurked around campus on Monday. “I heard the fox is in Rivers with hostages,” said a tweet from the squirrel’s account. The account’s creator saw the fox visit as the gunbrella incident for squirrels.

“I love how they act, talking about real ECU situations and problems. I can relate to some of the crazy things they say,” said freshman Lindsay Hayes, a clinical laboratory science major, who finds the tweets amusing to follow.

With every follower the Twitter account loses, there is a two-to-three follower gain per day, according to the creator.

“Even Rumors follows us. I try not to be a marketing tool but do have the capability to help out a business or person,” said the creator who was excited to get an invitation from a marketing professor to come into class as a guest lecturer.

Only his close friends and the people he might have run into downtown know the Squirrels creator’s identity, which is only occasionally reveals it.
“I just see it as a separate thing, another personality and I enjoy it,” said Hinson, who supports his friend’s ECU Squirrels comedy.

Before graduating, the Squirrel creator hopes to team up with Dowdy to launch an ECU Squirrels t-shirt, with proceeds going towards the Animal Hospital.

“I’d feel accomplished if people were walking around with t-shirts,” said Squirrels creator.

ECU Squirrels might act strange at times, but even their brief Twitter fight with the UNC Squirrels is “all good now.”


This writer can be contacted at lifestyles@theeastcarolinian.com.

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